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for The Past is Not What it Seems

6/3/2020 c2 12Rook2020
Oh, this is great! Gray and Lucy are adorable as brother and sister, especially with how you wrote their Interactions. There are so many places you can take this. Is she trapped between worlds? Is she a spirit? A celestial spirit? She can’t be dead, since she’s aged since then. Unless she is dead, and her appearance is just an approximation of how she thinks she would have looked like. But that’s too sad, so I hope none of the above, al least the ones where she’s dead. So where has she been? I hope you’re going to update this soon. I’m really hoping to see a sweet, highly emotional reunion between these two. You did a great job making this relationship believable. I’m just glad I just now stumbled upon this one, so hopefully the wait for the next chapter won’t be that long.
6/1/2020 c2 1Moonlilystarlight
Brillant story so far! Really love the original idea you've come up with and can't wait to read more of this

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