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for The Knight of Death and Rebirth

14h c11 2CrazedGammaMan1721
Can't Wait For Chapter 12 When It Comes Out. Love Your Work.
16h c11 pendragonZx
This is really good.
10/14 c7 AnimeA55Kicker
Ok yeah, the clone was throwing me way off
9/27 c1 FateBurn
nice start
9/16 c11 That guy0101
So I was wondering what would you think of a attack on titan x MGE crossover where everyone and thing( the walls and buildings etc) got mysteriously transported to the MGE world. Think about it that has so much potential I’m surprised no one has done a crossover. Just think of the reactions the people form the AOT world be, will they be wary of the order and monster girls? Will they be downright hostile due to paranoia (which isn’t entirely displaced) and not allow anyone from outside the walls who are associated with some of the factions enter? There is so much potential! If I was a good writer I would totally write it put I’m not so... got to settle for trying to get some people some inspiration.. Thoughts?
8/29 c11 Blackving
A very good chapter. And I have two suspicions,1 havi is actually Odin with how much he knows about the worlds. And 2 is more a question but what would happen if a monster girl who drinks blood drinks the blood of zero or one those 12? Would they explode, reverse to the old monsters or would there personality become more like mosquito girl from one punch man?
8/29 c11 2The Space Wizard Storybook
Hello again! Now that we are moving into the next phase of the story I thought it a fitting time to lay out my thoughts about what has gone on during this, intermission so to speak.

Firstly, I have greatly enjoyed the Royal Makai and the reactions the court has had to Zero. I love Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, and I felt much of what I liked in its world-building of the 'demon realm' in how you have built the worlds of this crossover. It truly showed just how flawed people like Druella are, and that they are but another example of a minority screaming louder than the majority. The society of the monsters is not one of just lust and corruption, there is a culture that is truly diverse, as we can see just from how many different Sabbaths we saw. I greatly enjoyed how you realized Zero's immunity to demonic mana in the eyes of the monsters, and what it and he represented. Many stories focus primarily on Lelouch and what he is doing or thinking, but as I have seen time and again in your stories and in many others is that while this is all well and good - some of the best ways to truly see just how amazing or impossible the things he does are is to view and react to it through the eyes of other characters. I am glad that characters like Levin continue to show-up, as many fanfictions and crossovers fall into the trap of almost hyperfocusing on just a few characters, losing the wide cast of characters that make shows like Code Geass so great.

Next, the fall of Lescatie and the implications and reactions it had on the remains of the Order of the Ice Flower. You have said multiple times that the eventual harem will take a long time to form, and I say continue with this path. The way you have characterized Lelouch makes it fitting that even if he does recognize the affection someone like Koyoi or Levin might have for him the last thing he will do right now is pursue them romantically. Part of what makes romance so fulfilling is waiting to see it come to fruition as their relationships deepen in new and exciting ways. Moving from romance to Wilmarina's suicidal pursuit, I would say you did a great job handling how she had practically given up on herself and establishing a basis for her to bounce back. Exploring the different worlds and seeing the ruins and destruction left by the war of the gods has been a fantastic way to further develop the universe as well as an excellent way to rebuild everyone, including Lelouch, within this new context. You have done a fantastic job here, and I am glad that you took your time with it so that each of the characters would have the opportunity to move beyond who they used to be.

Finally, the journey to Earth and the coming storm as the monsters investigate Zero and the doorways. I voted for Wilmarina on your most recent poll, and I must say that it came with certain caveats and thoughts for why or how she might come out victorious. We have not seen her new weapons, nor have we adequately seen how strong she is after entering the pod and with her enchanted armor. Keeping this in mind, it is hard to gauge just how she would handle an average sutherland and pilot, but lets say she grows exponentially more powerful. I think in open combat she will be on close to even footing, that said I do believe she will still be at a disadvantage. She just lacks the range, destructive capability, speed, and durability that a sutherland has, not even accounting for if it has a chaos mine. There are a great many things she could do with her ice magic to counter these, so she will have a decent chance. If she were to ambush it, I would definitely say she would win against it, but I doubt she could just run at a sutherland and defeat it without great difficulty. Moving on from that, I am very excited to see everyone's reaction to Area 11 and how they might compare the Empire to Lescatie and see again just why Lelouch wants to destroy it. I can't wait to see more Code Geass characters despite knowing that some of the will suffer terrible fates at the hands of the monsters. Still, even after they become monsters, I would like to see them show up, the same for the monsterized members of the Order of the Ice Flower. The investigation into Zero has me greatly interested in just what direction characters like Levin will go, and how their loyalties may change the closer they get to Zero.

I do love this story, and I would like to reaffirm my belief that you have done a great job with it. Some people might take issue with it for the more graphic subject matter it explores, but to discount it for that reason alone would be a terrible shame. Keep it up, keep writing the stories you want to write them - heaven knows they keep me going when life gets down. I can't wait to see what happens next! Till then, Ciao!
8/28 c11 3DarkFusion
Well, this was quite the lengthy chapter which did a good job expanding even more on the interdimensional world building which also got us to see some of the heroines making some progress in training and the start of character growth. Also of note was Lilith taking more direct control of her faction by making sure Druella doesn't get things to go out of hand along with further evaluating Zero and the potential threat from the CG world. The bit at the end with Mimil and Nunnally was a little odd, but not too bad since if I remember right in spin off material it does state anime and manga do exist in the CG universe, though given the series' timeline it is a little weird seeing them watching more modern anime but consider that a small nitpick at the very worst. Looking forward to the next chapter.
8/28 c11 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
Can't wait for next one.
8/28 c11 1geofiendlux
Please update Threads of Revolution! It's very good!
8/28 c11 4tf330129
Keep it up :)
8/28 c11 1OBSERVER01
Clovis changed the ending of PMMM?
This is a really great story!
7/26 c10 polarpwnage
Well since the Yuusha has been indulging in sex for so long and possibly developed a resistance to it, maybe he can be swayed by Zero's beliefs and reawaken his original beliefs. Possibly creating friction between him and the Demon Lord! One can only hope that common sense that brainwashing and rape isn't exactly a good thing will finally get across the men's thoughts once they finish releasing their pent up sexual frustrations
7/25 c10 5MojaveMarshal
Good story so far. Keep it up.
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