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1/17 c27 thestodman
If this was more of a crack-fic, I could see the Howler from Voldemort now "Malfoy What are you doing telling people I'm back!"
1/15 c52 NeverEnderMan
I think I just had an orgasm that was so good
1/14 c52 blcoachmac
great job !
1/14 c50 blcoachmac
loved it! What did you do with Narcissa?
1/14 c46 blcoachmac
thats immaculate!
1/14 c43 blcoachmac
The Umbitch is dead!
1/14 c40 blcoachmac
Maybe Harry can get a go with Narcissa after all!
1/14 c37 blcoachmac
Should have kicked her in the gut first! Torture the hell out of her, then transfigure her into a steak and throw her into the forbidden forest!
1/12 c52 HPFIC FAN
I totally enjoyed your fanfic. you have a great imagination that translates into wonderful storytelling. thanks for all the hours of fun, laughter and cheering for harry potter.
1/14 c35 blcoachmac
Eventually Voldy is gonna overplay his hand and Harry will put down Apophis and eventually Voldy! First Harry has to deal with the toad and in my own way hope mend a fence with Hermione when he finds out Toad has been torturing her and other innocent children, he won't worry about weasly!
1/14 c34 blcoachmac
Love iit! II almost feel sorry for the iidiot that goes after Tonks or Fleur!
1/14 c33 blcoachmac
Harry hasn"tt unwrapped his gifts!
1/14 c32 blcoachmac
That was great! Lady Potter and Lady Black! Now if Harry is also Lord Peverell, I know that hasn't been mentioned but Daphne would complete the dynamic trio, Flame thrower, Shapeshifter, and Mission control/Planner!
1/14 c30 blcoachmac
Damn, no redemption for Granger! Sorry for that! But hopefully Umbitch goes down soon!
1/14 c29 blcoachmac
Dang was hoping Harry would get to break Narcissa!
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