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for Elizabeth and the Hiding Gentleman

4/12 c5 bibliophilia1
I am so enjoying this! How delightfully realized they both are! And it is so much fun to read about them actually amusing and pleasing each other, rather than being angry at one another. Thanks for writing this!
1/30 c17 20The Pineapple Cake
Oh Darcy and Elizabeth would be much more involved parents than was expected at the time, I’v always thought that.
1/30 c16 The Pineapple Cake
Awwww, they are so sweet!
1/30 c15 The Pineapple Cake
Isn’t it lovely when Lizzy and Georgie meet and get along like a house on fire.
1/30 c14 The Pineapple Cake
Everyones so happy!
1/30 c13 The Pineapple Cake
Incoherent screaming!
1/30 c12 The Pineapple Cake
Oh Miss Bingley, you awful, awful, woman.
1/30 c11 The Pineapple Cake
Oh no, whats Caroline going to do?
1/30 c10 The Pineapple Cake
They touched hands!
1/30 c9 The Pineapple Cake
On Caroline you’re never going to compete with Lizzy, she’s just so much better than you.
1/30 c8 The Pineapple Cake
How is Charlotte the only person to have noticed! They’re both being so obvious!
1/30 c7 The Pineapple Cake
Oh, Elizabeth, you're getting hot and bothered in a carriage!
1/30 c6 The Pineapple Cake
Mrs. Bennet thinking Lydia would be perfect for Darcy is utterly hilarious.
1/29 c5 The Pineapple Cake
They really are a sweet couple.
1/29 c4 The Pineapple Cake
The atraction betwen them! How has no one noticed, it’s sizzling.
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