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for Elizabeth and the Hiding Gentleman

15h c10 Guest
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot is also a great error in bith productions. The dance was popular in the early 1700 not the 1800.
5/4 c15 tnet
oh so fluffy, thank you
5/4 c13 tnet
how lovely written, thank you
5/3 c8 tnet
Another lovely chapter... cough cough :D
5/3 c7 tnet
Cute encounters :D A lovely story, thank you.
5/3 c16 Colleen S
Such a beautiful story!
5/3 c2 tnet
The tigress and her prey, hilarious. Thank you for sharing your story.
4/25 c16 Pablo M. Portillo
I can very well sympathize, I don’t want this story to end either. It’s hard to find such good stories that manage to be as lighthearted and whimsical without being pure fluff, while also being delightful imaginative and hilarious.
4/22 c16 1Regency1914
This is such a sweet story, and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. Delightful how Darcy and Elizabeth fell in love and will soon be married. I love that she found him under a table hiding from Miss Bingley. Smart man! Thank you and I look forward to your next story after this one's Epilogue. :)
4/21 c5 MerytonMiss
I like your lullabye very much, it sounds very old-fashioned and works perfectly.
4/19 c16 Guest
This story is amazing so lighthearted, funny and romantic that it leaves you with a feeling of warmth after you finish. I'm so sorry to see it end ,please make a long epilogue. Congratulations again and again you are very talented! I love all of your stories for their interesting plots and your writing style keep writing
4/18 c16 PDS1
The last night between the sisters was so sweet, in spite of the interruption of Mrs. Bennet’s talk. It was a precious time as Jane and Elizabeth shared their hearts.

Mr. Darcy’s pebbles on Elizabeth’s window hoping to see her so late at night, and his heartfelt letter to his beloved...SWOON! It made my heart happy reading this chapter! They were both feeling deeply the emotions and thoughts as they stood on the precipice of their union. I have enjoyed your story immensely, and will be sad to have it end!
4/18 c15 PDS1
“As Elizabeth turned to smile at him, he felt warmth seep within, as if he had stolen the golden rays of the sun and kept them in his heart.” How could one not melt at that profound thought? I love the imagery of this beautiful line!
How wonderful that Georgiana and the colonel are captivated by Elizabeth. They can see how truly in love Darcy and Elizabeth are with one another!
4/17 c16 Jansfamily4
Such a sweet story. I enjoyed it completely! And one more chapter to go. I will be sorry to see it end.
P.S. the letter was PERFECT!
4/17 c16 BamaGirl37
Please add a few more chapters to the story! I love it!
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