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4/3 c1 Guest
Is this a joke or are you really this dumb?

Left the 'gang stuff' in the safe outside 'the post office' in Brazil addressed to the 'police station' that the safe was robbed from so right back to the criminal who owned the city and police in the first place?

You put Uncle Brain not Brian. Brain is the thing you don't have and Brian is a man's name.

I'd like to think this is a joke, but I'm pretty sure this is a real story and you really are this stupid. It's a real worry because this is pretty bad. Never mind the continuity errors, the whole concept is a 12 year old's bad fantasy on steroids. No one wants to know what you reckon it'd be like if you were a kid who got to go along on the set of these films. It's something better left to your own imagination than shared in public my dude. I'm more than a little embarassed for you right now.
3/31 c1 Guest
Nice trolling Hasbro as a middle name was a nice touch.
3/31 c1 justagirlonfire
Not even these parents are going to bring a 13 year old on missions. That was dumb point one.

I love it when kids write Mary Sue stories and include stuff they don't understand. What's a car grail? Umm pretty sure it's nothing and you just don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Han was Han Lue. Han Seoul Oh was an alias and a piss take. Han Seoul Oh like Han Solo from Star Wars. The character is Han Lue. You can't even get that right so you likely don't know the franchise well enough to be writing for it.

Hobbs is still out to arrest them here, Han and Gisele just met here. Them having a 13 year old kid already trained as some sort of assassin really doesn't work on that basis. But she also knows them all well enough to call them uncle and stuff. It's retarded.

Kazue makes me think kazoo, it really doesn't work as an ofc name. It's an all around mess that doesn't work on any level.

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