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9/22/2023 c93 Silly Kira

I honestly cannot remember if an opening chapter to a sequel/new phase has ever gotten me this hyped before. Just the new artwork alone promised a good time!

You did a great job with recreating the opening feel that the movie had, but with a significant shift very early on. Instead of heroes racing across the world to prevent any further bombs from going off, we actually got to see a hero who was capable (and FINALLY willing) to save everyone that he could in the moment of the attack. It's a small change, but it really did alter the mood from being totally foreboding to giving me something of an uplifting feeling.

Seriously, though. That opening sequence with Kai's return was everything that I could have hoped for; tension immediately rising not just because of the gas bomb, but because of the way that Kai conducts himself when facing the other hospital patients and Humarise, the heroes wanting to go in and rescue people but being unable to do anything other than watch, and finally seeing Kai be the hero that his homeland needs him to be again. Also, Starkiller Smash? Our Guardian Hero's been back ten minutes and is showcasing how much of a NERD he is! I love it.

After re-reading the chapter through and understanding that it's the Kai from the future who was acting in that moment... It really adds a whole new layer to the first half of the chapter for me. I mean, this is a version of Kurai who has been able to do nothing for 10 years other than repel whoever Shigaraki tried to force him and the other vestiges into, never being able to tangibly affect the world he wants to save... that had to be really hard for him (and the other vestiges by proxy, but they're not the main focus of this chapter). But NOW! Now, he has a chance to finally act, and boy does he!

It was truly thrilling to finally see Kai in action as the Guardian Hero once again, after all this time of him being resolved to leave heroism behind. I never really bought that he would be able to do it once you brought him back to life, but it was gratifying to witness, all the same. As I've said before, I genuinely enjoy Kurai as a character, and this story that you've built around him, so allow me to say thank you for bringing back one of my favorite heroes in a manner that is honestly so well-deserving. I honestly think that having Kai's vestige being the one who saved everybody made his return way more impactful than if it had just been the 'present' Kurai trying to save his own neck- not that I imagine him to be that selfish. I truly cannot imagine how great it must have felt for Kai's vestige to be able to confront a villain and simply declare that he was ready to once again stand his ground. I know, the circumstances in which it happened were pretty horrible, but there HAD to be some level of catharsis for him in that.

The realization of what was happening from the point of view from the other students was funny to me, solely because of how Hawks kept trying to get someone to clue him in, and they were all more or less ignoring him. It's gotta be a very weird experience for the guy who's used to carrying around some of the country's most dangerous secrets to be kept in the dark for once.

Side note, regarding Kurai's first appearance to his friends in this chapter. When you said that all of the students screamed in surprise, did that include Tokoyami? Because I would dearly love to know what a yelp of surprise from that guy sounds like- his voice just does not lend itself to that kind of action, in my head.

Once again, understanding that the first half of this chapter features the tenth vestige of One For All being in control of Kai's body really added a new layer for me when I went back and read the part where he sees his friends again. If I'm not mistaken, this version of Kurai would not have seen his friends since the day he died, right? That's so crazy for me to think about- the fact that he hasn't seen these people in a decade, and his time is cut short with them because present-day Kurai wanted to (quite understandably) get back in the driver's seat.
Speaking of which, how are you going to handle having two versions of the same mind in one body? Will they stay distinct from one another and tag in depending on the situation, or will they just merge into one being after a while, kind of like Nail, Kami, and Piccolo from DBZ? Should be interesting to see, either way.

Now that I've got all my fandom vented concerning Kai's return and how well you handled that, allow me to now gush about my/everyone's favorite sassy boi.

This chapter was clearly meant to mark Kai's return in the face of a new peril, and it did. What I did not expect (and yet am always DELIGHTED to see) is some Akarui-centric content. Mina is also great (especially your version of her character), but something about the way that these two interact with each other will always stand out as something special to me. It doesn't happen as much when they're arguing with each other, but whenever they're on the same page, this pair gives me some really genuine sibling vibes.

I kind of get the feeling that Akarui was testing Mina when he said that he was going to retrieve Kurai alone, but maybe I'm just reading too much into it. If he had been testing her, I think that he probably would have rubbed it in her face for not realizing what he had been doing, right? Or maybe he's actually grown to care about her enough to know when not push it in certain scenarios...

Akarui basically doing a hyper-intelligent version of just nodding and agreeing to what the adult is saying during a lecture and then doing whatever he wanted to do in the first place was freaking ace! the second him and Mina leave the school and he tells her what he's planning to do to throw the heroes off their scent was way too funny. Is his knowledge bank a little busted for the purposes of this story? Maybe, but not so much so that I dislike it.

