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for Farewell to a Rose

8/1/2020 c1 1Kkcats
I love it.
Heartbreaking and yet heartwarming at the same time.
I don't know how to explain how I feel about this.
But let me assure you.
It's good.
7/7/2020 c1 700mary.okeeffe.16
This must be two hard for Pearl
4/8/2020 c1 114Gracekim20
Yeah...a lot of people keep dwelling on her past but she did become a better person. It was an emotional story. Thank you for showing closure with Rose and Steven
4/2/2020 c1 Guest
Why can't other people see her this way every other direction I look online there's someone saying she's a bad person but she tried so hard to be better it's like are we all doomed to be seen as the same shitbag people we used to be no matter how hard we try this positive kind of perspectives is important thank you
4/1/2020 c1 DevinW081502
I've got nothing else to say but thanks for creating this story. I feel the same as you, feeeling that though the finale was quite the tearjerker, something was still missing, something that still needed to be checked. I'm glad you made this story exist.
3/31/2020 c1 Bleu
Heya! I just wanted to say I really loved this rendition of Steven making amends with the memory of his mother, I actually began crying at the part you wrote where Steven realized that rather than him being like his mom, his mom was like him! A beautifully captured moment!
3/31/2020 c1 theo1004
i agree on this was really great I wish it was canon I can't say I was the biggest fan of how they went about Rose/Pink but I can say I really enjoyed this so I say this is Canon in my mind
3/31/2020 c1 25TurboTasticKingCandy
This is a truly beautiful story! I 100% know that this had happened between the last two episodes! So proud of Steven finally making peace and saying goodbye to his mom, so heartwarming, and despite the ups and downs, Pink/Rose was indeed someone who could change.
3/31/2020 c1 Mgmmz
I'm reading you in translation. I speak Spanish, but I had to tell you that you gave me a closure that I wanted but did not know how much I needed, I am reading at 3 in the morning and I am crying, thanks for this. Seriously, I kept feeling unhappy with the ending, as I felt like the elephant in the room was not mentioned, I will miss the whole Steven universe but I'm happy to have fics like these to fill all the gaps my favorite series left, again Thanks a lot
3/30/2020 c1 22NoH8-make-a-rainbow
I loved reading this!
3/30/2020 c1 8animegamefanatic
i think they needed that scene or another episode where steven, not only fought himself internally as the others tried to help him, but have his mother by his side to get the full closure. this is beautiful.
3/30/2020 c1 Wolfhunter618
This was amazing!

This, this is the reason why I love fanfictions.

Great characterizations, its amazing how much you caught both their characters!
3/29/2020 c1 tontheoffbalance
Not going to lie this is exactly what we’ve been missing :)
3/29/2020 c1 Guest
This was important to share thank you
3/29/2020 c1 48The Night Ninja
Well I'm crying, I hope that's what you were aiming for. I really liked this

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