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for At The Beginning With You

4/22 c28 75Ribeiro1986
Nice ending
4/21 c28 24Boris Yeltsin
Sweet they want to adopt Hao. Shame it had to be under the circumstances.
4/21 c27 Boris Yeltsin
Drat, and things were going so well.
4/20 c26 75Ribeiro1986
Cute. Congratulations
4/20 c26 24Boris Yeltsin
Love it, though I'm not familiar with the 'best of the best' thing.
4/19 c25 75Ribeiro1986
The last lines were fun. Great job
4/19 c24 Ribeiro1986
Good job. I liked
4/19 c25 24Boris Yeltsin
Another well done update.
4/18 c24 Boris Yeltsin
Another fine update. Haven't been to any of Disney's theme parks myself.
4/17 c23 Boris Yeltsin
Another fine update. A fne attention to detail.
4/17 c23 75Ribeiro1986
Nice job. Glad Chris to stay with Kim
4/16 c22 Ribeiro1986
That a nice. Congrats
4/16 c22 24Boris Yeltsin
More fine work. Like how you expand on the past of several characters so well.
4/15 c21 75Ribeiro1986
Good job
4/15 c21 24Boris Yeltsin
Another well done chapter. Things seem to improve little by little.
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