His reveal concerning the blood-oath took the smile off my face, though. Like... I mean, it really does explain a lot about him, and Kurai by extension. You established fairly early on that the two of them had their reasons for acting the way that they do, but it hadn't been made absolutely clear until just now. I mean, this is a whole different kind of trauma than what you've shown happening to them in the story thus far, but... They've both been physically broken and mentally tortured (to the brink of insanity, no less), but even with Kurai's quirk almost killing him as child, there's just something about what happened to them in the caves that stands out as extra horrifying to me.
It was a great touch concerning their past and motives, but man if that wasn't chilling to read- especially when you revealed who it was who killed the thug they tangles with. I'm definitely going to need to go back and reread the parts of the story where Kurai tangled with any yakuza members, now that I have this context.

Side note again, Shukin's quirk sounds awesome. Kinda makes me wonder why he didn't aim to become a hero... If you wouldn't mind elaborating on that in the podcast, I'd really appreciate it. If not, don't worry about it- it's your show and all that.

Mina really showing how much practice she's had with helping the Hikari boys in this chapter. I can't stop going on about how much I love the way she handles her interactions with Akarui, and in this scenario in particular. She doesn't talk to him the same way that she does with Kurai whenever he's been having issues (as they obviously have different relationships), but I can still see the similarities in how she speaks and tries to support Akarui through something that clearly (and justifiably) troubles him.

Akarui choosing to confront his fear and go meet his brother at his location of request was a display of courage that is often seen in literature- but oftentimes the fear factor is overhyped, or even the moment of the character pushing past their trauma itself. It cheapens the moment and sentiment for me, and to be honest, I kind of found myself cringing when I realized that such a moment was upon us. Thank you for delivering a scene where the character grits his teeth, skips the dramatics almost entirely, and just goes to do what needs to be done without any big, dramatic, internal monologuing. There's a brief show of support from Mina, yes, but it's a practical one, and not something that can easily be accompanied by overly sad music. In my experience, someone facing trauma, upon realizing that there is no way out of it, simply wants to get it over with, and not draw it out any more than it already has been. You showcased that very well here.

Are we gonna get to see Weiss in a World Heroes' Alliance getup?! That would be really cool, to see your take on how that would look. I'm also looking forward to seeing how her involvement on the opening raid affects the dynamic of the freshman hero course's Big Three.

To round off this chapter, I thank you for cementing it in our minds, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that Kai, the Guardian Hero, has returned in force- for good. I know you love your cliffhangers, and you could have easily made one here, but you didn't. Thank you for being kind enough to grant us (or at least, me) this peace of mind with regards to this dynamic of the story going forward.

A brilliant chapter done here, and an absolute banger of an opening for this new phase! I shall see you in the reviews for the next chapter!

Happy Writing, Mataras!
9/20/2023 c3 wtfchrlz
His downside seems like an excuse to just make him an edgelord whenever you want. So far it doesn't seem like his power is on par with AFO or OFA. Why tf would Aizwa threaten the MC for being ready to stop a kid from being murdered?

Also I cannot stand Bakugo and just once I'd like to read a FF where that little psycho gets expelled.
9/17/2023 c93 1Joeclone
OOOOOOOOOH I LOVED IT! The action was so fast paced and palpable! Kai returns in full force!

Akarui’s story was painful to go through. I am with Mina on this. Poor kid.

Hawks getting cut off from the info was definitely a funny bit that I hope will continue until All Might spills, or whoever is willing to spill.

Now I hope next chapter will be even better, not just because of the action scenes, but i hope we get a flashback to Kurai’s conversation in the “One-Space For All.”

Keep writing Mataras!
9/15/2023 c93 2atomical
icl i was mostly confused so i'll prrooooobably have to read backwards

but this was very nice, good to see kurai finally got his shit together
9/7/2023 c92 Silly Kira
ALRIGHT! What an end to the phase!

The opening scene from Mina's point of view was honestly about what I expected, though that isn't to say that it contained subpar writing. I think you were beginning to edge into the territory of a repetitive narrative (concerning her character's emotional development), but you managed to introduce enough new things in the chapter that pulled it firmly away from said danger zone.

The first thing that really stood out to me in this chapter was how you handled Izuku's confession of guilt. It was handled incredibly well with regards to timing and the flow of conversation- that is, him finally unloading all the shame that he feels only after hearing exactly how badly this has been tearing Mina up inside. Deku is a very sympathetic person, so it makes total sense to me that he while he would initially be trying to help her, he would be caught almost unawares by his own repressed feelings on the matter.
Additional sidebar on this matter in particular, you continue to impress me with your handling of these characters' platonic relationships. Obviously, there is nothing going on between Mina and Izuku, but it really stands out here how they have grown close enough to one another by proximity of their own significant others to where they can unload like this and have it make sense. It was in a much less intense manner, but I remember how it was Kurai who pushed Ochaco to confront her own feelings (concerning Deku) at one point. This is (to me, at least) a really cool way to show that it's not just your main character who can these kinds of heart-to-heart talks within the main squad.

