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2/4 c16 Lorien Legacy
Great story i have been looking for something like this for a long time please continue soon
2/3 c15 jaimerey7000
Seria interesante que Lord Stark con la moneda extra construyera una fortaleza en Punta Dragon y otra en Costa Pedregosa y construya una flota occidental. Tambien deberia reparar Moat Callin. Creo que ademas Ned deberia volver a la torre de la alegria a traer los huesos de Willem Dustin para devolverselos a Barbrey Dustin para comenzar a reparar las heridas, asi como los otros caidos en la confrontación de la torre de la alegria asi como Gerold Hightower deberia descansar en Antigua y Oswell Whent en Harrenhal. Domeric podria casarse con Sansa, no deberia morir. Ramsay podria deberia morir o ser acogido en otra casa como Larence Nieve para darle la oportunidad de cambiar. Larence Nieve debe tener protagonismo tambien. Tambien deberia salir algo de la Casa Darry, Casa Celtigar o Casa Mooton. La Casa Dondarrion podria unirse a Jon debido a su union con la casa Dayne a traves del matrimonio de Beric Dondarrion con la hermana de Arthur Dayne
1/29 c15 Guest
Don't you mean grandson...?his nephew?
1/27 c16 4Lady Octarina
Jaime crying with Arthur and being welcomed to the fold, the feels! And the whole brotherhood are knights now!

It's so good to see Ned making the right decisions for once, without being turned into a political mastermind or something, just being reasonable and doing what he always should have done!

Ooooh, Oberyn knows, and the Tyrells are suspecting something isn't right? Can't wait!
1/26 c16 4Supremus85
I like this story so far.
1/26 c16 xand007
A wonderful chapter and I like it!
LF and all his plots and plans, wouldn't it be a shame if he died of the pox suddenly :)
I also wonder if the red viper would feel the offspring of RT and LS are a curse and should be put down because of the Princes desires caused the war? I'm always wary of his loyalty to those not Dornish.

Keep Safe. Keep Sane . 2021 looks like the twin of 2020 but with less Trumpiness.
1/25 c16 jaimerey7000
Sansa estara fuera del mercado para Joffrey porque seguro se compromete con Domeric Bolton, ademas espero que domeric no muera por culpa de su hermano Ramsay, no quiero que lo maten
1/25 c16 1Celexs Draconia
This story moves around in a way that is fun to follow. I am really looking forward to seeing how Oberyn decides to act and how that is all going to play out.

1/25 c16 vega0987
I really enjoy the new approach to the throne from the Vale perspective with jon Arrynbeing alive. It always feels like the vale is pigeon holed to never do anything or impact anything because of the typical Lisa Arryn plot. I cant wait for the next chapter!

I read the author's comment in the last chapter mentioning a potential story with jon squiring for oberyn Martell! I would be really excited to read it especially if it had the hidden rhaenys pairing. It would be easy enough to see Oberyn hiding rhae as one of his sand snake daughters.
1/25 c16 Guest
Really enjoyed this update! Definitely interesting to be reading the Tyrell's position and thinking here after your 2 other Jon/Margaery stories. Keep it up! Can't wait for more!
1/25 c16 26creativo
Si esta Catelyn fuese la básica en lugar de la del canon las cosas hubieran sido mucha mas fáciles y Olenna es la primera persona que conozco en festejar una derrota
1/25 c16 KaTee19
Haha there is nothing more than I’d like than for the Tyrells to betroth marg to joff, THEN it be announced that he’s a bastard, and at a similar time it be announced that Jon ISN’T a bastard, AND is a king. The Tyrells always annoyed me, in that they’d support whoever would make their rose queen, even knowing it’s a false claim, or if the claim usurps an older brother, and would stab any of said husbands in the back and move onto the next man who could make her queen.
1/25 c16 17DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
1/9 c15 Chaosmar18
I would like to see more of this in the future.
1/2 c15 KEB
Fantastic, looking forward to Oberyn's part.
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