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11/16/2023 c97 Silly Kira
Yay! Double dose within a week! (I do hope that I'm posting a review in time to be covered for the podcast).

The opening scene with Deku was a strangely jarring one for me, I gotta say. Your reasoning for the changes to his disposition are solid and well-founded, but it's still really weird to see him get that aggressive that quickly. I wouldn't go so far as to say that he was excessively violent, it's just... I dunno, I didn't expect that from him.

As for Kurai... Hello darkness, my old friend...? In a narrative sense, I'm definitely glad to see that things won't be too easy for him going forward, but... Yeah, I get why everyone else is walking on eggshells around him as he is. I know that he has to have something to challenge him, and given how One For all doesn't seem to damage him (at least, not to the extent that it did Deku), it makes great sense that his own mind would have to be the obstacle to continue overcoming. I think that as long as he doesn't regress into a full-on meltdown like the last time (thus treading into a full repeat), I think this narrative tool can be well-used as a continued challenge for our Guardian Hero.

Gran Torino walking him through issuing the ultimate mic drop of the decade was amazing. I certainly did not expect Kai to make his return to the public eye in such a definitive fashion ( he was definitely enjoying the anonymity that being 'dead' gave him), but it was a masterstroke on their part. It also speaks to how much he believes in and respects Deku, that he would take such a step on his behalf, just to give him a fighting chance. I do have to wonder how he's gonna react to all of the news' people coming after him when he gets home, though...

That's either gonna turn out hilarious, or disastrous- I doubt that there's an in-between for Kurai with those guys right now.

Brief scene with Akarui was very enjoyable- I think we're getting a look at how these two are going to be working together in the future, and I am HERE for it! Him getting into it with Hatsume was another bonus that I got a great kick out of.

The brief scene where you describe the world's reaction to Kai's return was very interesting to me, because it was very similar to how everyone reacted to his triumph in Fukuoka, though this time it was layered with more skepticism than excitement on behalf of the normal citizens, which definitely makes sense. It seems too good to be true for all of them, but the villains panicking makes an equal amount of sense, because for them, it doesn't matter who's got that much power if they're planning to turn it on them, just that they are so capable in the first place. More of those little bits that you go out of your way to make that helps this world to feel that much more complete.

All Might panicking and turning to Gran Torino for answers will never not be funny. And Gran Torino scolding him like a kid WHILE TELLING HIM to stop acting like a kid is side-splitting. This is All Might, the Symbol of Peace to whom everyone looks up to in a crisis, even now, and he's getting schooled by anime-Yoda. I love it.

In summary, this was a fun chapter that also somehow has me on the edge of my seat with wondering about what's gonna happen when Kai and Deku start working together with each others' quirks... I mean, how is that going to work? I can see a lot of opportunities for backseat driving in using their new quirks, from either guy. Could wind up being a new challenge for them, could wind up being really funny.

Either way, no matter my own reservations, I am confident that this story will continue to delight its readers.

Happy writing!
11/14/2023 c97 1Joeclone
Well now! I must say this plan of theirs is pretty freaking genius! Kai coming out of hiding like that was so cathartic and made me put on the game face. Poor sleep-deprived Akarui, though. We’re ready! Let’s go plus ultra! That’s all for today, I know I usually write longer ones.
11/8/2023 c96 Silly Kira
You had me worried there for a minute! I was wondering what happened to the upload, since you usually let us know in advance when you'll be missing the usual schedule. Glad to hear that it was just a case of forgetfulness that caused the delay.

As for the story itself, I find myself eagerly awaiting the developments sure to take place between Future Eri and Kurai, or rather, Chronoa and Kai. It will be very interesting, I'm sure, because up to now, we've only seen Kurai interact in a very warm and caring manner toward little Eri, while he seemed more wary of her older counterpart. Whether that was simply because she was the one to bring him back, or because of what she represented (i.e. his failures and what he was meant to become), we haven't really seen him let his guard down around her before. In this chapter, however, we see him treat her a little more like her younger self, even though the dynamic is clearly different.

