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6/16 c32 45FairySinGirl
Poor Mina, I feel bad that she can't be out there helping Kurai. I don't blame her for being worried, she just wants him to come back to her alive.
And on that note, poor Kurai as well. Things suddenly aren't looking so good for him now after defeating Moonfish, and losing his arm in the process. I hope they're able to get him back to the camp ASAP, which I have a feeling might not happen ASAP with the rest of the League of Villains still nearby as well. Well don't worry, I know the drill here. Just have to wait and find out.
6/12 c32 3Silver4700
Wow. That was quite a chapter.

Hikari: *loses an arm to Moonfish*
Yang: first time?
Dabi: huh. You managed to inflict a major and probably deadly wound to the main character. That’s more impressive than those cats that became heroes.
Twice: OH MY GOSH SO YOU SEE THEM TOO? That means I’m NOT crazy! Isn’t that right, Jesus?
Jesus: that’s right, Twice! Now…kiLl tHeM aLl.
Twice: as you command my lord.

Anyways, all things considered, you handled this pretty well. And…I’m not going to lie, I was expecting…worse. I mean, with the artwork and the disclaimer, I GET it was kinda cannibalistic, but this chapter of yours is TAME compared to other ones. Like a certain…fire emblem chapter where your original character does…certain things to another bad character.

Regardless, I love how you handled both the action and emotional beats of this chapter. Really well done, and I’m going to be honest: I really wanna see Mr Compress in the next chapter. I really like him and he’s one of my personal favorite characters.

Oh yea and cinder too I guess. STILL don’t know how to feel about her character in RWBY.

My best to yourself and Becca,

6/11 c32 Silly Kira
I can see why you were excited to get to this chapter! There's so much to cover, and I'll do my best not to go down too many rabbit trails, but... hot damn, man!
Okay, so the opening scene. Got some strong Naruto-type dad vibes going into it (in the good way), and it was really cool getting to see more of Hikari's relationship with his father. He's talked a lot about how he admires his dad, and from that interaction, I can see why. It's nice to see a good father-son relationship coming from you, especially when your characters usually seem to end up with dead parents, or ones that just aren't around. Very nice change of pace. Of course, such a scene also had to mean that something heart-wrenching was coming, and... I'll get to that later.
Poor Ashido having to be worried about Hikari, but kudos to Kirishima for doing what he can to calm things down. Honestly, I was expecting you to have her make a break for it (I've read several MHA fanfics where people have her do so at this point), but having her remain at the lodge somehow upped the ante- at least, that's how I felt. Her not knowing what's going on just made it easier for me to feel the tension building, so nice work there.
Tokoyami/Dark Shadow's scene also took an unexpected turn, in more than one way. Blake's tendency to run from her problems was executed very well, and I think I smell some exposition coming up on her end...? Maybe. Hikari's strategy for taking down his classmate's quirk made sense, as I had just assumed that it would be a snap for him, but it does help to have a reminder every now and again that his quirk could definitely kill somebody if he makes a wrong move. It also made a narrative sense to use his new ability in combat for the first time, so- I seem to be saying this a lot in this review- good job with that.
Midoriya and Yang teaming up? Gotta say, I didn't see that one coming, but like all of the team-ups you've had going with the American girls, it works very well. I honestly had a half-second where I thought, 'Oh sh*t, he just killed her.' But it's all okay, and now we don't have a Deku with a noodle for an arm.
Now... For the big one...
I thought Moonfish was creepy enough as it is, but confirming him as a cannibal in this 'canon' made him SO much worse! Hikari being terrified of him was another brilliant way to increase the tension, because as you've said before, there's not a lot that actually scares this guy. Makes sense that he knew about him, and how. Yet in spite of that, he lays it all on the line and gives 110% to take the villain down.
Honestly, this scene has cemented Hikari as one of my favorite characters, and Kai as one of my favorite heroes. He has every reason to keep his head down and let the others deal with Moonfish, but he didn't hesitate to put himself in danger. He despises Bakugo, he's terrified of the villain on more than an objective level, he can't even SEE, and he's probably more tired than any of his friends at this time. All of that, and he still rises to be the hero that Bakugo needed. A standing ovation from me, Hikari.
...Followed by an instant jaw drop, and a pit in my stomach going all the way down to the Earth's core. Seriously, I got chills hard enough to bring out goosebumps, and it's been a while since a story could do that to me. Most of it was due to the nature of that moment's narrative (I can absolutely feel his classmates' terror when they all realize what happened), as well as Ashido just KNOWING that something is wrong. Normally I scoff at those kinds of moments, especially on fanfictions, because I find them incredibly cheesy and just a cheap effort to tug on someone's heartstrings. In this case, however, it WORKS. The way you've built up their relationship has absolutely sold me on the idea that they are in love with one another, and it makes this moment so damn GUT-WRENCHING.
If this is how Hikari dies, I'm going to be absolutely floored, because WHAT AN END! I absolutely believe that you'd be capable of ending his story right here, because you've been all about the unexpected in this story. That being said, I doubt this is the case... I have several reasons to believe so, but I'm running out of room on this review, so I'll just list my primary one as a gut feeling. That also kind of scares me, because if all this emotional charge isn't what leads up to his death, I shudder to think of what's going to happen to lead up to that event, when the time comes.
That aside, I feel like there's so much more to Hikari's story that you have yet to tell, but maybe that's the point- after all, when young people die, it just feels wrong on a fundamental level, doesn't it? Like, that can't be it, right? But unfortunately, all too often, it is.
Sorry, that got dark. I'll wrap up my review by saying that if the preview is anything to go by, the kids are about to be SO SCREWED. Don't believe me? Let's ask Pyrrha- oh wait, we can't.
P.S. Congratulations on breaking 200 reviews!
6/11 c32 LightHeroKaiser
Forgot to add buy did Kurai just use double Sunday!?
Blade Hero Light signing out again
6/11 c32 8Light Hero Kaiser
Wow dark
Great chapter mate can't wait for more
Wait a sec can't they close the wound with Todoroki's fire or something to biy some more time?
Blade hero light signing out
6/9 c32 1Joeclone
...you stole my plot point! I had a decade-long story thread for my own fanfiction, and you pull a stunt like this? Are you sure that you didn’t go through my deviantart page and see what might’ve been one of my earliest pieces depicting the end result of this plot thread? I’m kinda salty but I know it had to be coincidence...right? If you’re curious about what I mean, here’s a link, just remove the spaces: www. deviantart joseph-joeclone/art/The-dark-side-is-strong-in-this-one-sort-of-406657725

