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4/6 c1 gamer611
This story is truly amazing and as a major Rean x Fie fan it fun to read and I will go as far to say that the story is worthy of a sequel.
4/6 c1 Guest Guest Gues
Daww...what an adorable pair of highly competent badass killers!

Fo-sho though, really nice one-shot and only downside is that it's not a longer story.
4/6 c1 26tailedninja
This was sweet.
4/2 c1 15Apex85
This is nice.

Its downright criminal how little attention there is for this fandom. And this was sweet and funny.
4/2 c1 3Wuolong77
Pretty sweet story. It's funny though that you wrote a scenario like this, because I have a new Trails story in the pipeline. Happens ten years after CSIV and Fie-centric, so your fic is just the right one-shot to give me that little more motivation.

A little thing I would like to point out: While Laura is indeed the heir to a dojo in all but name, the term is Japanese while Erebonia is steeped in Germanic references. So it feels a little jarring even if 'Arseid dojo' is in essence correct.
4/1 c1 Muckdile
Wow, first the Cold Steel IV localization gets announced, then multiple Rean/Fie fics get posted. I'd say today has been a pretty good day.

Really enjoyable read, I love the back and forth between Rean and Fie, as well as how they both view their relationship. It was definitely satisfying for them to finally make it "official" though. It would certainly be interesting to have a wedding with a Jaeger corp in attendance lol.

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