He is still basically what All Might was to Deku for a long time, but at the same time, the both of them are student heroes, themselves. I predict the challenge for him going forward will be to not be protective of her like he would little Eri. On Chronoa's part, I look forward to seeing how she will learn to view him as an equal in their chosen profession (especially considering that they are both proper OFA wielders). However it plays out, I'm sure that it's going to be a great addition to the dynamics driving the character developments in this story.

Ah, Gran Torino- one of my favorite characters in the series (am I the only who gets Yoda vibes off the guy?) is once again brought into this story, and I love it. We haven't really seen him in action (in the combat sense) in this story, but it seems like that might change going forward, since he'll be with them for the Heroes World Mission arc. I find it interesting that he compares Kurai and Mina to Nana Shimura and her husband, a couple about whom we know very little. Is there some source material that you have to lend to the idea that they interact in a way that reminds Gran Torino of his friends, or is it just your interpretation?

Mina coming in as best girl yet again, running interference for Kurai against Endeavor of all people, just on the chance that he might screw things up for her other half. Her showing off the ring at the first opportunity made me laugh, as it feels very much like something the canon version of her would also do, and funny shenanigans are funny.

The reunion went more or less how I imagined it would, especially with Bakugo lowkey trying to pick a fight with Kurai to see where his headspace is at. Weiss somewhat breaking character and giving Kurai a giant hug was hilarious and kind of unexpected (until I remembered that two of her best friends are Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long). It was really great to see Kurai acting more like himself with his friends than we've seen in a long time- really goes a long way to showing how comfortable he has become in his own identity as a rising hero once again. I would almost say that Mina and Akarui don't count, because he's got a different relationship with each of them than he does with anyone else in Class 1-A- meaning that he's always going to be more vulnerable with them than his friends (even his close ones). To see him acting like his snarky self during his reunion makes me excited to see when he returns to UA after all of this blows over. Hopefully the others are as welcoming as Endeavor's team, but we'll have to wait and see.

Speaking of the big guy, I was impressed with how you handled his and Kurai's interaction. I can definitely see your dislike of the character being manifested in Kurai, but not in a way that throws me off, because it's been well-established why he doesn't- nor will he probably ever- like the man. That said, you did show how Kurai has chosen to at least tolerate him, like he did back in Fukuoka after the Nomu attacks. It really feels like they picked up where they left off from that point, even with everything that has happened, which is incredibly organic writing (at least from my perspective). Endeavor doesn't try to befriend Kurai here, but he does make sure that he acknowledges what he has done for his son, and by extension, him. Really goes to show how much Endeavor has grown by this point, himself. I know it's been said before, but you have improved tremendously in your handling of characters for whom you have a personal dislike.

New hero costume! I gotta wonder the same thing as Kurai, here. How long has Akarui been working on the new threads? Did he think that the Guardian Hero would return, regardless of what Kurai claimed otherwise? Or was there another reason for him making this new outfit?

Judging from that preview, we're about to see just what Deku's been working on with his new quirk! All aboard the hype train!

Best wishes to you and your family, Mataras. Happy writing until the next one!
11/5/2023 c96 Joeclone
Very nice setup chapter. Digging Kai’s new look very much! Now, will he go by a different hero name for the time being until his identity is public again? That’s my question.

Not much happened here other than just being at the airport and meeting our “party members”. Everyone was good, Endeavor’s still himself. Future Eri showing some wild speed once the danger sense kicked in for Kurai. Speaking of which, wouldn’t she have gotten a warning about the orange guy too?

I’m extremely curious what Bakugo and Weiss do in this relationship. Like is it all competition like the counting bodies a few chapters back? Has Weiss attempted to be a little bit more romantic towards him? You’ve opened the well and i am dreading what we’re going to find down there. (Just like Kakariko… hopefully nothing as bloody).
10/19/2023 c95 Silly Kira
Eyy! We got a fun chapter that promises more good times down the line!

A lot of cuteness going on in this chapter, though flavored with some fairly serious material. Unlike the chapters up to now, however, the seriousness was (appropriately) lightened by our characters' current headspaces.

