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for The Knight of Death and Rebirth

10/14 c23 Wasabi
Have you consider to do reading of your stories ?
10/15 c8 DevilOlantern
Hmmm. Solid chapter but it meanders about way too much. Shame so many interesting characters got added to elts harem.
10/15 c7 DevilOlantern
Good story but damn, been hearing elt too damn much. I guess that will change later on? Hopefully? Please?
10/11 c23 Blackving
I had an idea for increase the power of those who ran with zero and that is for the canon versions of themselves appear in a sort of trail space. Here they fight there counterparts.
I don’t know if this can be done but just an idea on my part
9/27 c23 e10620ac
mooooooooooooooooooore nooooooooooooooooooooooooooow plzzzzzzz
9/11 c1 Captain Imaginat
What I meant to type was Sephiroth12285 I hope you'll return to making more of Kingdom Hearts: Lelouch Of Infinite Hearts.
9/9 c1 Captain Imaginat
Sephiroth12885 I hope you'll return to making more of Kingdom Hearts: Lelouch Of Infinite Hearts someday soon like possibly this week or next week maybe even tomorrow or sometime this year or next year. Also I think I have a great idea for a world for Kingdom Hearts: Lelouch Of Infinite Hearts if the next chapter of Kingdom Hearts: Lelouch Of Infinite Hearts come out possibly this week or next week or another week this month.

Also The Knight Of Death and Rebirth is really interesting and sound awesome I gotta read a-lot more of it tonight and this month and year.
9/6 c23 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
9/6 c8 Jajur
dammit i had hoped for marse and vermut to go with LL
9/6 c23 Blackving
You don’t answer my questions again.

Still what are the range weapons of the musketeers? I can’t see them use muskets to magically modern weapons.
9/6 c23 3DarkFusion
Glad to read a new chapter and I'll say this has some interesting developments on Lelouch's end plus the hints at what the Chief God's faction is planning. I'll be looking forward to what's next, but I feel I must say don't be sorry for needing to take a break for your physical and mental health. This past summer has been dreadful for many, so please use whatever free time you get to maintain your well being first, we can wait.
9/6 c23 4tf330129
Keep it up :)
9/6 c23 Guest
Are you ever going to update the freezing code geass crossover again because I like it there aren't Many good freezing code geass crossovers
9/5 c23 1OBSERVER01
So some backstory on the Dark Elves for this fic, a new potential power source, Nunnally is having fun, Ancient weapons and Eden Vital doing Eden Vital things. I'd say the wait for this update was worth it.
9/5 c23 Jay
Wow, alot magic materials has just been name dropped. That steel and Eitr caught my interest... I totally want to see a Knightmare built with it soon.

Talking about magical steel, is there any chance of you doing a Lelouch in GOT/ASOIAF fic? Personally I'd read something like that, Lelouch in Westeros would make the death rate balloon.
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