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4/21/2020 c11 HannahHPandDWfanJones
Wow fantastic chapter. Life must always come first and we understand. Thank you for telling us
4/20/2020 c11 Alikai
I'm sorry to hear that! I hope everything gets better for you soon.

Btw, you TOTES excel at the fluff. This was succinctly written and I felt like it gave insights into the character. I especially like how the Doctor just casually checks in with her, so A on that front. Can't wait to read the next one, and good luck with everything!
4/20/2020 c11 1SunnyBambina
Holy crap.

This was a roller coaster. A beautiful, masterpiece of a roller coaster. Ah, I hope you're okay with long rants because I'm kinda in the mood for one and I want to use it to express my sheer affection and awe in regards to this amazing piece of art. So, first things first... hm, where to start..? Perhaps the beginning! Chapter one! WHAT A FREAKING WILD WAY TO START! Bold, and risky. I love it. You had me clinging to my chair with anticipation from the very start. And Justice's character? She is so wonderfully witty. (will come back to the tardis theme, it's important)

I think I might do a play-by-play of initial reactions to each chapter before getting into the grit and the grim, so chapter two: A series of unfortunate events. Also, known for being the perfect plot mechanism to move things along and grab interest. This chapter wasn't as action-packed, but it was just as (if not better) than the first in letting me take a glimpse of the characteristics of the main characters and the way you write other major and minor personalities. Really well, by the way, now that I'm at that point. You add magnificent life to them in such subtle forms. It's like a really detailed art piece and the more I look over it and re-read certain bits, I'm discovering new bits and bobs I adore.

Chapter three~ THE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN HER FUTURE SELF AND THE DOCTOR KILLED ME. I truly felt quite the myriad of emotions, but I think the one I was most grateful for was the jaded amusement towards past!Justice's animosity with her future self. (I'll hold off on commenting about a major theme in this chapter since it's so reoocuring and type it out after)

Okay, so chapter four... I feel as if I relate too much to Justice. Naming a Weeping Angel (by the way, adore them, was so happy to see them), potentially hugging it and making rather odd advances towards a nonexistent friendship is something I would totally do before it "killed" me. Including the "so mote it be". I can be horribly dramatic with my best friend and this phrase is passed around a lot. I don't often see it used in fics, so I was definitely pleasantly surprised!

"NPC Energy". What a lovely start to chapter five. I liked the ironic theme it held. Beyond this, I loved the changes in the adventure, the further character development, and the big ol' face of Boe. A total favorite. Love Jack. More themes will be tied into the initial reaction. Sorry, this is so long, I'm enthusiastic today.

I will combine chapters six and seven. By the way, I'm totally converting to Whovianism, I already held similar beliefs anyway. (I have an obsession with collecting tardis merch too). I think one of my favorite things about this particular journey was the raw emotions and the relationships being tested and thinned. Nothing is ever easy in reality. Relationships are hard. We work for them, most of the time, and a bond being put under pressure makes it obvious that being in her situation isn't easy. It's going to difficult, she's going to struggle with so many inner and outer influences, and it will be almost painful to read, I'm sure. Aptly put title. Thanks for the heart attack at the end of chapter seven.

Eight and Nine: I've decided to combine them, as it is less time consuming and I'm sure you stopped reading a long time ago anyway (if you read at all). I adore Martha. I adore the fact there is (will be) a Tardis shrine and Martha is a devoted follower. All hail. The doctor was freaking adorable in chapter eight, but we all know he's adorable in all of them (if you squint) as it is in his constantly changing DNA to be so. An adorable dork, that is. It's like one of his superpowers. My favorite part though was CHARLES. I LOVE CHARLES DICKENS. Yes, I'm a nerd. My apologies. Anyway, it was bold and unique and lovely and I just love how you write his character so well and the doctor's reluctance and ugh, so much to adore! I love basically every action she took in chapter nine except suggesting the planet MIDNIGHT. You think she'd learn with her luck, you know? Terrible idea. (Truthfully, would have totally been excited to read the Nightmare-Esque adventure had it occurred). Certainly wasn't mad it was the Dalek episode though! As I said, she was FANTASTIC in this chapter.

Ten and Eleven: I was really impressed by the developing character of all four of the Tardis' current residents in these chapters. From the serious to the fluff, you once more managed to captivate my interest and hold it hostage. No, seriously, I binged read this entire thing, almost catatonically absorbing it. I haven't had a favorite fic in a while, so I'm excited. (AND you mentioned my baby? Oh god, I hope I haven't been a disappointment)

Okay, onto the more prominent themes. We shall start with the lighter one. The Tardis' general influence. This reoccurring gag is honestly the cure to the depression that comes along with reading this. How can anyone not love her? She basically is a godess and I'm so glad to see someone finally incorporated the respect she deserves into their writing. All Hail. The Doctor Who's show created the most unique character and it wasn't the Doctor: it was his box. The Doctor is a close second though. (Love all Doctor's equally, for what matters, they are the same. I actually like that about the Doctor and the Tardis because both apply. The Doctor changes externally while the Tardis changes internally. It's a cute thing; like they're trying to match.) All Hail, the creator of my wanderlust.

