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2/17 c52 thebetawholived
I should have waited one more chapter before asking why Harry was spell-resistant.

Good story and thanks for sharing!
2/17 c51 thebetawholived
Interesting, twisted ending!

Harry might find it useful to keep Voldemort's 'heir' as a useful strategic tool.

Why didn't the killing curse work on Apophis?
2/15 c15 thebetawholived
I might be wrong, but I think that JKR used the prefix 'parsel' in front of the work tongue to refer to snake's language. I know that tongue is not spelled 'tounge.' It seems consistently misspelked in your story.
2/15 c16 figleafsoaps
An epic fight scene. Well written, very exciting!
2/15 c14 figleafsoaps
Holy plot twist batman! This story is excellent. I'm so glad to be reading through your stories
2/15 c8 figleafsoaps
This is a great spin on the peter pettigrew storyline. Admittedly I don't see anything that harry has done as being worthy of the "dark harry" warning except the forced BJ from rita skeeter. This is another amazing story from you so far!
2/14 c3 figleafsoaps
Brilliant story so far.
2/12 c25 Beta59
It's interesting with Daphne Greengrass. I think she has become almost the most popular of character of Harry Potter. Probably because she can be written how ever the author wishes. She would easily be my most favourite , along with Tonks.
2/13 c50 TooGoodMkIV
PLOT TWIST. Was not expecting that. Love it though.
2/13 c16 ironhair
Time Turner? Apophis is obviously harry.
2/13 c52 Liquidsnake867
Phenomenal story from start to finish! Loved it! Thank you!
2/13 c1 ironhair
2/13 c52 2WolkaiserDrake
what about selena?
2/12 c50 Grumplesquishkin
Holy shit. That did not go as expected!
2/11 c42 1amsev
I am enjoying this story so very much! Dumbles dipshit. I don't know if dipshit is a part of Brit-glish (with apologies to British readers), but it certainly is a part of U.S.-glish, especially high Plains-glish, where I reside. Dumbles is a dip and a shit, deserving to be dipped in shit, therefore... End of mini-rant.

Amendment. I love this story!
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