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8/4 c63 1Joeclone
Okay this isn't fair. Not a day out of the hospital and he's being pitted against his friends? Not cool, UA. I don't care what the reasoning is, give the new hero a break before you toss him to the dogs like the slab of meat you treat him like.

Glad that Eri's living with everyone at the school now! More chances for cute things with her!

As for the strategy against Kai, Weiss gets the prize for finding the Bakugo button and pushing it with the expert finesse that she's known for. Cold and deadly; that's how she'll be as a heroine I can tell. Fans gonna be flocking to her like IRL. (As ugly as that gets...*shiver*)

Loving everything in the story and waiting eagerly for the next installment! PLUS ULTRA!
8/3 c63 1kalecream


i can't believe you.

hello from the philippines, by the way, i'm currently on holiday!

how are you guys?
8/2 c1 3Artemuis
8/1 c62 45FairySinGirl
Welp, all I can say is I’m glad Kurai is still alive so far after surviving his fight against that Nomu.
7/25 c62 Silly Kira
Bahahahaha! "First time"?! I guess Mina's been showing Kurai some westerns? The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, if I'm not mistaken- feat. Liam Neeson (why I went to see the film), though the line is spoken by James Franco (gag/hurl). In any case, it's a great line/meme, and definitely not one that I would have expected to see in an anime-inspired story. I'm honestly surprised that we haven't had an 'over nine thousand' joke in here yet, but I think I like the unexpectedness of this joke much better.
Sorry, that was kind of a long tangent to go on about a quick laugh, but I enjoyed it.
I kind of thought that we would see Kurai talk to Endeavor in this chapter, given some of your comments toward the end of your last podcast, but it wound up being more involved than I expected it to be. If I had expected them to meet at all, I would have imagined it to be nothing more than Kurai telling him to piss off, but this- to me, at least- is a mark of how far his character has come, him being willing to set aside his grudge (even if just enough) to work with Endeavor because the current stakes can only allow for so much animosity between the two of them.
Either that, or he's just 110% done with everything right now and just doesn't feel like fighting anybody, even if it's someone he really despises.
One thing I was kind of taken aback by was the fact that he doesn't remember any of his friends' phone numbers, especially Mina's. With all the other stuff that he does/memorizes because of his upbringing, I would think that memorizing phone numbers would be up there for him, since he'd need to know how to call his family if he ever got separated from them and he didn't have his own phone? I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that just kind of stood out as odd to me.
Also, the media didn't eat him alive for city-wide destruction of property? I was fully expecting at LEAST two or three of them to call him out for unnecessary and dangerous theatrics, given his prior relationship with the media at large (though I guess he did well enough during his interview as part of Gang Orca's agency). I guess these people are just desperate for someone who's more like All Might to look up to than the new number one...? Either that or everyone is just so scared of the Nomu that they don't care who took them out.
Tokoyami scaring Kurai as soon as he walked in was hilarious. I half-expected that it was Mina who put him up to that, but I guess she probably passed out before the thought would have even occurred to her.
Also funny to me (for some absurd reason) was how when Deku asked him about how it went at the prison, there was almost a moment of, "Oh, THAT'S why he was gone last chapter." With the battle against the Nomu being as intense as it was, I honestly half-forgot why he was off of school campus. I probably shouldn't have laughed so much at that, but there you go.
Nice job remembering that Shoto hasn't been talking to Endeavor at all because he doesn't have the extra lessons in this story, that's another thing I absolutely would not have thought to keep track of.
Kurai's about to die. I'm calling it right now, things are going way too well for him (or are at least headed in the direction of being well) for you not to yank the carpet out from under him/us again sometime soon. He's got all the answers that he's been looking for since his father died, the public seems to be changing their minds about him, and of course, he made his girlfriend a promise that we (the audience), know he will not be able to keep.
If he doesn't die in phase 4, I am 100% certain that he'll die in phase 5, whenever that happens to be. My honest prediction is that Kurai dies before we reach the end of this year- if he doesn't, I'm going to be very embarrassed about making such a definitive prediction, but I'm confident that this will not be the case.
I hope that I've put up this review early enough for you guys to read it before you go on break, but either way, I hope you have a good time!
7/22 c62 1Joeclone
Whew I think we needed this chapter for all the excitement of the last one.

