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for Heirs and Guardians

3/21/2022 c2 christinaandesion3
I wanted to say that I really loved this chap and wanted to know if you're planing to continue I really want to know the continuation of this story!
3/8/2021 c2 Guest
when is the next update?
i looking forward to read the continue of this story
11/16/2020 c2 Guest
This is super interesting, making tsubasa completely disconnected from the events in Clow country and the princess as well as directly related to our favorite cardcaptor is going to be interesting. Especially with all the questions raised about his father, psychological impact of it all, and the cards themselves. I'm excited to see what you come up with and thank you for sharing!
6/26/2020 c2 3kalmaegi
Just read the original version, I wonder where would this one go. Looking forward to it!
4/5/2020 c2 28QueenyLeAcH
I am so thrilled that you started this up so soon! Thank you! I look forward to reading more.
Having Sakura loose her temper was amazing and almost gave me chills.
I look forward to seeing where the rest of this goes!
3/30/2020 c2 12Esmereilda
yep that sounds like sakura and I wonder when/if kero/yue are gunna so up in this fic or not

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