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for Your Hero Academia: Evolution

1/30/2023 c76 DepressedCrow7544
Damn, I thought this was the end of the second movie. If you ain’t the official King of Cliffhangers, you damn sure gotta be in the runnin
1/30/2023 c76 8Light Hero Kaiser
Most interesting great chapter mate can't wait for more
Kaito: that deadwood is annoying he should jump into the sea.
Light: you know he'll float right?
Kaito: what do you mean. Of course I know tha... Wait don't!
Light: because he is deadwood and wood always float!
Kaito: you know that was bad right. Anyway tell them your theory.
Light: yes I did know that was a bad joke. Anyway my theory is yes Kai is going to die next chapter but his power won't, instead it will become apart of one for all and deku will learn how to use it in honour of kai.
Blade hero light and bow hero impact signing out
1/28/2023 c21 9MJ Spontaneous
that... that momo scene was so anti climatic it hurt my soul! I needed a confession! ahhhh!
1/28/2023 c20 MJ Spontaneous
i don't know what's happened with momo yet. you said soon 2 chapters ago. that isn't soon! I can't stop reading til I find out! grahhhh!
1/27/2023 c17 MJ Spontaneous
I'm bursting at the seems people. this is killing me... momo... my darling... it your in love just say it... I'll find an oc out there for you somewhere...
1/27/2023 c17 MJ Spontaneous
...I... I think I was right about momo... or completely completely wrong... she either loves him... or really... really... REALLY hates him... cool!
1/27/2023 c8 MJ Spontaneous
... mirai is sir's name... now I'm crying
1/27/2023 c6 MJ Spontaneous
who knew... fanfic authors can have a feature... here I thought I'd be stuck here... reading and writing... becoming immortal only to be stuck... reading and writing... forever... and ever...
1/27/2023 c6 MJ Spontaneous
...Iida only had glasses cos he needed a built in wind shield...
1/27/2023 c5 MJ Spontaneous
1/27/2023 c5 MJ Spontaneous
*turls non existent stache*
1/27/2023 c4 MJ Spontaneous
"this is going to be a problem if I ever fight any attractive villains!toga doing the "He told me the man of my dreams" dance*
1/27/2023 c3 MJ Spontaneous
... rip the mufflers out... it'll only make him faster... I'm gonna say it... why was that scene so disgusting yet just a tiny bit satisfying
1/27/2023 c2 MJ Spontaneous
I'm just at the start of the exam and I'm already examining his quirk lol, heres what's going on in my brain:

okay... it's an emitter quirk, 100%. Most likely leaning toward elemental but... the bolt could be energy as it wasn't specified to be electric. so I'm guessing an energy manipulation quirk, emitter definitely, potentially capable of conducting electric which makes it fall under elemental emitter quirks which are quite hard to find as constant mixing of quirks is resulting in more and more hybrid quirks... so if this is as I expect, it's quite rare, much like Karminari and enji's quirks. cool!
1/27/2023 c2 MJ Spontaneous
I got a friend on here called Phase 0 lol
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