Now, the heavy theme. The depression, the triggering topics, the PTSD of both main characters... this is the reason I love this fic. Yes, all the above reasons count, but I know I got so emotionally attached to this because it made me feel. Truly feel. How did Sally Sparrow put it? Sad is just happy for deep people? Or something. I don't know if I'm deep, but depression and anxiety is something I've struggled with for as long as I can remember (alongside insomnia) and finding such portrayals where you're not afraid to show the nitty-gritty but still invoke enough humor to keep it from getting too deep... it's hard to see someone do it in a way that I empathize with. I empathize greatly with this story. You have wonderful control over the theme, and while there can be spots cleaned up (when isn't there, even in published books, I'm just a little picky), the majority, just, draws me in. I may be a bit morbid, but I like to see the gritty depressive stuff, because it helps me realize when times are uncertain that, other people understand this too. They understand what it means to feel. And not feel. To be uncertain. To be fixated. To feel broken. To be caught up... just to be. It's incredibly human of us to selfishly feel as if we're the only ones hurting. This, things like this, I mean, help me realize I'm not. I really can't describe in words what it means to be able to kinda analyze and... ughhhhh, I can't find the words. The bad thing about depression. It's literally impossible to describe one's own. I could do it for a character, I could never do it for myself. What an odd thing, hm? Sorry, this got a bit personal.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, people who touch upon sensitive topics like this are sort of my personal heroes. And not just because I like angst. And... once again words elude me. (If anyone did manage to read this far and suffers from any form of mental illness... please, stay safe.) This theme is probably the reason I made a review so long. I had so many pent up feelings to just vent out, just needed to thank you for your wonderful story and amazing writing.

So, thank you. Thank you so much for bringing Justice to life alongside your version of the Doctor (who is so freaking amazing, holy crap, I'd go on another spiel if this one wasn't already long enough) and Tarids and Charles and Adam, and everyone else. I'm so happy I found this.

In regards to your AN about being it being a few months until you update, try not to stress over that and take all the time you need. I'm not sure what your circumstances are, but I hope everything is or will be okay for you. Don't let any readers hassle you for updates, etc. Focus on what you need to.

Stay safe and healthy.

Your fan,
4/20/2020 c11 2arrvark
I did read weeping nebula, and you did not steer me wrong don't worry. It was great I hope they update soon too! Thank you

This interlude was great. And I love the doctor pretending that he doesn't need rest days either. Makes sense, he's not going to ever admit it in this regeneration. Charles is adorable and I want him to raise in ranks from a mere follower of our religion into priesthood. He's made out of strong stuff. And I can't believe this- but I'm starting to like this Adam. I'm going to be really disappointed (again) when he gets that thing done to his forehead. he's like the one companion no one likes. You've kind of humanized him in your story.

again. I love Justice. I want her to realize she is loved and i want her to be loved :)
All hail
4/20/2020 c11 Lady R. Joseph
hehe have i mentioned how much i love this
*thumbs fist four time*
all hail
4/19/2020 c10 Lil'Sparrow7
This is a fantastic fic!
Love all the detail and the realism :)
4/19/2020 c10 Alikai
I've no honest idea why my reviews are posting out of order?
Anyway, great chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
4/17/2020 c10 arrvark
I'll totally check out Weeping Nebula after this, you haven't steered me wrong yet. The thought of Domestics- and the fact the 9th Doctor is giving into doing them with someone... she really has NO IDEA how important she is to the him now huh. You can't just save someone from torture, look out for their emotion and physical well being and be overall a giant warm toasted muffin everyone loves and not notice! She isn't noticing oh my god. Depression is a nasty thing

But in truth I love a main character that DOESN'T understand the true feeling of the people around them, it makes them realistic. It makes their reactions so much more enjoyable when they don't GET how important they are. I always love that fluff, it bring me life.
4/16/2020 c10 12woundedowl
Now this is a good story. You wrote that flashback intense, and I really felt her distress there. And can the doctor have any less tact, I mean lol, come on could he have been any less gentle jeez. This was a great chapter, and you’re getting this out incredibly fast, it’s great work. All hail
4/15/2020 c9 torflon
okay I'm gonna convert to Whovianism

All hail the TARDIS, goddess of wisdom and all possible knowledge
4/15/2020 c9 2arrvark
Well, she tried! And seriously, can the doctor find any new reason not to like a person- it's not like she's clearly trying to negotiate with the universe on body counts here, saving him from physical and emotional crap storms, or trying to lessen the whole doom and gloom. Nope. Is it just because he is so pessimistic in the regeneration?

All hail
4/15/2020 c9 Lady R. Joseph
i thought we were worshipping Sexy not the one who ripped her apart (talking about Rose Tyler you mentioned her so much i think you may beat Ten, not sure if you have noticed but she is my least favourite companion)
4/15/2020 c9 1Pfannkuchen07
Heya! I really like what you did in the new chapter, how you changed the plot slightly so Justice is the one taking charge. I‘m really excited to see how that one will pan out.

And oh-oh. Seems like future justice is? Becomes? A Time Lady, whoop. I can’t see justice liking that fact very much somehow... I bet she‘ll be pissed whenever that happens lmao

Anyway, I happily wait till your next upload. Have a nice day!
4/14/2020 c8 8Alvia the Ginger
This chapter is perfect, just like the rest. I love this story. No need to rewrite it (from my point of view).
4/14/2020 c8 Lady R. Joseph
All hail
*thumbs chest four times*
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