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for Song of the Messiah

8/30 c5 2Mr. Haziq
I would assume energy bars and energy drinks would be a regular snack
8/28 c5 Green Espada
Great chapter! As for the dark Aura and red eyes...is it a reference to Erebus? Hum...dunno I'm not very familiar with Symphogear. Anyway great job!
8/27 c5 Green Espada
Great chapter! As for the dark Aura and red eyes...is it a reference to Erebus? Hum...dunno I'm not very familiar with Symphogear. Anyway great job!
8/27 c5 1JeaSonDash

God must be making a fun of me rn. Sorry about that.

*I review this chapter before I read it btw, just for clearing the misunderstand
8/27 c4 JeaSonDash
I see you're a man of culture as well. But booo, you don't watch ID and Stars, that's not good; one of the reasons why they're underrated.

Also when I received a new about this fic, I thought it would be new chapter, but noo, it's not. im sad.

Well point is, take your time. I'll be waiting as always.
8/26 c5 8Cryocene
This might be my preference, but there seems to be no point in Makoto sharing he came from another world. He didn' t need to explain he came from another world, Dark Hour, Apathy Syndrome and Shadows: he only needed to explain about Personas and how he wields them.

In fact, if you made it so Makoto kept those things a secret, it can result in a potential plot point: it will cause the relationship between Makoto and the rest of the cast slow down, so they don't end up trusting each other too quickly, which makes for a more natural relationship progression.

Even so, you did a decent work with everything else so far. Developing Kanade as a character is also good. Keep up the good work.
8/26 c5 Razie.B
Holy shit! Your back! I was waiting for you. Welcome back, buddy.

As for the chapter, it's good. You're able to mix in the lives of the SONG members, especially Hibiki's, outside and during battle.

As for Kanade. Finally, she can now return to battle. Interesting weapon, you gave her. I suppose it's a morphing weapon, kinda like the ones from RWBY or Buddha's staff from Record of Ragnarok.
And her battlesuit is quite cool. Though, can you give an example on what you based her armor and weapon from?

and oh shit! the appearance of Berserk-Hibiki!
7/1 c4 Alexander Vargas
Please update
5/16 c4 Ace980
I feel like the explanation was a bit rushed, to the point of characters seeming psychic at times with their responses, and not actually reacting so much as carrying on the explanation. Particularly when they brought up Jungian Psychology, as that doesn't seem like a common fact to remember. But then again, they may have been fresh out of a college psychology class.

I expected comparisons and false assumptions to be made about the connections between Noise and Shadows, though this hasn't happened yet, I expect a passing mention on theories to be made at some point.

I have mixed feelings on Personas being able to think for themselves, while on one hand, it is cool to have more characters to interact with per-say, it goes directly against them being a part, reflection, or 'mask' that the character has. Minato's Persona, should still be Minato or a reflection of him. However, it would fit with the "Shadows and personas actually being caused by psychic alien gunk" and "Persona's and Shadows being representations of the Collective Subconscious of Humanity view of (imput name of persona/shadow here) and are thus metaphor and story made physical".

Looking forward to more.
4/26 c4 Look2021
Good Chapter!
4/8 c4 zealfrost20
I have high expectations for this story, but it's a shame this is a story where the crossover character is just an extra, his existence is practically non-existent. chapter 1 is great but the rest is just rewrite story
3/10 c1 1JeaSonDash
hello, so I was wondering if you will update the story.
3/7 c4 dustinlemque
where is the next chapter of this story please let me know if you can
2/27 c1 1Ylnadiir
So what was the purpose of him concealing his identity from the start if he's just gonna reveal himself anyway?
1/24 c4 1Fluxstrapper
Amazing Work
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