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for Star the Rapespawn

9/12 c2 4alexander bundoc
9/12 c2 Guest
Honestly I gave up checking on your potential as a writer a damn long time ago, if I didn't tell you that already in one of my reviews.

What is your purpose with writing these? To satisfy your fetishes? Are these stories your outlet of some hidden desire you want to have, but can't achieve?

But anyway, I'm surprised you responded to the review about my deleted reviews in that SvtFoE with the stolen title. Red hoodie Star something. And I can see that you don't take whatever I wrote seriously.

What I wrote is nothing positive at this point. You know it, I know it. I gave you lots of chances to be better but again you refuse to follow through. I have no hope for you since the last time you posted a chapter of Eclipse of Marco.

Bye. Stop promoting your Patreon and shitty book.
5/11 c1 4trollking01
Like all your fics this is a sad disgusting attempt to be edgy and dark with series that never went to such extremes.
My theory is that this is your fetish.
Well, not that it matters.
You are gonna abandon this one like every oter story you've ever made because you are incapable of commiting to something
4/1 c1 DEV
Pretty good so far. The chapter had an interesting way to include Grevious's species to the Mewni Dimension and how Grevious impacts the characters' current situation leaves a strong impression on the audience. I do feel bad for Lekmet though and wish he did not die, but its all part of the story process. Also, how Mina left the council room was hilarious. Hope to see more.
3/31 c1 17trickster3696
this looks interesting. so are jedi and sith a thing in this story. like jedi are an order of light magic users and the sith are an order of dark magic users.

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