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for what is a home but a place to stay?

4/1/2020 c1 137Invader Johnny
Well Danny certainly made the best out of his situation and in a way it was a unique experience for him but he sure won't want to go through that again, heh.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
4/1/2020 c1 9PhantomFever81
Oh my lord, this was such a good story! Ahaha. It's made its way on my top list. Yeah I have one of those! Anyway see you soon.
4/1/2020 c1 87FiveRivers
Thank you for writing! Danny makes a great cryptid.
4/1/2020 c1 36Dp-Marvel94
This was suprisingly funny. I liked the part where Danny played video games with some class mates as Phantom. People who don't know his secret seeing him do normal things in ghost form is always cool. And I liked the confrontation with Valerie too. Her reaction to thinking Phantom was following her was understandable.

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