It was strangely refreshing to see Kurai and Mina talking about all the crazy stuff that has happened to them while smiling and laughing during something as simple and carefree as a date. I mean, the events have obviously been discussed before now, both in-story and out, but this is the first time that it has felt so... natural- without any underlying tension to strain the moment, if that makes any sense. They're both just... happy, and it's weird to see them being so without having the thought hanging over my head that he is doomed to die before he will ever achieve any of his goals. I think the best way to put it is that I am able to be really happy with them, without any underlying dread, for the first time since this story has begun.

That's not to say that I wouldn't put it past you to yank the rug out from under us once again, but now at least I know that their happiness and future together has a real chance at success, which gives me a whole new reason to enjoy this story.

I really liked how you shed a little more light on how highly Kurai views Tensei with his decision to have him in place of his father, come their eventual wedding. This is once again one of those things that I would never even think about, much less this far in advance, but it simply goes to show an impressive capacity for planning and foresight on your part. If I had even considered this kind of thing, I probably would have stuck Dadzawa with the job, since he's one of Kurai's legal guardians, now.

Sorry, now I'm just spit-balling... Moving on! what I would normally say, but I think I've already said everything that I wanted to say about this chapter, other than the fact that I loved the proposal scene. Glad that Akarui got to have a hand in it like the two brothers wanted, even if it was somewhat indirect one.

Foreboding preview is foreboding. Kurai and Mina may have found a true measure of happiness again, but it seems like the trauma isn't quite done with him, in particular... Which, I mean, good. We wouldn't want this to be TOO easy, now would we?

