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8/13 c10 Porcalein
yes more please!
8/13 c10 kage88
was worth the witing for
8/13 c10 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Jon is going to war and is going to kick some serious ass. All will die at the hands of dragon and his might.
8/12 c10 1Warren-Targaryen
man I really hate these Cliffhangers but your story is great
8/12 c1 cloudstrife117
Story takes a loss in the first few chapters. Siding with the imperials already makes this not worth reading. Hell anyone who bothers with the entire rebellion quest line is suspect at this point. Not to mention you probably did adopt kids when you played it. That drops the point total even further. I bet he isn’t a stealth archer either…rip!?
8/12 c10 PasiveNox
great chapter nice
8/12 c10 TheMadKing.01
I need more please
8/12 c3 UzuRyu
Oh. In chapter 3. You talk about who would get his soul. It's quite simple. Akatosh. As a Dovahkiin, his soul belong by default to Akatosh. And if the Daedra Princes are fishes, then Akatosh is an orca. Even united, they would stand no chance and given his control over time itself, there would be no way for them to grab the soul before him. As to why they don't realize that ? I dunno. Honestly, I think the nicer Daedra Princes have the best chances to get his soul if the Dovahkiin ask Akatosh to let him go to a specific Daedra Prince.
If we didn't absorb Miraak's soul after killing him, Akatosh would have simply took it. He wouldn't have given a single fuck about Hermaeus Mora's opinion or feelings and simple take what belong to him. Even if it was in Hermaeus Mora's own plane. Akatosh is simply THAT OP.
8/12 c10 Wulfkin17
Great chapter, really excited for the coming battles and folks' reaction to Ned and Jon's armors. Also Cat's as well, will Jon not have some armor made for Robb? I understand they are obviously not as close as canon given the circumstances, but he's still considered brother and would want him to be protected, not to mention he's the heir and it would send an awkward message with Jon so kitted while Robb is rocking castle forged basic plate.

Either way, fun chapter and excited for more!

P.S. Take care of your modern vernacular, I don't think even Skyrim has 'okay' as a basic word.
8/12 c10 8Sigma of Prisium
Well Ned got his new armor, everyone will no doubt recognize him as King of the North with that armor. Also fits his Valyrian sword is also called Ice.
8/12 c10 Force Smuggler
Littlefinger's days are numbered.
8/12 c10 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
8/12 c10
very nice update
8/12 c10 3Sylandria
this story gets better every time I reread it. it in all honesty is probably the best dragonborn!Jon snow I've ever read. keep up the good work!
8/12 c10 Trinix8
good chapter
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