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4/3/2020 c2 Guest
Is it possible for a couple cuddle and just cuddle?
But its so sweet
Looking forward to your epilogue author
Thank you for keep writing about this couple
4/3/2020 c2 Guest
Authornim...thank you for update your stories. I appreciate you make stories about reset couple from 2? I'm craving for their love story..thank you autornim.I love you and be healthy...
4/3/2020 c2 Guest
Love it. Can't wait for the epilogue. I have enjoyed your stories. Can't wait for the Playfull Kiss
4/3/2020 c2 cristina0812
I love your writingggggggggg. It was too shortttttttttt, I want more more and more.
4/3/2020 c2 BadBat.xD
I am in love with everything you put out and simply can't wait for more. It's been a while since I've found such good fanfics and an author that is still writing and not some 2010 things that has never been finished. Keep up the good work! Fighting!
4/3/2020 c2 Guest
Love it!
4/2/2020 c2 Maria Rosa cisi
Esperamos las nuevas historia sobretodo la de mi pereja favorita yi jong e ga eul juntos siempre. Ahora si yi jong puso las cosas en Claro con ese tipo .Pero dijo yo porque ga eul apenas se recupera de salud no va con el y esperan juntos dos años y despues vuelven con sus amigos a casa
4/2/2020 c2 4angee818323
great chapter and Yi Jeong finally told Gong Soo Pyo that he love Ga Eul and not a plaything and Yi Jeong finally understand that both he and Ga Eul need each other
Soo Pyo only got Ga Eul pity when she agree to help him and that she never love him and it was good that he didn't let Ga Eul transfer her blood into him
I like how Yi Jeong told the hospital to contract him for anything that happen to Soo Pyo
Ga Eul good at hiding secret from Yi Jeong and the F3 and good thing that Soo Pyo told Yi Jeong that Ga Eul was weak
It great to have a doctor like Ji Hoo told tell Yi Jeong the truth about Ga Eul and I'm happy that Yi Jeong not letting Ga Eul do anything but rest
I'm wondering when is Yi Jeong going to take Ga Eul to Sweden with him
4/2/2020 c2 ClosetFicLover
Love love love it! Can’t tell you how much I smile every time I see an update or a new story from you. It totally brightens my day. Please keep writing ... it’s a gift.
4/1/2020 c1 Perditrix
i love love love your fics! they are incredibly well written
3/30/2020 c1 4Crystal Cakes 29
I never get sick of these two and you do them so well!
3/29/2020 c1 Jennifer
I love you! I was waiting for a story from you, you are one of my favorite writers!
Please post more
3/29/2020 c1 Olamy
Nice story,I love the starting of the story and the from you authornim
3/29/2020 c1 iriddles
Glad you finally updated! I've been checking your profile every few days because I've been missing your SoEul stories (they truly are my favourite characterization of everyone in the Boys Over Flowers Universe) but here you are with a new one :). As per usual it's amazing and I literally enjoy every word of the book. Thanks for being such an amazing writer and taking the time to write SoEul stories (I'm guessing quarantine made it easier :) Hope all is well and that you're happy and healthy!
3/29/2020 c1 Guest
Love it! But i miss inha..hahahaha
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