Happy writing until the next chapter, good sir! As always, I look forward to it!
10/18/2023 c95 Endevr2bAllMight
*Spoilers for the story ahead in this review. Skip ahead if you want to read with fresh eyes*
Hello, again. This seems like a good place in the story for me to summarize my thoughts on the last few chapters' developments, so here we go.
We shall begin with the ruined future arc, which had just about everything I could want in a high-stakes instalment. Bleak- nearly impossible- circumstances, most of our heroes dead, a corrupted justice system, the characters who remain being so worn and changed by the years... In some respects, I wish that we could have had a longer look into the world that Future Eri came from, but I understand that is not the story that we have come to focus on. The only thing that I really wanted to see, but I suppose we never will, is Future Shukin. I feel like he and Akarui would have created the most insane shenanigans for the Paranormal Liberation Front to deal with, even in spite of (or more likely, because of) the circumstances leading up to the world's ruin.
Then again, maybe that's why Shukin couldn't be in the picture- the two of them would just be too powerful...
I jest, but I do sincerely feel as though there was a missed opportunity. Though I do suppose that having Shukin survive would have lent itself to the possibility of too much levity? And you clearly were not going for sillies, though we did get a few chuckles out of some of the scenes, such as Kota being apprenticed to Gale Force.
Brilliant use of both characters, by the way. It's a big world, after all- not every majorly plot-relevant character should come from UA, and this makes a fine bridge between keeping us attached to the familiar and giving us a slightly wider look at what's going on in the apocalypse, such as it is/was.
I greatly enjoyed the moment where Kurai absolutely loses his mind and is somehow the one making the most sense in the context of the conversation. That is, he seems to be the only one in the group to realize that his resurrection was the result of Eri making a rushed decision based on emotion. He recognized immediately that her bringing him back to the fight wasn't really a calculated move to ensure their collective survival as it was a little girl wanting her hero to take away her problems again. I'm not bashing on Eri, honest. The mistake, as it was, is fully understandable, even arguably excusable, given the circumstances. Even so, that does not diminish the fact that her actions caused a lot of problems that could have been avoided if she had thought more about why she was doing what she was doing, as opposed to focusing solely on how she was going to do it.
And I love it. I love the fact that even though we, the audience, can clearly see the problems that this will cause, she, the character, could not- or perhaps would not. How often have we blundered through life, making mistakes left and right, yet convinced all the same that we are in the right? Eri's mistake makes her far more relatable than I could have expected her to be, given how often in literature, the person who comes back in time to save everyone is never made to face the fact by others that they may have done more harm than good. I'm not saying that Eri has made a mistake (according to the narrative, anyway), but her being called out by Kurai- the person whom she thought she was helping- was one of those moments of realistic interaction that I have come to expect and appreciate from your story on the regular.
Savage Akarui is savage, and I am so happy that he is back in full force, if not better than before. The second that Iida said that Kurai was beyond even Ashido's reach, I knew. I instantly knew who was going to be the one to bring Kurai back to his senses (or at least start him on the path to recovery). It had to be Akarui. He's the only one in Kurai's life who's come close to being able to relate to just how much he has suffered, which is probably the biggest reason for his listening to Akarui, and not just pushing him away like everyone else. I know that them being brothers has a lot to do with it, but other than knowing the manner in which to approach Kurai while he was sulking (for lack of a stronger term), I think it was their collective misery that allowed them to have a conversation on the subject of mistreating others amid their respective agonies as equals. It seemed one-sided on the first read-through, but after coming to learn just how hard it is to actually hold a conversation with Akarui as an equal at all, I can see the underlying back-and-forth that was happening while he was smacking his brother around.
I was worried for a moment that we would be seeing an easily-recovered Kurai following his talk with Akarui, but the second you changed his dynamic with Ashido, I actually breathed a sigh of relief in knowing that you weren't going to make things easy for him. As I've stated in another review, I have come to care about the dynamic between the two of them, and I love that YOU care enough to realize that things couldn't go back to normal (at least, not immediately) after such an emotional upheaval. I doubt that things are going to be exactly the same for anyone in Class 1-A once Kurai comes back to UA as a hero, but his and her strained interactions are probably the most vivid representation of that fact.
In the journey to heal his mind, you created a very different brand of challenge for Kurai, as opposed to a newer, tougher punching bag for Kai. Don't mistake my words, I'm well aware of the mental turmoil that Kurai has undergone throughout this story, but he's always been able to more or less punch his problems, in the end. With his sanity in question, however, it forced him into an arena where the answer could not be his fists, nor even his own understanding of the situation. You FORCED him to rely on others to help him- a trait that might have saved his life on Nabu Island, interestingly enough.
I suspected fairly quickly that his mind was not damaged quite in the way that everyone else was assuming it to be, but I'm glad that you kept things just ambiguous enough for me not to be able to make a definitive prediction concerning the matter. Using his vestige as a catalyst for him to get the help that he needed anyway was very well-played, because he probably was never going to get that kind of help properly unless something even more drastic happened- and I honestly don't think I want to know what could be considered more drastic to him than the last few weeks/months of his life/death.
