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for Broken Dreams Stats Sheet

3/2 c10 3Silverfenics
i dont think Ichigo would have used slaves or behaved like that with anyone,and especially Ichigo would not shock or abuse innocent girl/s like he did with Raphtalia
3/2 c9 coyotestarrk01
when's a new chapter coming up
12/5/2021 c10 RabbidChimp
Not gonna lie...you should've done this arc instead of Pokemon. This would be an awesome arc for the canon story!
11/30/2021 c10 Guest
I mean lter on many more slaves are gained any way so
9/30/2021 c8 Guest
Oops ignore the last also just missed the hat pokemon
9/30/2021 c8 Guest
He has two Aerodactyls damn also no type also also swampert only knows one move rip the boi also also also didn’t the alolan ninetales use moon blast on lances Pokémon also also also also where’s hattanene
3/4/2021 c5 Alex Rueda Segura
Won't you do more since you're on 12?
10/10/2020 c1 InnocentxPsycho
The language is wrong in the summary it says Dutch
6/30/2020 c5 4DestinySkyDemon
Ah it was fixed in the latest sheet
6/30/2020 c3 DestinySkyDemon
Schrift L is off, it says it's a imitation of Suzumebachi

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