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for Moonlight Shadow

1/14 c8 4Rose1414
Such an awesome story! Can't wait to see what comes next!
1/13 c8 1luffysbea
That was an absolutely amazing chapter! I love the attention Caroline, Tyler, and Kol are receiving I always liked them much better than the “perfect characters” and I’m happy to have their lives be so much better here! Your writing as always is wonderful and I have had such an easy time following and immersing myself into the story! I lost this story on accident but I’m so happy I found it again, it’s now favorited to I may never ever misplace it! I hope you write more and I’ll be patiently waiting!
1/13 c8 87killerdragon
i hope you continue this story so good and I wait for the next chapters.
1/13 c2 4Rose1414
Re-reading this awesome story. I am loving Aria and can't wait to see the relationship between Klaus and Aria. I'm really hoping that there will be a new update soon. To celebrate the new year? Pretty please?
1/8 c8 1Evalen Snow
Great chapter have been following the story since 2020 love your work
1/6 c8 Guest
please keep writing, I absolutely need to know how things will go on. It's getting so exciting right now
1/6 c8 LuvRosie
Pls update
1/5 c8 Maeda Moura Pinheiro
12/30/2021 c8 QueenJu93
Will Klaus and Aria have any children together? Hope you update soon, can't wait for another chapter.
12/23/2021 c8 18IAmOutOfIdeas
Please, please, PLEASE update soon. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!
12/23/2021 c8 Lillian28
Love it. Please update soon
12/22/2021 c8 2Shannon Dee
Waiting for the next chapter and Christmas at the same time!
12/21/2021 c8 Nozomi Akiyama
Thanks for the chapter~
12/18/2021 c8 11animefreak112097
Please update soon. I want to k ow what happens next
12/14/2021 c8 19burntblood.1982
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