The timing was well-paced, concerning the buildup to his return as Kai, though I do have some criticisms to insert. You once again- in my opinion, anyway- started to tread the path of allowing a fuller lull in the action than I think is good for a story to have. I understand the need for things to play out in their entirety concerning the characters surrounding Kurai's life at this rather tumultuous time, but if I could make a suggestion that the next time you feel the need to comprehensively cover such a period of time, you might want to add a touch more action to things. I'm not saying that there should have been a plot-heavy battle or anything, but maybe a little bit of a glimpse into what Ashido's internship looked like in person, as opposed to a brief overview, in order to spice the pacing just a tad.
I also raised my eyebrow at the introduction of Team JNPR and the two American teachers... I can understand the potential that they carry, as I have watched Ice Quendom and some of the earlier episodes of RWBY since I started reading this story (for the purposes of context and satisfying my own idle curiosities), but I worry that you may be biting off more than you can chew in terms of character handling. You've been doing more than well in balancing the new dynamics between this altered Class 1-A, but now you've not only got Future Eri in the mix, there's a half-dozen new side characters to share the screentime. I have faith that you have a plan for all of this, so I will reserve final judgement until a later time, but I still thought to list my initial concerns.
However, when we got to the scene of the bomb going off in the Kanto ward, I found myself very close to the edge of my seat at a speed that I'm not entirely sure was healthy. You had planted the seeds concerning the possibility of his return twice over in the previous chapters with Akarui and Eri's points of view, so I had the feeling that we would finally be getting to at least something in the way of a development concerning Kurai's treatment, if not an outright solution to the issue. I was charmed by the conversation taking place between him and Rei Todoroki, though I honestly failed to see its true relevance to the circumstances until the explosion happened. I was trying to understand how this would show us a new development in his healing psyche (as had been shown to varying degrees in the other chapters while he was in the hospital), so that something like a terrorist strike wasn't even on my radar when it happened in the story.
I know that some of the other reviewers have already said as much, but allow me to echo the sentiment that the chapter 'He Lives' was worth reading twice over immediately, attributing to the fact that the Kai who made the explosive return was not, in fact, the same one whom we have been following this entire time- but rather the echo of the man that exists inside of One For All. His interactions with his friends must have been truly excruciating, knowing that his time with them was limited to passing on the barest of essential information before he had to take off in order to set his current self straight, once and for all. I am glad that 'our' Kai is back, but in all honesty, I would love to see Future Kai have another chance to interact with his classmates, especially Ashido, because I honestly have no idea how that conversation would even go...
I mean, she's still head-over-heels for the current Kurai, but the future guy's feelings for her must still be there, too... Yeah, that's a complication that I'm going to leave in your hands.
In the meantime, allow me to once again bask in the utter savagery of Akarui Hikari, who stonewalled PRINCIPAL NEZU, of all people! The intelligence that it took for that to work is- once again, in my mind- NOTHING compared to the sheer AUDACITY of this child! Don't get me wrong, the boy is obviously brilliant. But- Just- How?! How does one have the CONFIDENCE to even THINK about pulling one over on the mammal-bear-dog-marsupial, whatever the hell he is?!
One does not simply ghost the principal of UA!
Unless your name happens to be Akarui Hikari, apparently! Give this guy his own series, I BEG OF YOU!
Missed an opportunity to make the best boy the main character with Kurai's resurrection. Last time I'll say anything about that, I swear.
Moving on.
The reason for the Hikari's hatred of the yakuza was honestly bone-chilling. I wish I could view their treatment by the hands of the gang as somewhat incredulous, or perhaps something that only exists in fiction to create monsters out of people, but unfortunately, current world events lend that particular development some rather disturbing authenticity.
I'm not trying to start some kind of political debate with that or anything; I understand that this chapter was posted before things in the middle-east became what they are as of the writing of this review. You couldn't have known what was to come, obviously. All that said, Akarui's tale of their desperate escape as children from their captors hit rather close to home with things being what they are with current world events.
I apologize if that put a damper on things, but the resonance of the subject matter was too intense for me to simply gloss over it.
I am happy to say that we can end this review on a significantly lighter note, all things considered. Kai's return in force was well-handled, but I especially enjoyed the way that you have (up to this point, at least) handled his healing process. I don't get the sense that he's done with that whole bit just yet, but it is nice to see this character get a chance to simply take a moment and truly relax. I know, I harped on about you taking too long to get the action going, but allow me a moment of hypocrisy in saying that Kurai has well and truly earned a moment to just stop and enjoy being where he is, even if it involves a full, sappy chapter that ends with a proposal so cliche it belongs in an American Hallmark movie...
Hey, I'm still going to be reading the story after this! I'm allowed to say that there was a bit too much cheddar for my liking while also acknowledging that this moment of his and Ashido's rest is more than deserved. Both of them have been through so damn much, both together and- perhaps more importantly, apart- that to give them this time to recuperate and fully realize what they mean to one another feels only natural to their character progression. And without the promise of death hanging of Kurai in terms of your own meta-reveals, the audience can actually now begin to hope for a happy ending for the two of them...
Hmm. That seems too easy for you. Not saying that one of them is gonna die, but... You're planning something. What are you planning? I very much look forward to finding out, because dammit am I a sucker for plot twists that are especially dark in nature- and given how happy all of this is getting, and your streak of deviousness, I cannot bring myself to accept that things will continue to remain so for very long.
Happy Writing to you, Mataras. Until the next time.
10/17/2023 c95 5Silver4700
If I’m being blunt I dont have a whole lot to say regarding this chapter. Most of the time I leave a massive essay because I genuinely love reviewing, but there’s not a whole lot for me to say here.

