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7/28 c1 Queen
*sad noises*
4/30 c3 68MissScorp
Hi there! I feel for Tobias and his only being able to morph into being a human. He clearly got screwed in a deal he thought would return him to his human body. He didn’t realize that the one making the deal was shady and would twist the words around to benefit them more than him. Such is the way of characters like this Ellimist. They trick you by pretending they are offering something they know you want but give it to you in a way that isn’t as you hoped it would be. He takes this situation in stride and doesn’t allow it to completely defeat him. Of course, he’s bitter about it. Who wouldn’t be? He thought he was going to be restored to his human body and instead it just became something he can morph into (for short periods I’m assuming).

Rachel’s reaction to seeing Tobias is sweet. Her surprise when she recognizes him at the ceremony and how she pushes through the crowd to him shows how important he is to her. How she hugs him shows how much she cares for him and how happy she is for him despite his only having the ability to be human as a morph option. I love her getting angry when he claims that he isn’t him because he needs that reminder. He is still him no matter what he morphs into. Something he needs to remember.

Leaving this chapter on a question is a really good way to keep interest. People will want to see what happens next and whether or not the choice was worth it or if it will backfire on Tobias as his thinking he’d be given back his body did.

Excellent job!
4/29 c3 24Boris Yeltsin
Love it. Never cared for the god-like characters being brought into the series, to be honest.
4/4 c2 68MissScorp
Hi there! Oof, this really highlights how powerful the hunger for revenge can be. It can be almost soul consuming at times. People have spent their lives wrapped in that need/want for it. Rachel tries to let go of her desire to see Taylor punished for what was done to Tobias because she wants to do what’s best for him but it’s not something she can easily shut off. She can’t pretend that the thought of Taylor screaming at the Sub-visser’s hands isn’t “music to her ears”.

She knows what pain Tobias endured at the hands of Taylor. She knows what scars have been carved on his soul and his body from the sounds of it. She’s witnessed his pain and torment. And hopes that the same is being given back to the person who caused it. It’s human to want that. To see someone you love given the justice they deserved for what they suffered. Does it help Tobias? No, not really. Doesn’t mean she can’t feel what she feels. She has to allow herself the privilege of her own feelings. Her own identity. Otherwise, she becomes a non-entity and that won’t help either her or Tobias at all.

Really great piece!
4/3 c2 24Boris Yeltsin
Loved it. Poor Tobias. I've read about what Taylor did to him. Ugh.
3/27 c1 68MissScorp
Hi there! Don’t know this series as I said before but I followed along without a problem. Man, there is a lot here that reminds me of Malcolm (less trauma and daddy issues, though lol) and even Hotch. Jake has to present this strong image, has to show that nothing affects him, has to be strong because he’s the team leader. The others all look to him to set the standard, to set the tone. He’s their representative. If he’s okay, they’re okay. There is a lot of damage under that facade, though. A lot of pain. A lot of anger and hatred.

He’s clearly been through some things. Things that have left a wound that has not managed to heal. He clearly was tortured by this Temrash, much like his brother, but unlike his brother, he seems to have managed to overcome what happened enough to still function. The hints I’m picking up front his is that his brother did not. This is something that he’s clearly never told another soul, not even Cassie, who he is close too. It’s a secret he keeps to himself because of the front he puts up for the rest of the Animorphs. That set of secrecy tends to wear on someone until they crack.

His relationship with Cassie comes off as very sweet and endearing (I know that you posted in the A/N that you weren’t always a fan of this character or the couple itself). It’s clear he trusts her with how he lets his guard down and cries in her arms. They share a special connection that allows him to express this level of emotion in front of her. There’s a hint of romance between them but it’s cemented by the friendship that is there. That friendship is stronger to me and defines them as two people who have seen a lot, been through a lot, and understand what the other is feeling without them having to say a word because of it.

In all this was a great piece! Wonderful job!
3/27 c1 Anifan1
The Capture is definitely one of the most horrifying books of the series-even though, if you listen to the audiobook, Temrash's voice sounds a lot more like a mixture of Kermit the Frog and your stereotypical nerd than anything I had imagined-and the fact that Jake doesn't manage to rescue Tom by the end of the series still breaks my heart. You portrayed the aftermath of three days with Tom's Yeerk well.
submitted: ao3
3/27 c1 24Boris Yeltsin
Love these so far.

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