So the next arc is Kurai accepting himself? Sounds to me like that’s a death flag. Not for during or even the end of this new arc but maybe soon after. That’s my prediction.

See you next chapter!
7/22 c62 8Light Hero Kaiser
Most interesting great chapter mate can't wait for more not much to say because kaito is training
Kaito: * yelling form the other room* stop moving and let me hit you!
Toga: why would I?
Light: keep it down!
Blade Hero Light signing out
7/20 c62 1kalecream

don't lie, kurai

we all know you're going to die.
7/15 c61 Silly Kira
What a close to this emotional upheaval of a phase! Becca was right to list this as the best chapter thus far, because you delivered in spades!
I'm still not entirely sure of what All For One stood to gain from that conversation with Kurai, but the event itself was sufficient to send chills down my spine. Both of the reveals in it were masterpieces. with the origin of his quirk being incredibly sad, and the fact that he's the first Nomu just being plain horrifying. From a writing perspective, this is amazing. Our hero, the one we've been rooting for this entire time, is the Nomu prototype?!
Better not let Monoma find out about that one...
Seriously, though, what a concept! I love it to bits!
I honestly figured that reveal was going to more or less end the arc, because now that Kurai knows where his powers came from, he finally has all the pieces of the puzzle so that he can sort himself out, but NOPE!
What a fight- I can see why your wife called it 'cinematic', because this is one of those fights where I don't even need to have it animated for me to know exactly what it looked like (though I still wish I could see it brought to life). It definitely felt like a season finale, especially since nearly everyone who cares about Kurai was given a moment to show how they were watching his apotheosis. I never would have thought to include his mom in that number, but of course, it only makes sense! She and her husband did what they did for him, and he's her son, so of course she'd be proud to see him become Kai, proper. Definitely also tugged on my heartstrings to see Akarui talk again.
Side note, it made me laugh more than it probably should have that Todoroki didn't really seem to care what was going to happen to Endeavor as soon as he saw that his friend was in danger.
As for the fight itself, this was a great duality of Man vs. Beast and Self. Obviously, he has to defeat the Nomu coming for him, but arguably more important was how he needed to confront his own fear of what he could become. I guess his fear of being one All For One's playthings was what was keeping his root chakra sealed? Whatever the case is, I loved the return of that root chakra power.
Not gonna lie, I definitely thought that you were about to pull a Vegeta vs. Majin Buu when he nuked the atmosphere, but it seems that Guardian Hero lives to fight another day, which I certainly won't complain about!
By the way, did he just steal All Might's catchphrase? I know the 'Stand my ground' part is because of Mina, but he used 'I am here' twice... Not sure how I feel about that, especially since he doesn't seem to want to emulate All Might all that much...
Other than that nitpick, this was a great conclusion to Phase 3! Now that Kai knows who he is as a hero, what's next for him? I can't wait to find out!
P.S. That artwork is straight fire, my friend! More please!
7/12 c61 1Joeclone

Amazing! No wonder this chapter is up there with the best! You basically stole Endeavor's thunder with that incredible fight! Or should I say his fire?

All for One's conversation with Kai was so cool! Inika is the original name for Energon? YOU KNOW I LOVE IT WHEN YOU TICKLE THAT LEGO BIONICLE ITCH! WOOOO! That combined with the new name making it a reference to Transformers makes it Easter egg heaven!

That Nomu Kai fought was so incredibly gross. I kinda had the thought it was related to the cause of his dad's death during the scene with Cinder releasing it. Speaking of, very ominous job there. Really set up the Dread level!

How will Kurai go on now? I'm glad he survived sure, but if that wasn't enough to kill him, what the heck IS?

