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for Searching For Realism

12/28/2021 c13 bored411
aw, a shout out for me? *coos*
ahem. fun chapter though! curious to see where it goes and if the doctor notices what adam did about her acting off. also excited to see what rose changes!
12/27/2021 c13 LPWomer
Awesome chapter! Hope you’re doing well!~
12/27/2021 c4 1Saiyanprincess1511
It's fine, good chapter.
As for plot for loyalty beyond hope- she could be something supernatural with a defense mechanism that makes predators or anyone stronger ignore her or something, can probably build a story off that and the doctor trying to fight that
Can't review on ch 13 since I already did when it was an A/N
12/14/2021 c12 bored411
hope things get better for you! i enjoyed the chapter though it does feel a tad chaotic. lots of bouncing around from place to place. i would suggest maybe having her injuries last longer? her getting knocked about the head like that should put her out of commission for a bit with a concussion. but it was a fun chapter and I'm hoping to read more :)
12/14/2021 c12 AnonymityIsFun
Yo. Binged it. Liked it. Is good.
Sorry to hear about your living situation. That sucks, and things will probably get worse before they can get better. But they will get better, so keep your head up.
In terms of the story: you’ve got a great starting off point. The title is apt, you’ve definitely reached realism. This feels like an actual story, and your characters are in that Goldilocks zone of flawed-ness where they’re interesting without being overdone. My advice would be to make sure you know where you’re going plot-wise with this story or you’ll lose that inspiration that’s driving you.

Till next time, I suppose. Best of luck.
11/25/2021 c13 Lil'Sparrow7
All your doctor who fics have my vote!
11/25/2021 c13 Arcknight3
Update Searching for Realism and Loyalty Beyond Hope, those are good stories.
11/23/2021 c13 1Pfannkuchen07
Heya! It’s nice to see that you still exist :]
So hmm I don’t really care what story you update. I mean I was here for this one but I don’t remember what this one was about anymore so I‘d have to reread… and others sound interesting too… just give a point to the one you like the most at the moment :D

11/22/2021 c12 1Samara Holmes
Really love Searching for Realism <3 feel free to write what ever other one you like! As long as you enjoy it
11/22/2021 c13 1Saiyanprincess1511
Searching for realism, this notification had me excited for an update
11/22/2021 c13 12bored411
searching for realism and loyalty beyond hope are two of my votes! you can have my third :) hope to read more of your works soon!
11/11/2021 c2 Guest
I'm joining your religion. Where do I send membership fees? Do we get tokens?
11/1/2021 c6 Eragon135790
really liked the chapter, whowianism, love it. Psychopaths dont actually fell all happy when killing, some do, sure, but not all, for psychopaths(and sociopaths) it more common to do things just for the fun/entertainment of it.
11/1/2021 c5 Eragon135790
really really liked the chapter, finally a mc who doesnt ahve a problem with killing someone/thing without it being even more than just necessary, i'm so annoyed by these overly pacifistic mcs.
6/12/2021 c12 Kitsu
I really love your story ,thank you so much for your work.
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