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10/25 c1 24Drumboy100
TinDog believes that Frank's full name is Francis, and she is pretty much the greatest writer of all time, so I happily submit to your interpretation of canon.

Nice opener. I enjoyed reading Frank's letter over Callie's shoulder until I realized...oh...this is from quite a while in the past, and it's a miracle that Callie can still read it through her tear stains. Glad to see that Frank was writing Callie letters in addition to Ned writing to Nancy. Always good to start off with a Joe-ism, his complaint of "not seeing enough action"-that "problem" will be rectified in your next installment. You might want to not tell your readers to read these one-shots in order, as it would also be fun to enter each story not knowing the happy ending. I would also love to see "ten years later" stories in this arc, to see how all the detectives' life choices change as a result of all they've been through.

Nancy and Callie certainly needed each other during these months; more evidence of disenfranchised grief, as there must have been some kind of (inadequate) support group for wives of fallen soldiers, certainly not girlfriends. Callie's prayer is so sad, the death of her innocence, the death of feeling like she has control over her own life. Yes, girl, solve that mystery in Frank's honor.

Awarding myself the Dunce Hat: my first thought was "Why doesn't Callie just google it?" LOL! MVP goes to the librarian, absolutely love her role here. Just like every librarian I've ever met, dropping everything to help with a project. Good choice to have the quote be from a recent newspaper article, to avoid coincidences. An excellent theme of this poem, reminding me of my covid verse, Habakkuk 3:17-19.

It made me cringe when Callie avoided the Hardy home on her way to the library, as she and Mrs. Hardy need each other now, and therefore, excellent contrast of Callie walking past the Hardy home on her way from the library-which she wouldn't have been able to do if she hadn't understood the context of the poem, that faith is an intrinsic value, irrelevant to our life circumstances. Absolutely love that Callie had to learn that lesson BEFORE she received her good news! And I greatly appreciated Frank's physical absence here, that this is all about Callie's stages of grief and faith, and the two women coming together at the end. The message of this story comes through loud and clear, with no overt preaching.
4/26 c1 11leyapearl
4/4 c1 Bkworm4life4
I thoroughly enjoyed this story! Thank you for posting it :)
4/2 c1 14Cherylann Rivers
I enjoyed this story! Thank you for sharing it. Loved the idea that Callie tried to play detective as Frank would have done. :)

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