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10h c3 rosellenna
If this is the kind of Harry you want, fine, but at least label it correctly. This Harry is nowhere gray, he is flat out evil. Please include the proper trigger warnings.
1/17 c49 Guest
Harry is an idiot. Never monologue. What a moron. Never tell your enemies your there. Fucking idiot.
1/17 c39 Guest
I just got a sudden thought of what if Harry is actually apophis? Time turner? Can it be done? Does Harry have two animagus forms? Hmmm
1/18 c52 Coreymcwhirter
Good story for the most part but you did leave one plot hole open when you switched it to a time travelling Harry. How does he have two animal forms (white tiger and king kobra)?
1/18 c51 love4HP
Loved this story. Really imaginative and nice. Harry is grey/dark but for good, good intentions. N he is a survivor, a winner. Good work.
1/17 c13 RatherFabulous
Can't stick it anymore. Your Harry is a chav.
1/15 c32 missgsmith51
Well, Fleur now knows the worst. The worst is that at least Harry seems to love her, and he definitely realizes her worth. He just isn't sure which woman he wants more. He doesn't seem to have deliberately deceived Fleur, as they began as a very casual sex-only relationship. It has now changed for Fleur, as she apparently wants something permanent.

I hope Harry gets his head together; otherwise, he could wind up losing both women.
1/15 c30 missgsmith51
Poor Harry! It must gall him to have to deal with Umbitch; but the teachers never stand up for him and allow Snape, Malfoy, etc., to walkmall over him in canon. I don't blame him for protecting himself this time.

Hermione's blaming Harry for her arm is beyond the pale. Once again, she is refusing to accept responsibility for her actions when she was warned ahead of time. Even Mr. Weasley got the point and made the seriousness of Hermione's actions quite clear to everyone. **Hermione huff**

As for the students who need help ... Perhaps Dumbledore and the other teachers should make themselves available for individual "tutoring" each evening in the Great Hall. As they are teachers, they should be able to swing it. The students can practice, and Dumbledore and the other teachers can walk around and correct any errors in execution.
1/15 c29 missgsmith51
"I am sure that convincing Harry will be super easy, barely an inconvenience." I laughed and laughed at this remark!

To be honest, I have always believed that Hermione's expectation that it was Harry's responsibility to address this need - even in canon, when they were friends - was completely out of line. Her treatment of Harry during the summer - while he was incarcerated, incommunicado, at Durzkaban - was appalling. Both she and Ron refused to admit any responsibility for abandoning Harry all summer after his experiences in the Third Task. Instead she simply pled the Nuremberg Defense and treated Harry as though he was being unreasonable for having expected more.

Once at Hogwarts, she chided Harry about getting detentions from Umbitch, even though she knew perfectly well that he had done nothing to earn or deserve it. Once she realized Umbitch's intentions to basically prevent the kids from learning anything useful, she badgered Harry relentlessly about helping her. He agreed to help her (which she truly did not deserve), but that wasn't good enough. Instead she guilt tripped him into teaching EVERYONE, despite the crushing pressure he was already enduring in his OWL year.

I think her behavior further showed her selfishness and her willingness to expose Harry to danger, as long as HER needs were met. Including the rest of the students made it SEEM like she was concerned about everyone, but I think it was a smoke screen. JMHO. (As you can tell, I'm not fond of Hermione's book five behavior.)

I like the way some fanfics have handled the DA business by having Harry teach a select group of friends who had apologized and asked his forgiveness early on during his fourth year (for having listened to Ron in the first place) and had gone on to support him. (No, it is not canon, but it gave Ron and Hermione their just desserts, IMO.) Ron and Hermione then went on to teach the DA themselves, doing a rather mediocre job.
1/14 c4 missgsmith51
"Hey!" Ron complained. "I told you I was sorry."
"Hmm, no you didn't. I did not hear the words 'I'm sorry' come out of your mouth."

Thanks for having Harry point that out to Ron. I don't think Ron has ever actually apologized to Harry for any of the things he has done. He says he has - like he says he has here - but he never actually does. Hermione is the one who pushes them back together in the books, if I remember correctly. I've often wondered why. She certainly knows Ron is a jealous git, and she knows darn well he didn't apologize. She seems to think Harry should just roll over. I've never understood why.
1/12 c52 1Midots
Great story. some original ideas. less emphasis on limes. some good fighting scenes.
my only issue is that I would have loved to have more insight into the Harry Voldemort dynamic and how it works. song want to say more(spoiler alert).
but it is a story I would recommend
1/10 c50 alefrosier
Umas das melhores histórias que eu já lê, amo essa fanfic. Continue com o bom trabalho.
1/7 c31 SleepIsMeantToBeOverdosed
Don't forget "Basilisk Slayer" for one of his titles.
1/7 c52 1ChiDead
That was a beautiful read.
1/3 c52 didyousaytim
Nice wrap up. decent reason (combo reason) for spell resistance.

Harry and a-Harry ( as well as A-Harry and Voldie) could choreograph part of Harry transformed to basilisk skin. Dont think I have ever heard that Dragon or Basilisk would be AK resistant
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