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for The Case M7 ATF AU

4/8 c1 kathy
Great story, and no injuries or suffering was required, such excellent descriptions of the guys and their outfits let us see the scenes, great writing, thank you and please keep writing and sharing
4/5 c1 Guest
Okay-finally a fic where the good guys win and with no injuries! I especially like your descriptions of the guys attire and how it "fit" their bodies-just another reason why I wish these actors could of made the transformation into 'THE Magnificent ATF' spinoff when their show was cancelled. :)
4/3 c1 mhart
I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing your story.
4/2 c1 finabin
Very Nice. Excellent adventure story. More please lots more.
4/1 c1 mworth1019
very nice, I love your descriptive words for the boys, they are very fitting!
4/1 c1 121MaverickLover2
So nice to read a story with no blood and pain. And your writing is great, as always. I love the attention to the clothes. I can see them all.
4/1 c1 1Sarai

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