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11/27/2020 c6 6FinchFlyingAce
Nice chapter, just want to point out, Kariya summoning Zerkalot wasn’t luck, Zouken gave him a catalyst specifically to summon Lancelot.
11/23/2020 c6 Uday Sra
11/22/2020 c6 WesternReader
Gilgamesh was willing to forgive Tokiomi's use of the command seal originally. He was only interested in replacing him after he found out Tokiomi wanted to make him commit suicide as a sacrifice to the grail after he retrieves it. Tokiomi is his subject after all
11/22/2020 c6 1Hainz Leonard Kim
Omake fgo omake fgo. Thank you for the chapter thank you for the chapter, fun work fun work. Rest well rest well
11/22/2020 c6 M2R
11/22/2020 c6 2Kaiya Azure
Half expecting Murphy to feign sleep and letting one eye temporarily open to glance in Saber's direction for a moment. Hm, I wonder if Gilgamesh would be inclined to befriend Murphy's Law if he ever met the personification.

On the bright side, they were able to catch the corruption before it would ruin things. Though that does raise the question of what might happen to Shirou should the Fuyuki fire be prevented.
11/22/2020 c6 8Quathis
Nice looks at what was, and hopefully will never be again. Saber Shirou has got most things set up well, though I wonder how bad the rest of the plan will go down. Messy, I'd guess. Until next time.
11/22/2020 c6 Franz Myers
I came to think that Kariya would do crazy

Thanks For The update
11/19/2020 c5 ASM769476
Love it
11/13/2020 c5 Efrm202
Plzzzzzz updateeeeeee Ik you still a active writer you got to beeeee
10/15/2020 c5 2Ash the Aura Guardian
Man, this story sure is fast-paced! I love how Shirou's basically fixed almost everything in less than half a week, just like a true superhero.

Hope we get to see Artoria at some point!
10/13/2020 c5 vequest
this was fun a little rush but then again its pretty much full action even when people are talking so meh. also rip shirou the suicidal sword.
10/10/2020 c5 Franz Myers
Si Shirou no hace algo suicida no es Shirou
10/3/2020 c5 Mistletainn
The story's plotline felt quite rushed, and many scenes rather lacking in details. It's still pretty good for those who are familiar with F/SN and F/Z, though.
10/1/2020 c5 Cobalt Conrad
The crack is as good as it is. Bruh, stop being serious and go FULL CRACK. Snort a little and you'll do way better than trying to keep the serious tone of 4th grail war. The story is WAY off course as it is.
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