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for 'Your either with us, or against us'

6/19 c3 Shadowninja10
Palpatine u r about to get knocked the fuck out
6/3 c1 Guest
ContinĂșa la pls
5/30 c3 Guest
Grammar could use some work. Maybe get someone to help with that
5/4 c3 Guest
Holy hell this is bad
4/16 c3 Guest
4/7 c3 Cullen Walsh
Ok first off this is a big colossal disappointment.

second for the Star wars side you have any idea how many warfronts they've lost I sending over 1000 ships to say hello to the United Earth Government. add in the fact with what you've done in chapter 2 with your severe lack of what ships within the halo universe are able to do you butchered designs and concepts with any sense of realism to pre-established ships and designs which work and are quite practical and I'm more than able to kill a lot with in Star wars.

what does is all talking down two ways and the author your universe that universe now I'm going to put you together and say this is going to happen here because I'm retarded this is going to happen there because I said it does and this is how their f****** evil this is a great story you like it yes.
4/7 c1 astertesdev321
carlosxvx shut up you arrogant
4/7 c3 Peroroncino
Nice update ...Palpatine and the Republic is going for a Hard Beating
4/7 c3 Guest
Normally when reading about halo and star wars, the UNSC (is that how you spell it) seem like the good guys who does things peacefully before engaging. Here they sound like assholes.
4/7 c2 Guest
Both chapters are the same.
4/8 c3 1xjames2001
Let's see if the Jedi can deal with Spartans.
4/7 c3 2VGBlackwing
Hahaha that old ass is going to lose and order 66 is never going to hapoen they have no means of getting close to the UNSC ships considering their MAC cannon will shoot them before they could reach any of the UNSC ships and their shielding tech is far superior then the Republic considering it forerunner tech and if they take it on the ground they would be outgun in both tech and in tactic with Spartans having good shielding and having cloaking for ambushes as well and the kicker is that the UNSC uses Bullets...the bane of Jedi and sith warriors because it has no color and impossible to deflect considering how bullet technology advances the only thing that going to happen is their going to die only hat the lightsaber might do is melt the bullet depending what gun and velocity is using and it the weaker bullets that going to melt he strong versions like hardlight, explosive, Full metal jacket, hollow point, Armor piercings and etc they going to get eviscerated and any smart soldier will use snipers to kill the Jedi and i fucking highly doubt their force wielding bullshit is going to notify a fucking suppress sniper that is going 1 mach speed and is coming from caves, bushes, forest, skyscrapers and other locations that is perfect for a well sniper to hide, eliminate and escape with ease
4/7 c3 John Lenard
You telling me that the UNSC had the time to make SPARTAN-V's but not upgrade their ships with forerunner tech.

If they had they could have literally stomped on the species of the star wars universe.
4/7 c3 Carlosxvx
This is trash.
4/7 c3 Cam.Katarn
The fleet numbers weren't right, as far as I know in Star Wars their fleets are usually much smaller than that. Since they have so much more territory to cover it is much harder for them to condense their fleet. I believe at its height the Galactic Empire had about 20,000 Star Destroyers and maybe five Super Star Destroyers. But since they had so much more territory to cover it was rarer for them to field large fleets on offensive operations that numbered more than 10 to 15 Star Destroyers this was especially true in the Republic. Lets not forget that they are also engaged in a war with the Separatists at this point, the Republic simply should not have the numbers to deploy so many forces to combat the UNSC and the Separatists simultaneously and continue to wage war effectively.
There were approximately 1,000 sectors in the star wars galaxy that were controlled by the Empire at its height. Each one had a Sector Fleet that consisted of 2,400 vessels - including 24 Imperial Class ships and the rest being smaller vessels. So while the Republic and the Empire certainly had greater numbers their huge size made it unwieldy with them being unable to pull large amounts of forces from their Sector Fleets and the Republic had it worse than the Empire did.
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