With that said, this was still a surprisingly fun chapter to read for me. I honestly don’t know why. Could be some kind of vicarious feeling, but I genuinely don’t know.

I always “complain” about filler, but this was a good middle ground for me. It was fun just to see them talk about them, and even their possible future wedding.

And nothing about weddings are ever simple.


Overall, even seeing him formally propose was…fun.

I don’t have a lot to say, and I don’t have a reference. But good job. Thanks.

10/15/2023 c95 49FairySinGirl
Yay! A whole chapter of Kurai and Mina spending time together! That was cute when they were talking about plans for their future wedding. And ending with Kurai proposing to Mina was the best of all!
10/15/2023 c94 FairySinGirl
Lol! Was it just me or were Bakugo and Weiss pulling a Legolas and Gimli with how they were keeping score for how many villains they took down?
10/15/2023 c93 FairySinGirl
Yeah! Kai is back in action!
10/12/2023 c95 1Joeclone
Awww my gosh I wasn’t expecting THIS cacophony of cheese. I mean it in the best way of course.

The hot springs scene was a little uncomfortable at first because you didn’t specify whether they were wearing bathing suits or not. Once I figured they had to be then it felt better. On second thought I totally mistook it for the public bathhouse. My bad.

A rundown of Kurai’s scars wasn’t what I expected but it gives a pretty good image of how much has changed since the beginning. The banter between our main couple was also adorable. It’s great hearing how much Mina is concerned over Kurai.

Here’s the part with the hair. Nice that Mina’s taking the situation in stride. Now I’m jealous of Kurai, lucky guy. I want a woman that is like Mina is to him.

WEDDING TALK WHOA! That’s feeling a little bit far off from now don’t you think? I probably would expect this wedding to be the final chapter if not around there. The way he talked about Tensei, you really made me feel like that was real, especially since a few chapters ago we learned about what he did for the Hogo-sha boys of the Blood Oath. (Still more SAO connections).

Oh Akarui you little troll. Didn’t know what it was until later but wow. PROPOSAL! WE GOT A PROPOSAL!

This can only mean a lot of bad news right after. Nabu island was the last time we felt like there was no stopping these two and then he died. I dont want to make any predictions because you always prove me wrong (except that one time, I don’t expect a repeat). We are getting into Humarise movie pretty soon. Okay time to throw away the fear and forge ahead. Go beyond plus ultra magnus chase the dragon tears LET’S GO!
10/8/2023 c94 5Silver4700
Ch 92

- the moment between Izuku and Mina was really nice, as a moment between friends. It’s really good to see others lay their cards on the table, and it was interesting the way you wrote this one out.

- Maybe it’s just with how disappointed I am with a majority of New RWBY (I don’t watch anymore, haven’t since season 6), but o forgot that JNPR was a thing coming back to this story. And all I can see is the cracks from the original story. It’s not something that I can fault you or your story for, I just dont like them a whole lot personally.

Maybe with the exception of Jaune. And I hate Taiyang. Always have. He just…never made sense on both a conceptual and execution level (will explain more probably on discord. This ain’t the place for complaining about something not tied to the story)

- Cards on the table: you made me feel emotions during Kurai’s and Mina’s call. There are certain things that really get to me (especially from the past 2 years). So there. Take what you can from me.

I find it interesting how there’s still a lot of things that Kurai is exceptionally good at compared to his classmates. In this specific instance, it’s mentioned that he’s the best hand to hand fighter among them. And honestly, at this point I honestly feel so detached from Kai that a part of me doesn’t really care anymore.

You should play kingdom hearts. YHA has just as many (if not more) complicated and/or contrived plot points (like the entire thing with why the vestiges went quiet) that you’d get it all in a heartbeat. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a new favorite.

Verbatim in my notes: “Don’t think I didn’t detect a MHA abridged reference.” Referring to “what are the chances that’s unrelated?”

The last villain seems really cool in the very brief picture we got of them. It actually reminds me a lot of a concept for a big bad I was considering in that old Switch Spin-off I wanted to write (before holding off because A) I had no idea what you were changing, and B) I REFUSE to start a new story that I know will become unfinished). Think I posted it in the discord.

Ch 93

firstly, it’s enjoyable seeing the stuff with Kurai and Humarise. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this.

