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for Total Drama Act II: Musical Power

13h c18 1Ecliptic Plasma
Wow... this was probably the most intense episode in this season! Last episoode was already intense but this was even more surpring; and the challenge wasn't even a physical one!

I really feel bad for both Sybil and Mag, I hope they both will recover physically, mentally, and emotionally. Pierre's outburst though, you really had it on point. Honestly, this was just his debut season but I REALLY LOVE how you're portraying him from someone shitty in the beginning to a now more upfront kind of person who tries to prove himself. He only got an advantage with the figurine Colin gave him now people will probably see Colin as a target now and I'm kind of worried. XD

Keep up the great work for this season! I may be sending you a few truths and dares for the cast and maybe hop into the server too since I just made a Discord account, so see you there!
18h c18 Gucci Mane LaFlare
Good job.
The secret spilling is always fun.
I think Mag was an OK character, kinda in the middle.
Sybil was for sure entertaining, and I could see her being a good mom to her kid too.
3/3 c18 10Tempokeep
If last episode was physically intense, then this one really mentally took a took on these guys. Speaking of which, they merged, and we're down to twelve. Impressed to see that Carter merged, especially for someone who's musical prowess is nothing more than lacking.

Now that the Mag/Carter plot is resolved, I'm taking a lot of interesting in whatever's going on between Therion and Mara. Carter thinks they didn't make up, but I guess only time will tell. Then, there's Pierre. I can't decide whether or not to like him or hate him, because he's trying his best, but man he does some stupid stuff.

Anyway, this was a crazy chapter, and Misha was revealed to be host here too. I'm interested to see how the merge plays out!
3/3 c18 20Sephiria Arks
Other than the opening intro, not much with Topher. Lol.

A sleepy Brea is not a happy Brea. Period.

Poor Gordon if a physical challenge happens! I hope something can be worked out for him.

Everyone is feeling exhausted this season; I hope the next episode they will have more energy.

Poor Sami, she can’t spill the secret cause she and Sybil made up! It’s okay girl!

Hah has returned. He plans to ruin Act III. Candela, if you need the extra security Arturo (Sephiria’s husband) can get the military for you.

Carter says Mara never actually made up with Theriom. We will see about that. Have Mara put on the truth or dare chair!
New friendshipRival And Epi.

And the truth about Mag is out! Along with the truth about Sybil!across the face for Pierre from Sybil; epic scene well done!

Pierre you just alienated yourself and brought everyone else together. Nice job Neanderthal.

Pierre forbidden to see Sybil as she is medically eliminated. Sucks to be you.

I hope we get a scene where Mag and Chris meet up and work things out.
Mag and Carter have a friendly moment; Carter does have a caring heart. Looks hope they can make a good friendship out of this.

In the end, Mag is eliminated for her health. Pierre has made enemies now.
Also, Mag got Pierre in the balls with her platform boots. Nice job on that.

Seriously, put Mara in the truth or dare chair for the anniversary episode.
2/8 c17 Sephiria Arks
Lol, Arreis got 15th for a second time in the row. That has to suck for her!

But we all knew it! We all knew he would be coming back for revenge! Yet, the best revenge was Candela shooting him in the leg. U

To the person who gave her JUST ONE bullet. One question only and pardon my language. The fuck why?

Anyways, Sybil admitted finally what we all knew from the beginning due to her night with Pierre.
Pierre has the truth but is chickening out. (Insert chicken noises here).
Carter getting stuck is classic.
I’m happy that Gordon and Sami didn’t get out due to injuries. So, woohoo.
Finding the dead body. Pierre, what gave you the idea to kick a dead person? That’s a horrible thing to do!

I say Pierre or Sybil goes the next episode and both expose the truth of what they have been hiding at the end of the episode 13.

Oh, if Act II needs some extra protection Candela, Arturo and his military friends are happy to lend a hand (Arturo’s back recovery is getting better).
2/7 c17 1Ecliptic Plasma
Damn... what an intense chapter. And it sucks for Arreis to get eliminated. She was a good character all throughout this season and the previous one so it kinda pained me to see her go.
2/6 c17 Gucci Mane LaFlare
I think Arreis had a way better run this season too.
I still find it funny that her name is Sierra's name but backwards.
2/6 c17 Obsidian Champion
Dang, Arreis at 15th again? But let's face it, she did good this season. She managed to outlast all the other veterans, so kudos to her.

Gordon and Vanessa can just make up that quickly, right? I feel like they are still somehow arguing. XD

Next episode, I seriously think Sybil is going to be out. Even Chef already knows about her condition. He will tell the others hosts, no doubt.
2/6 c17 10Tempokeep
Wow, what an intense chapter, but a lot to unpack for sure. Hide and seek challenges are always fun, and this one had a more intense twist to it, so I really enjoyed it! It seems that Carter is getting closer to learning something, also his scene stuck under the house was pretty funny. Looking forward to the next chapter!
2/6 c17 1Musical Essence of Runa
What an intense episode! I did not see Arreis going home... in 15th again. Now there are no more veterans left.

I'm not sure if Gordon and Vanessa are together again, I mean, they can't just break up and make up under a day, right?

Also, hooray for Myder being canon. XD I wonder if the kissing scene in EP6 might come into play with their relationship though...

I wonder if Ryder, Colin, and Carter are gonna be a friend group later on, they've been through so much this episode lol. But this just means Colin has to mess with another Eighth Note. :/

I can't wait for the next episode!
2/6 c17 3Lessoneritalia
Im happy you made Beatrice use her psychic powers for a little bit~ Really adds flair~ And yay may and ryder are together!
1/23 c16 Gucci Mane LaFlare
Good job.
Damb, these elimanations just keep getting crazier and crazier.
Also, good job on the song choices too.
1/23 c16 Guest
Wow, this is really good! I love all the performances and the characters! Keep it up! :)
1/22 c16 Obsidian Champion
I have a feeling that if Gordon starts investigating the show's potential bias towards Team Major, it would be the end of him. XD I hope not XD

Pretty much everyone guessed Toxa's elimination, but she was a pretty good villain in my opinion. Maybe that's how she's returning for Act III.

Topher being in the show is gonna be messy too. It was already a mess when Chris was there. I could only imagine on how would Topher host lol.
1/22 c16 1Ecliptic Plasma
Whoa... this chapter is really getting down to everyone. Pierre now has another problem whether he should reveal it to Carter or not. And not to mention, he may have gotten Sybil pregnant, unless if she's sick though.

I'm kinda expecting Toxa's elimination but not really for Zack and Antoinette as they both were eliminated by not voting. Things are getting really messy.

I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
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