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11/4/2022 c2 KratostheLycan
i dont think that was Elena
11/1/2022 c9 Ravendeer
are you going to be updating this soon
10/29/2022 c9 Guest
That werewolf pack is in for some pain when aria finds out. The mystic falls gang never seem to learn how many people have already died because of stupid shit that they have done. Some of their must recent fuck ups include going out of their way to make an enemy out of mason Lockwood then killing him when it wasn't needed. As a result his insane pack members are now in town and they don't have away to defeat them. Despite already having one enemy now they want to make more enemies. They want to piss off the originals and their allies and at the same go after a mysterious person and make an enemy out of them. All they keep doing is starting conflicts and making things worse. What will these morons do when it's revealed aria looks like the mysterious person the originals care about. Because it seems like were headed towards the stupid mystic falls gang trying to start by capturing her I wouldn't put it past them to target teddy as well. If their first attempt fails wouldn't be surprised if we see the idiot Salvatore and bonnie try to team with the martins and maybe that witch Lucy that was helping katharine. Again no telling how low they will go hopefully aria kills them all.
10/29/2022 c7 Guest
Bonnie Bennett is just as much of a bitch as elena. I know people constantly say bonnie didn't get justice. I say she got exactly what she deserved. She's narrow minded prejudice and all around just filled with hate for people that are different from her. The underhanded shit she did with the Gilbert device was swept under the rug fairly quick. While I have never payed much attention to character pairings. Jeremy dating the person who killed the person he loved at all especially so quickly after the persons death never made sense. At some point aria and bonnie will clash being so arrogant bonnie will assume aria is just another wiccan and being that bonnie is a Bennett that she will have the upper hand. But she'll be surprised when she gets her ass kicked hopefully aria will either kill her or at the very least severe her magic permanently. Being the bitch bonnie is she doesn't deserve to have magic.
10/29/2022 c6 Guest
How stupid can Elena be for going into class and talking to a staff member like that she's lucky aria didn't get her in trouble for pulling that stunt most teachers wouldn't have just let something like that slide. It would be funny seeing Elena try explain her behavior to Jenna since Elena is trying keep everything supernatural secret. She certainly inherited more than just looks from katharine.
10/28/2022 c5 Guest
Elena really does come off as a moron just because aria helped Caroline but doesn't want to get involved with whatever stupid shit the idiot salvatore brothers are planning doesn't automatically mean that aria is working with katharine. What makes this worse is just a chapter later she decides to go and harass aria directly completely forgetting that aria is A teacher and staff member of the school. She's lucky aria didn't report her behavior to Jenna who Elena stupidly is trying to keep in the dark. One call to Jenna and everything Elena is trying hide could come out. Did it never occur to Elena the reason aria doesn't want to get involved might be she is a mother taking of a child and might not want To risk Katharine targeting her child. Then in the most recent chapter the gang of idiots hear about a person that is important to the originals and immediately sound like their planning on either abducting the person or killing them. When they find out that it's aria no telling what these morons will do. They probably try to kill aria not caring that if they succeed they would leave a child orphaned or worse they might kill her child to. Damon would especially kill teddy if he finds out the kid has some werewolf heritage. They wouldn't stop to think that they could bring the wrath of the magical world down on mystic falls. I certainly wouldn't trust bonnie Bennett or any servant of nature witches they Are narrow minded judgmental assholes who think that they have the right to decide who or what is an abomination. Bonnie is to judgmental. From the sound of it wiccans betrayal maybe lead to magic being exposed which lead to the witch hunts I certainly wouldn't be surprised. Mystic falls gang are morons that should be sitting in prison cells that way their not endangering anyone else.
10/28/2022 c9 Guest
It's been several months since theirs been an update. So far I don't see any indication when the next updates going to be. I hope the writer isn't trying to hold chapters back just to get money like they were doing before since doing so violates copyright infringement. I say this because a number of fanfic writers have tried recently to do this and it's complete bullshit. If you come across a writer that's doing this then don't send them money it's nothing but scam. They can't make money from content that they don't own.
10/21/2022 c9 Dorothy Kepczynski
so excited for the next chapter. please please please continue this story soon!
10/16/2022 c6 30DalkonCledwin
Why is Trevor offering Elijah his forgiveness, when he should be begging Elijah to extend the same courtesy towards him instead?
10/15/2022 c2 DalkonCledwin
Of course, why am I not surprised that Cedric Diggory was Aria’s old flame. I mean, it just figures given that his actor played the leading vampire in another series, doesn’t it?

And why does she have the Goblin King as her vault manager, I wonder?
10/9/2022 c9 JUANMARTIN202000
es una gran historia, sinseramente se que estan deseperados. pero si lo pensaran un poco sabrian que es mala idea tratar de atacar es "punto devil" katerin lo sabria meterse con maikelson nunca es buena idea y mas cuando todos estan unidos para destruir a los que se interpongan en recuperar a su hermana separada. es una gran historia sinceramente me gustaria leer mas cuando se pueda.
osea ya eran un problema en el canon cuando estaban todos separados, hora quemaran mistik false si implica lograr lo que quieren
9/23/2022 c5 zainabdiggie
since you asked what we think I'll tell you, I just feel as someone who's been fighting for her life since she was 11, and the fact that she's been in a war,AND the fact that she's the master of death which I feel should make her all the more powerful, I feel like Katherine took her down WAY TO EASILY I mean she should her at the least have been able to push her away and get out of the tomb before she caught her even with her vampire speed.
9/16/2022 c9 CrazyHobbit24
I love the relationship between Kol and Aria
And between Teddy and Aria
And ...
I can't get enough of this Story. I hope there will be an update soon.
9/13/2022 c7 Guest
Siriusly i love this story sooooo much.
Teddys and Arias relationship is so beautiful and cute and makes my heart bloom.
I love the Pairings
9/12/2022 c6 Guest
This Story is awsome
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