There is ONE thing that I want to note though: “…Kurai was capable of wielding One For All's full strength with minimal damage done to his body.” I get it- you made it abundantly clear that his issues with his mentality are his biggest obstacle (whether he doesn’t want to or even if it’s fractured), and we also hear that All Might was able to use OFA pretty much right away. But with that said, it still feels…I dunno, “irregular,” or even “cheap” (for lack of any better phrase) that Kurai has access to all this power.

Yes, he stated that he could get out of control if left unchecked, but we JUST SAW him use pretty much a giant output of power without much drawback, if ANY. I dunno…i KNOW I keep harping on this, but it doesn’t sit right with me.

GRANTED, you did give an acceptable explanation later on with Izuku and Bakugo, so I can’t fault you too much for it…but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t sit right with me

Kurai, Akarui can’t meet you at the place of the blood path because Granzam is in another plane of reality. I get that you can do anything that the plot needs you to do, but we haven’t gotten to reality jumping/warping yet. Although I suspect that will come in chapter 150 a year from now.

Again verbatim in my notes: “Mina is still a tool”

With all that said, it’s very…interesting with that story in the cave. I don’t have anything particular to comment on it, just that it’s interesting.

Ch 94

Sorry, excuse me for a moment while I sarcastically clap for Kurai and Eri for losing the physical consequences of their actions. Good for them, cheerio, and may they liv forever because that’s what’s freaking going to happen now.

Now, according to this chapter, it feels like this isn’t “a new Kurai,” as you so eloquently put it chapters ago. No physical toll, no mental toll. At this point, I don’t really care anymore. Maybe I’ll just stop complaining and just accept this as a big power fantasy.

With ALL that said, I can say that I kinda enjoyed a lot of the past 3 chapters. Admittedly there were a lot of points that were kinda dry for me, and caused me to drop off for a bit, but it was still enjoyable.

Not to say I didn’t have problems, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can write this much, and you can write it well. I can’t really fault you for that, and once again, I respect you.

- Flect Turn: Gentlemen. Operation: Bait The Heroes is a resounding success. The heroes are now exactly where we need them to be so we can move forward with our little... "surprise". However, before we begin our next phase, I would like to take some time to address a rumor floating around the fleet. Some of you have come to believe that I-like-war. I wish to dash these rumors! I do not like war. I. LOVE. WAR.

Through my life, I have discovered so many forms of war. You get up in the morning, you get into your crappy car, und you see a rich CEO who works half as hard as you do drive down the street in his Porsche. Class war.

You make it to work, und you find out that the annual drug test is today. Und you just so happened to take a puff of your one-hitter a couple nights ago before dinner with your wife's awful parents. Drug war.

But zhen, you find out that the only ones being called in for testing are your black und Hispanic co-workers. Race war.
Zhen you try und post about it on your Facebook, but then all your friends start arguing about what's right und what's wrong. Flame war.

You finally get home, und you decide to relax by watching a program about: "Who gets ze box?" "Vhat's in ze box?" "How much is what's in ze box verth?" Storage Wars.

[chuckle] Vhat I am telling you, my religious army of quirkless followers is that I am a purveyor of war. And vith your help over the years, ve are now at ze precipice of our true goal.

You see, I want a simple var. No class wars, no drug wars, no race wars, no flame wars... Und certainly, no COLD WARS!
What I want is a var that only we can bring. A true war! A HERO’S war! The sequel you've all been waiting for! I! Want! WORLD! WAR! 3!

There. Have a good one.

10/6/2023 c94 Silly Kira
Eyyyy! This chapter was a great blend of fluff and action, so let's get into it!

The beginning scene could be considered something of an infodump, but I'm honestly so happy to see these characters being happy together again after so long that I really didn't mind. Akarui- as usual- steals the show with his commentary concerning the others' behavior, as well as his analysis of the situation concerning One For All at present. Something I noticed about him lately (or maybe he's always done this, and I just wasn't paying attention) is that whenever he's talking to Kurai about stuff concerning heroics, he somewhat drops the superiority complex. As in, he knows he's still smarter than everyone else, but because of his brother's firsthand experience on being a hero and all the factors involved in that, he speaks to Kurai as an equal. I'll need to keep a closer eye out to see if he does this with anyone else, but it was something that stood out to me this time in particular.

