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12/6 c8 MattBlack
Regarding the pairing... Jaeron with Margaery shouldn't happen, the Tyrells sieging Storm's End was after all what probably killed Rhaegar and decided the outcome. You don't reward such cowardly actions with a queen... Rather, they should support Jaeron if only to keep their position in the Reach...
11/22 c1 0p.Fanster429
I have really tried but the whole thing felt so wooden and it was repeating itself over and over. I wouldn't recommend this if you don't like your brain cells committing suicide.
10/26 c7 Guest
A 70 ft tall 1 ft wide/thick wall would fall over.

The outer wall of Winterfell was probably 20 ft thick/wide.
10/26 c4 Guest
It's a little over 600 mi from Winterfell to the wall.

That means it would take over 2 weeks unless you want to kill the riders and the horses.

Not 6 days.
8/27 c64 5Greeneyedlover143
So it begins! Ive been so excited for this part in your story to come out! I can’t wait to see how the two interact and what all the Lords will do…
8/26 c1 phatonn
very nice.
8/20 c64 19orthankg1
Very nice.
7/25 c24 5Greeneyedlover143
I don’t think this chapter is supposed to be here! Oh no lol but I am loving the story so far. Hopefully skipping this chapter will be okay?
7/18 c24 Bahiagmc
In witch chapter did edderd die? I missed it.
7/17 c63 19orthankg1
Very nice.
7/16 c63 MattBlack
Will you just let fAegon know he IS a Blackfyre already...?
7/5 c46 3jiubantai-taicho
Hold on Renly’s problem wasn’t “finishing” it was even getting hard in the first place that’s why the wedding was totally unconsummated as in no penetration if he did but Didi finish then Margaery is already spoiled and “unworthy” of marrige and Jaeron nothing but a cuck getting a despoiled lady.
7/5 c40 jiubantai-taicho
Fuck I want Jon to be king Rhaenys and Aegon surviving is Bullshit.
7/4 c11 jiubantai-taicho
Man I like the story however they stupid ass double sword bullshit is so stupid it constantly bugs me.
7/4 c4 jiubantai-taicho
The dual swords stuff is idiotic. If you are doing it because of Ser Arthur Dayne know that the show was shit on his representation he only used ONE sword a Greatsword in fact Dawn he was the Sword of the Morning.
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