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10/23 c1 24Drumboy100
Good to get more details of the tense interaction that was hinted at in the previous story. Also glad to go into this knowing that it has a good ending!

Good use of POV to start us out, how Ned's confusing fog is paralleled to the reader's confusion (plus, as Ned remembers what happened, you can catch up new readers). I continue to love the role reversal of Frank as private, calming his superior. Of course genius Frank knows French! ;) Glad that Frank and Ned at least damaged different limbs, so they will be able to help each other compensate. Frank wants to know what's going on but thinks that it's "more important that he and Nickerson get away," I always love the subtle nods to our heroes valuing people over unsolved mysteries. Hmmm, Frank chooses to trust the doctor's wife instead of the doctor, very interesting.

I also appreciate that luck had such a strong role in bringing N/F back home. If the initial soldiers hadn't assumed they were dead...if both Weis AND the French doctor weren't on their side...if that battle between the German soldiers hadn't happened...! So many survivor stories are scarily similar. (Wow, I'm proud of myself for the accidental alliteration of the previous sentence.) Also the MONTHS of survival only...I feel their pain here. Awwww, those letters to Nancy. Maybe Frank wrote letters to Callie, too. And he trusts Frank with one of those letters, just in case-what a precious burden that would have been. "Books' worth of adventures," I see that wink-wink.

And only a couple of minutes to pack! One of the many ravages of war, how no one can truly feel safe in their own home, or even stay there anymore, or even have the time or capabilities to bring belongings or put down roots. Great heroism of the soldiers letting the civilians go, and a good thing that they did, too; otherwise the soldiers would have just had to worry about the civilians in addition to everything else. Weis is the man of the hour, in my opinion; he died for what was right, and, as was hinted, even if he'd lived, he would have had to suffer the consequences of doing the right thing. Reminds me of my college German professor, who explained that most people of German descent are not violent, and are quite shocked at the level of violence in American movies/books/cultural media. Great punchline! You cut off this story at exactly the right moment.
4/26 c1 11leyapearl
I was hoping you would carry on with this series.
4/4 c1 Bkworm4life4
Beautiful story. I like how you tied it together with the other one!
4/2 c1 14Cherylann Rivers
Wonderful one shot! And I love how it tied into the other. What a great sense of detail. My favorite part was how Frank and Ned stuck together despite everything, and the ending was great. Somehow, you even managed to tie in that little mystery of the doctor as well for the first part of the story. This is a great little arc that you created. I’d love to see you write a follow up where Ned and Frank return to the States and reunite with Callie and Nancy, and where they can all be friends and share their I individual stories of what they did in their time apart. Really well done. You seem to have a true appreciation for this time period!

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