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5/4 c3 3Lorien's Tale
Great story, I love it. Can't wait for your next update !
4/5 c3 1pallysAramisRios
wow so awesome love how they had something about Aramis that made him even more closer to him
4/5 c3 beeblegirl
I think they all teach each other lessons, but perhaps Aramis is the one who holds the umbrella over them all.
4/4 c3 8Issai
He took his time. He's their soul..
Thank you for your story!
4/4 c3 120Deana
Aw, so sweet!
4/4 c2 Deana
Wow, tough decision for Aramis!
4/2 c2 1pallysAramisRios
Wow that was freaking intsense Aramis kinda dobting himself shooting Athos's captur (sp) and Porthos saying he has it he can do it .. hahahah the pup teasing Athos bout being kinda smelly
4/2 c2 beeblegirl
Anyone other than Aramis would have probably killed both of them.
3/31 c1 beeblegirl
For a warrior, Aramis has such a gentle and kind soul.
3/31 c1 120Deana
Wow, poor Aramis! Ouch!

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