The moment where the two brothers welcome one another back was truly heartwarming; made me smile so damn big.

Side note, nice workaround for Eri's having two quirks that won't kill her super fast. Though that does raise the question about the possibility of her not aging due to continual rewinds so that she doesn't start to waste away like the fourth user did... Can Eri control her quirk so that her body doesn't get damaged like his, but will continue to age like normal...?
This seems very complicated, I'm gonna leave the sorting of such details to you.

The scenes with Endeavor's agency made me laugh more than they should have, largely on two accounts. First, I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed the Legolas/Gimli vibes going between Bakugo and Weiss, which somehow fits their dynamic way too perfectly. Both are super competitive, so it stands to reason that they would turn their time together on a job into some sort of contest. Also, just the group understanding and accepting that they need to wait for Deku to run out of ideas before he'll stop talking- even Bakugo- is a small but meaningful way to show how this unit in particular has bonded with one another during their time at Endeavor's agency.

Northern Lights- excellent choice in name for a combined ultimate move from Deku and Weiss. I do hope we get to see it action again, because that display was way too cool to be used as a one-off. I also liked that it was this pair that was able to pull it off- the two people in the group at Endeavor's agency that honestly seem the least likely to be able to achieve such a level of synchronicity, and yet they pulled it off with aplomb. I think I remember something about Kurai saying that they could all do to take a page from American Heroes' books and try to focus on working together to greater effect, as opposed to standing entirely on their own for the sake of competition. Makes me wonder if we're going to see any other combined ultimate's from this new grouping...

Nezu vs Akarui was one-sided and hilarious, though our sassy boi is probably gonna get it when he gets back to UA... Eh, I'm sure he'll figure something out. I'm honestly starting to wonder if his plot armor is not equal to or stronger than Kurai's, due to his popularity with the readers.

Mina and Kurai be getting back to normal, woot woot! It hasn't exactly been anxiety-inducing, the way that they've been for some time, but it is certainly another breath of fresh air for the story to be able to have such an important dynamic return to its rightful setting.

So, we're getting Gran Torino in the World Heroes' Mission arc? I honestly am not sure how/what you plan to do with that, but I'm sure it'll be interesting.

Is Eri getting ready to do a rewind on Tensei/original Ingenium?! Please, PLEASE let this be the case! That man did not deserve what happened to him, and if she can bring him back in to fight the good fight...! I'M SO EXCITED!

Lastly, to your author's note, allow me to say in return that it is my pleasure to invest what little I can into your masterpiece. The fact that you have been producing such quality content for so long speaks not only to your skill and tenacity, but also your genuine interest in reaching us, the readers. Thank you for creating such an awesome alternate canon that I have to love just as much as the original, if not more. This story, and more so the effort that you put into it, is truly Plus Ultra.

Happy writing until the next one!
10/1/2023 c94 1Joeclone
Man this was a great chapter!

Weiss and Bakugo having a Gimli/Legolas competition was absolutely gut cracking! I laughed harder than I should have. That new move Deku and Weiss invented sounded amazing! Just imagining how that looked visually was so stunning. You should draw it! Draw Northern Lights!

Now back to the meat of the chapter. Kurai is back for goodsies now because of the double quirk caveat One for All has. Honestly I forgot it was a thing until it was mentioned again. Good moments from all three of the kids here talking amongst themselves and in the conversation with Nezu. How Kai will exist as a hero going forward post-mortem-plus-resurrection is something I am very curious about. You kinda touch on it in the preview with the question of what he’s going to do with his hair. Hopefully we get to find out then!

Gotta cut it there because life’s been super busy and I’ve had to sporadically write this over multiple days. Glad the FanFiction app saves reviews before I post them. See you next time Mataras!
9/28/2023 c94 2atomical

... it's going too well.

something is going to hit the fan.

(reviews are gonna be v short from now on as i'm working but i hope you know that i really do appreciate every single chapter you pump out for us. the effort required isn't underestimated and i think each is wonderful. bye bye! 3)
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