Guardian Hero Kai is here and I salute him! See you next chapter!
7/11 c31 trninjakiller
As I have conducted a word search, I see the rwby characters are still here way later in the story. Due to this I am dropping the story for now. I absolutely love rwby but I didn't come to read a rwby story. I just wanted to read about our new main character and how HE would shake things up in mha. That is what peaked my curiosity and now with the addition of both rwby heros and villains, this thing is about to go off the rails in a way that is just not to my current tastes. Who knows, maybe I will feel like continuing the story later. But until then good luck with your writing
7/11 c30 trninjakiller
I really think the story was just fine without the rwby characters. It's kinda killing its charm for me. I came here to watch kai, not a bunch of rwby characters upstage everyone and artificially up the stakes for plot convenience.
7/9 c61 45FairySinGirl
Oh man, that was freaking intense! But I’m glad Kurai managed to survive against that Nomu.
7/8 c61 8Light Hero Kaiser
Holy sh*t great chapter mate can't wait for more
Kaito: that was insane. I have to say this fight did remind me of the time I had to fight a clone of myself that was a nomu that AFO *whispers, my father* made to replace me after I was saved when I was what 3, by someone and dropped of at the Yaoyorozu house.
Light: oh come on man! Why did you have go and tell them that!
Kaito: oh story?
Light: * sighs* what ever anyway keep up the good work red swordman keep it up
Blade Hero Light and Bow Hero Impact signing out
7/5 c61 Endevr2bAllMight
*Story spoilers in this review. Skip if you want to read this story with fresh eyes.*
Surprises abound these last few chapters.
You continue to impress with your handling of psychological trauma through Kurai's narration, and now you've added Akarui to that number- but I'll get to that in a minute. Kurai's reluctance/outright refusal to retaliate against the people who were wronging him started to feel like a character trope simply for the sake of being a trope, but when I consider what he was capable of after he gave into his emotions, I realized that his reticence was more than justified. It would be all too easy for him to get carried away in his anger, and the resulting consequences could have been disastrous. That said, I do think that it was a little ridiculous how he refused to let any of his friends or teachers help him. Of course, that's just my opinion, and if I agreed with every single thing that the protagonist did, I suppose it wouldn't make for a very interesting narrative. I've always found that characters that I can get annoyed at are the ones that feel the most real, seeing as it's impossible to not be annoyed by at least one thing every other person that I meet does. Props to you once again for realistic personalities.
Back to my original line of thought, though. Kurai's trauma continued to manifest itself in multiple aspects, not just his interactions with those at school. His talks with Eri (both when he went to visit her in the hospital and when she came to UA) reveal how much he's been hurting, even if she doesn't realize it. For him to be able to sympathize with her on that level- even if she's been going through hell for far longer than he has- really showcases the damage that has been done to his psyche. Though on the flip side, it seems that he's able to use his experiences to help her start to better understand the world around them, which I'm sure is an important source of catharsis for the two of them. He seems to be stepping into the role of an elder brother figure quite easily without him even realizing it, and I can't say that I disliked it, given his relationship/interactions with Akarui.
And speaking of our sassy boy, I am beyond elated at what has been done with him these last few chapters. We finally get a look at what all these horrific events have been doing to his mind, and it was really cool to see how the two brothers commiserated while also doing what they could to help lift each other up in their own ways. Side characters (and/or their backstories) are often used to further the character arc of the main protagonists, and then are set aside to be lost to the main narrative. This is not the case here- Akarui's character genuinely feels as though he's getting to make his own progress on his own, unique journey.
I'm still waiting on that side story where he's the main protagonist, dammit! What will it take to make that happen?! I NEED IT!
I have to give credit where credit is due to Mina Ashido. Her determination to help her boyfriend is fairly expected, but her reaching out and doing everything she can to help Akarui was really special. I don't know when was the last time I read a story where the heroine goes out of her way to help the sibling of her significant other because she cares for them as a person, and not just an attachment to said other.
The festival arc was admittedly a little dry for me, but I'd attribute that to the nature of the original plotline, not through any fault of yours'. Still, you changed up enough things to hold my interest, such as changing up the band lineup with Weiss and Yang, blasting Monoma (both literally and career-wise), giving Bakugo a hero name (are he and Kurai friends now?), and of course, giving Akarui the hope and drive that he needed to keep going.
I believe that you will win, Akarui. Kick that tumor's ass, my friend!
Side note, is there any chance that we could see a sketch of Eri with the tiara that Weiss gave her? That'd probably be pretty cute.
