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1/13 c15 YogurtKing
Amazing, thus fanfic is truly amazing. I love the setting and the multiple point of views that changes through a chapter. The writing is really good and invest you more on the story. the Brawlers personalities match up perfectly to their game counterparts especially colt and poco. Even though I'm not really fan of original characters, I love a lot the OC that show up in the fanfic especially Tyler, Sam and the detectives. I love how the author gives some physical hints of a brawler instead of saying it directly when revealing them for the first time. Love this fanfic and can not wait for the next chapter ( please don't kill Colt Tyler and jessie best trio of the story :)
12/7/2021 c1 Guest
Amazing story next chapter plz
6/30/2021 c14 AmrutaV
why, hello! it's been a while, huh? nice to see you're still writing, your stories are as good as ever :) i probably won't stay, though, i've moved on to anime (don't scorn me, my friend planned it very well) have a nice life!
6/8/2021 c9 Anonymous
Great story
6/2/2021 c14 10Queenbookerly
That was awesome. I kinda love Rico, he's great, and I love how you described his ammo! Nix is amazing as always, and it was just overall a really fun chapter!
3/30/2021 c13 Queenbookerly
He's back and i'm glad he is! This was a really fun chapter! Liked getting to see so many different perspectives! I'm glad Tyler is okay, and meeting his family was hilarious! Mrs. Courdoroy for the WIN man! Super hyped to see the retropolis gang coming in full swing!
1/11/2021 c12 Queenbookerly
Alright, color me impressed. You certainly came back with a bang! Absolutely loved this chapter! God i missed these characters so much. The two newbies in the beginning look super fun, super hyped for rico, and i loved the cal brothers! But also hoW DARE YOU NAME THEM LIKE THAT. I see you just can't stop throwing Nita at random people. Tyler is still my child ive adopted him you can't stop me. Great chapter!
8/25/2020 c1 2Aloof Spirit
Hi! I made time to read your chapter. Anyway, this was so cool! I liked the beginning too. It changed the mood so fast, it was so epic! I gotta say, you have talent! You described the place so well! There was a problem though. You didn't really describe the characters enough. Maybe if you said that one of the policemen had a moustache, it would be easier to identify while speaking. Example: 'said the policeman, his stuffy moustache wiggling while he speaked'. Anyway, I really liked the introduction of Shelly and her team, but again, I think there had to be more describing. Okay, have a nice day!
8/19/2020 c11 AmrutaV
Whoa! This is really nice. The emotional parts, and the newly emerging backstories all blend together for a perfect story. Love it!
8/13/2020 c10 AmrutaV
Dude. Dude! DUDE! Please! I need more!
8/10/2020 c10 10Queenbookerly
Fabulous as usual. Really like the car chase, a thing that all stories need! Digging his you wrote the emotions of the characters. You're a really good introspective writer.

N-I-X that spells Franklin!
8/10/2020 c9 AmrutaV
Please! More!
8/8/2020 c3 AmrutaV
I love it! But one question. Isn't Pam jessie's mom?
7/6/2020 c9 Queenbookerly
Great chapter! I, as a martial artist, love how the fighting went down. Again, great chapter!
6/23/2020 c8 Queenbookerly
Max? Could it be? Prolly not but I'm still gonna ask. By the way, in my last comment (this is Nightreader) I meant Leader's downfall, not vendor's. But now... Maybe 'paths meet, hell rises'? Id K I am so bad at chapter titles. (If ur reading it the first arc of my story is coming out soon I promise)
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