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8/2 c10 June Mook
Thank you iheartShules! This story was beautiful! ! ! ! LOVED it! ! ! Loved that you put them together as children; because they were friends for life!

Keep writing iheartShules, because I love your stories!
6/19 c10 Lady Sundiver
There is nothing better during this time of social distancing and isolation to read a story about two fine people who love and deserve each other.

Thanks so much for writing this amazing story and letting us watch it unfold like a beautiful dance. John and Joss deserve each other... forever.
5/21 c10 Babs Bunny
You write the best Joss & John stories! This is such sweet story. Loved it!
5/19 c10 1Phoenixinfinity
This was absolutely lovely. Thank you for such a wonderful story!

5/16 c10 Lindielou
I always love stories of John and Joss as children! This was awesome... thanks so much for sharing this story with us!️
5/11 c10 Susan Vorderstra
Fresh idea for a Careese romance. John is just an average Joe, undamaged, except for the divorce, and Joss had her usual problems with Paul. They had their bumps in the road but it was refreshing to think of them starting out as friends and making that journey towards each other. Another excellent fanfic. Can't wait for the next one.
5/10 c10 1JayJR
Happy tears. True friends and lovers have a natural result, a real love child. This never gets old. A perfect love story.!
5/7 c10 Coreenm
What a perfect love story!
Loved it!
Thank you.
5/7 c10 39magensby
Oh so sweet and so beautiful. Who starting peeling onions in here? Thnx for the read. You write these two so well.
5/7 c9 magensby
Well worth the wait. Such a good chapter! Keep Careese alive forever!
5/6 c10 47SWWoman
"He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and shower to come back into their bedroom naked, and hair still wet and disheveled from the towel being rubbed through it."

You're killing me!

What a perfect ending to the story!
5/6 c10 93odalys-ortiz
They are the together and having their own little girl. Everything is as it should be :D
5/6 c10 Sheilac
I loved this story. I wished there was more because they were I believe it’s alway best to be friends first.
5/4 c8 Lady Sundiver
The last few paragraphs in this chapter made me want to cry. Jessica is a cold, hard-hearted woman to show up at John's place pregnant. It must have hurt him tremendously!

Joss showed up right on time. That is what friends are for.
5/3 c9 1JayJR
At last, they felt the fear and found the courage to try anyway. Real friendship and being in love, is having it all. So good!
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