Other side note, I'm gonna give the RWBY anime that Crunchyroll is putting out a try. I'm intrigued enough by the characters as they are in this story that I'd like to know at least a little more about them.
Now for one of the bigger surprises that I never saw coming- All For One's offer/discussion with Kurai. I'm a little lost as to what the man gains from his talk with our hero, but I think you mentioned something about that being on purpose for right now, so I'll shelve that thought for later on down the line, if/when we find out what that was all about. For now, I'll just focus on the talk itself.
First of all, excellent capture of All For One's character as I understand it. I could absolutely hear John Swasey's voice in my head while reading his lines while he was emotionally toying with Kurai. He brags about this particular habit of his to All Might, and it plays out well in this scenario.
The quirk 'Inika'/Energon's origins were... intriguing. At first, I was feeling let down, seeing as there are several characters in the story who have been able to wield more than one or two quirks at a time, but when he explained that it wasn't three separate powers anymore, but one born of the three, it made a lot more sense to me, and now I agree- it is an original idea, especially given that he was what made All For One start looking harder into the bio-engineering that made Nomus possible. Definitely never seen that one in a story before- a prototype Nomu becoming a hero? If you really have been planning this from the beginning, then I tip my hat to one of the best reveals I've ever read. I feel like it might have been more of an upset for Kurai if the quirks had been taken from people that he knew as a child, but his reaction to hearing about the origins of his powers were quite appropriate. Even so, this is something I can easily see All For One having done, and it's been incorporated very well here.
Finally, the fight for this finale was amazing. Not just in the progression of events, but everything that you tied into it. It truly could not have come at a worse time for Kurai to fight another Nomu, but the way that he endured and prevailed was a fine piece of literature. You dredged up his fears not only of his own origins concerning the creatures, but even back to when his class first encountered one, and how it was nearly the death of him. You didn't make him want his death- even though he knew he'd get to go to heaven- because of his fear that he was letting everyone down. The way you kept cutting to different points of view between his family and friends helped add to the atmosphere of terror, especially given that Endeavor's fight against High-End was happening simultaneously. That really raised the stakes, both for the character and the audience, that no one capable of changing the tides of the battle was going to come to help him.
I really loved how you had him recognize his fear for what it was before he was able to confront and overcome it. A lot of stories have it where the hero simply realizes that they are afraid, and then simply decide not to be, because the story demands it. Even though it is the thought of his friends and family that gives him the strength to stand (which is admittedly a cliché), what sets this apart in my mind is the fact that Kurai didn't squash his fears so that they never bother him again- they still seem to be there, but now that he knows what they are, he can still move on in spite of them. Those insecurities aren't gone because of a single, overwhelming moment of clarity, but they can't hold him back when the time comes to act anymore, either.
He now has four of the seven chakras unlocked now, right? We've seen him use Ajna, Anahata, Muladhara, and Swadhisthana, right? Please let me know if I've missed one, because if so, I can't remember what power it grants him.
You were right to have us expect that this be the time where he comes into his own as the hero he has to become- the one who will stand up, even when there is no one to help him. He's not like Deku or All Might, who vow to save everyone with a smile, but he is the one who will stand between the light and the dark, even if he can't smile through it, because to him, the standing firm is in it of itself the most important part.
It was an excellent callback, him remembering what Mina told him when he was at his lowest points in the hospital, and how he has carried that with him until now. It really helps to show how much he values her, that her words are the ones that he relies on when he's on his last legs.
Everyone's reactions were pretty great to witness, too. Akarui declaring how proud he is of Kurai, their mother's relief while the other inmates start wondering how they're gonna deal with this kid, the outright awe from the citizens and the fear from the villains, all of his classmates and teachers cheering him on- even Bakugo is impressed, now. I definitely wonder how that's gonna change things between them going forward, because you don't do things in half-measures when it comes to interactions between the main characters.
Seems that Kurai is going to have to deal with the media again, and if my memory serves, he doesn't like them very much. Wonder how he's going to handle this one...?
Until the next time, I wish you happy writing, Mataras. Thank you for an entertaining three seasons of a story- I can't wait to see what you bring us in the next segment.
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