With that out of the way! THIS CHAPTER WAS A HELLSTORM OF EMOTIONAL TURMOIL AND I LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT IT! The action was snappy and visualized great! I love that Kurai’s powered up form can go different colors just like MasakoX’s color theory on his channel. The emergency was palpable and I could feel the growing tension... (gah! No! Arm puns!)
That ended harshly though, jeez and thought my plan for an event like that was brutal.

What’s going to happen now? Is Kurai going to die? He certainly can, and what he does afterwards is a complete mystery to me at least. I’m shell shocked. See you in the one!
6/7 c32 Guest
Oh no please tell me Kurai didn’t just lose his arm and if he did please tell me that they can reattach it?
6/4 c31 3Silver4700
Bit of a late review, but hey what the heck?

First, I really like what you’ve done with Hikari’s new limitation. Basically giving up sight (literally and not-so-much) for power, and vice versa. This is the law of Equivalent Exchange.

Deku and Blake’s training session was pretty good all things considered. This isn’t a bash on you, but I’ve just never really liked Blake’s character in general. She’s just...bland. She’s a bit better based on what you’re doing in the story, but it honestly feels like I haven’t seen much of her, and I’m indifferent to that.

Lastly, the talk between Ochako and Hikari.

Hikari: so. You and I both know you have a thing for Midoriya.
Ochako: *gets flustered*
Hikari: serves one per conspirator, may contain trace amounts of CALLED IT!
Ochako: but but but...how did you know that I have a thing for deku in the first place?!
Hikari: ah, that part was quite simple. You see...I’m not an idiot!
Tsukoyomi somewhere in the woods: yep, that’d do it.

Anyways in all seriousness, I’m actually really glad you had that conversation take place because it saves a lot of trouble in the long run. And it was just a really nice and well written conversation.

Don’t have much else to say, except I’m super excited to see the villain attack in the next chapter!

My best,
6/3 c31 Light heroKaiser
Oh just me again I just worked out that it will be my birthday (June 5th) when you do the next chapter review hey lucky me
Blade Hero Light signing out again
6/3 c31 45FairySinGirl
Ooh, looks like the League of Villains will be making their move soon.
And that was nice of Kurai to talk with Uraraka about her feelings for Izuku.
6/1 c30 FairySinGirl
Well I'm glad Aizawa didn't expel Kurai after he ended up having to explain how Akarui had fixed his quirk, that totally would have sucked if he was expelled for it.
5/29 c31 8Light Hero Kaiser
Great chapter mate can't wait for more
Why do I have a feeling that "On a scale of one to a grade schooler armed with a belt full of laughing gas grenades that he built himself out of scratch, how scary can she be?" Was a reference of some kind
Also I don't know why but I can totally see kurai doing the god/burning finger from G Gundam but that might just be me
That bit with Uraraka was very sweet.
Wait to s mina going to die in the attack l? She better not, if she does I'm using my gundam to get payback. Just joking or am I...
Blade Hero Light signing out
5/29 c31 1Joeclone
Another great chapter! Don’t worry, I didn’t expect the action scene to happen yet. But...HEEEEEERE’S DABI!

Kurai was just doing lots of friendly things in this one. His talks with Izuku and Ochako being big standouts. And Izuku figuring out Blake’s quirk was pretty cool especially when it made him realize how much he had underutilized his intelligence.

Now, about Kurai’s powers, I like the limitations you have set up for this “seeing all directions” thing. And the idea of new abilities with each chakra point really struck a Naruto chord with me. I’m intrigued.

I’ve been working nonstop this week so that’s why this review is a bit late, but it’ll be beach time coming up Memorial Day! Have a good one Mataras, I’ll see you next chapter!
5/28 c26 noobkid53
Oh nooo he is so dead
5/27 c31 Silly Kira
Sorry, I forgot to include this in my last review due to how hyped I was (still am), but I've liked your artwork a great deal as this series has gone on. I just happened to wonder if you take challenges/prompts from your audience? If so, I was kind of curious to see what a gender bent Kurai would look like? If that's not your thing, it's cool, I understand, but I had the thought the other day and now find myself being unbearably curious.
Whatever the case is, please bring us the next chapter, my curiosity is killing so many cats!
That sounded way worse than I meant it to, I'm sorry.
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