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for Jake and Cassandra

3/30 c1 Guest
There are other stories where Jon get involved so this should be interesting path you are taking.
3/30 c1 2ccgig
A good start but you do have a few spelling mistakes on names. You have Frasor a lot of the time (Frasier)
Cornel instead of colonel and Gorge instead of George.
Have a read through and check it before you post.
Looking forward to more chapters.
3/29 c1 ILR
I noticed this is the 3rd story you've written with a character having appendicitis. You must have had your appendix taken out fairly recently.

The story has quite a few misspellings & typos, so I recommend you get a beta to proof-read & correct the errors. But I will help you some:
- It's "Fraiser", not Frasor
- "While", not "Well" (as in "While he was recovering...")

As for a romantic relationship between Jake & Cassandra, may I just say "Ewww!" Jack is her surrogate father, Jake has all his memories of being an adult, so it seems a bit incestuous.

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