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8/7 c10 BlazeStryker
You realize that getting blasted so hard probably had Shirou blasted into his younger self's body, don't you? With the power of Ea and the destruction of Angra Mainyu involved, well, a small redhead is probably going to join in on the assault on Acht.

It'll get stupid. It always does. but the maids will likely live through it at least.
8/6 c4 BlazeStryker
And that was with Saber Luck! Usually, Shirou can compete in Suck Luck with a Lancer!

Oh, nice to see the legacy of Johnny Clean has gone multiversal.
7/26 c8 muzjun no kishi
diferent man diferent chant, didnt get it untill the last line. but gotta say diference is awesome
7/3 c10 SeanHicks4
Interesting, guess this means Shirou isn't adopted in this timeline...
6/26 c10 Omkar
Good story and that's saying a lot since i rarely give this praise to any fic at all
6/22 c1 kevinthegoat0304
This was definitely interesting. A very fun read.
5/20 c10 Queen Selene Rose
~~gonna start that new beginning now?~~
5/5 c5 fitstickman
demonic fetu-
3/31 c10 Mc08
Well short but badass with hints pretty good humor.
3/9 c4 Guest
Who wants to save shinji who who? Who?
2/11 c10 Aetherium21
Excellent short story! Thanks for sharing it with us
12/6/2021 c10 lastapril123
Damn did I just read shirou speed run the grail war?
12/5/2021 c10 BlackSunV
man that was such a good story. you should do a small short story after all, its only Fate that Shirou becomes a part of the Emiya family.
11/27/2021 c10 KumaNoIkari
11/5/2021 c10 8Quathis
That is a good ending to a prologue. Like to see the new beginning. Archer would be proud and relieved. Until next time.
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