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for The Forbidden Eclipse

8/22 c2 avidreader
Please write more. this fanfic is awesome.
7/7 c2 Harmony735
WOW, I’m excited to read more
6/17 c2 Guest
Love it ! Can’t wait for more
6/17 c2 19raurassexiness
i love this idea so much plz update soon
6/14 c2 8SparkyGurly227
Awesome chapter. Love the whole outwardly dislike, secretly love each other thing. It should be interesting to see how this further develops. Amazing work
6/14 c2 sweetgirl2711.cp
Like the story! Not a big fan of Trez but I like how the story is going!
4/30 c1 Guest
Loved it.
4/7 c1 10JosyGinny26
Good job, I really like the set up of this story. I'd love to read more, so please update as soon as you can. Stay safe!
4/5 c1 8SparkyGurly227
This was a really good first chapter! I usually get annoyed with running commentary throughout a story but this was actually really well done and really funny. Looking forward to more!
4/2 c1 24AusllyTraceObsessed98
Awesome story! Can’t wait to read more and see what happens! God bless you for contributing more to the A
4/2 c1 jcarter692
I love this, royal stories are my favorite! And I love the way they're telling, so sweet and hilarious! Thanks for sharing, I'm looking forward to reading more. Stay safe!

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