Bakugo continuing to be snubbed (intentionally or not) by One For All inheritors is STILL funny. Deku nerding out about getting to learn how to use Energon from his future self (even if indirectly) was equally amusing, though in a much more wholesome fashion. I love it.

Team JNPR is once again introduced with a healthy amount of shenanigans, but I lost my freaking head when Qrow totally snubbed Iida without batting an eye. That moment legitimately had me in stitches, because it was honestly everything that I could have hoped for from an interaction between those two. Just, Iida being so broken to the point where he's actually hoping for the other boys to score a win at video games, of all things... That was top-tier comedy.

Seeing the result of Kurai's time in the hospital was really heartwarming, for a couple of reasons. First, both he and Mina needed a solid win (narrative-wise), and that phone call made it seem like he's headed in the right direction. Second, it was great to see both of these characters starting to act more like themselves again. Granted, I doubt that they'll ever be quite what they were before, but their talk seems to be them taking a big step in that direction.
Kurai still checking on Eri, even in his position, gives all the big brother vibes that I've come to expect and love from our Guardian Hero.

Of course, who knows if his progress is gonna stick, given what happens toward the end of the chapter, and that preview you gave us...

Sorry, getting ahead of myself. One other thing that stood out me in terms of background information was the fact that Monoma is... being quiet? I hope that there's going to be an elaboration on this, because up to this point in the story, you've made your dislike of him and his character very clear, so I'm very curious as to what you're doing with him now, given that he's not jumping on Class A vs B again, especially given that they've got even numbers at this point.

Also, I know in the original canon that at this point, Mina has mastered Acid Shot/Veil/Avatar, but it seems like you're angling for her to have possibly unlocked a new technique? Would this be one of your own design, or is it just something that's only in the manga at the time of this chapter's release, and she's just figuring it out a bit early?

I was right, Kurai does meet Mrs. Todoroki! Was it a bit of a coincidence for them to meet? Maybe, but not so much that it took me out of the story. I also liked that you gave her a chance to act like a momma to him, because she probably hasn't had a lot of chances to do that over the past decade, and I think that Kurai kinda needed a mom figure, even if he himself didn't know it.


Things couldn't be allowed to get too good, now could they?! I remember you setting up the arrival of Humarise in Japan at the end of the second movie's arc, but I had honestly forgotten about it until you had a trigger bomb go off outside the hospital! That gonna be a lotta dead people around Kurai- how's he gonna cope with seeing that, especially after everything that he's gone through and has been trying to recover from?!

Not gonna lie, I was feeling a little impatient after you cut back to the conversation among his friends/family back at UA, because the whole time, I had this feeling of 'it doesn't matter what they decide, because Humarise has already screwed everything up!' I know that it's a play on dramatic irony, and it does work, but... I dunno, maybe I've just been waiting for an action sequence for too long, and now I'm getting antsy.
I will say that it was good to get Akarui's thought process on figuring out what's been wrong with Kurai this whole time, because it certainly helps to finally fit together the puzzle pieces that you've been leaving for us throughout this phase. I really feel like I should have seen this one (Kai being his vestige and not a hallucination) coming, but maybe it's just me.

Regarding the new villain that made his debut... Well, I've seen how much you've enjoyed narrating Silver's references, so I think I'll try my hand at it. Hopefully you've seen TotallyNotMark's Ultimate Dragon Ball Review, feat. Team Four Star's Buu Saga Clips... Else this might fall flat.
Anyway, here we go!

*Sometime in the near future (I imagine)

Deku: Wait! Kurai!

Kurai: What?

Deku (pointing at Humarise/Flect Turn): You see that?

Kurai: Yes?

Deku: New strong guy drop! Wanna go check it out?

Kurai: ...Yeah, I do.

Deku: Yay!

Hope that gave somebody a laugh- in any case, I look forward to the kickoff of a new phase! A phase where I suspect we will be seeing the return of a (reluctant?) Guardian Hero! Should make for some interesting new dynamics with the others.

Until the next chapter, be well, and Happy Writing!
9/7/2023 c92 1Joeclone
I’m so hyped! What a fantastic end to this phase! Mina-focused mostly, with her struggling and then finding the solution to those struggles oh it was so satisfying!

And then the implications of the things going on around them all, Qrow probably did lose at least one match against those guys with maybe some added action from Yang, Ruby, and Nora. I bet Qrow’s main is Snake or Sephiroth. The whole scene was hilarious!

I was so vindicated when Akarui figured it out and it turns out I was right the whole time! We have a future Kai to contend with once Kurai returns and it appears that’ll happen sooner than expected! Humarise time! Put on your black ops suits everyone, we’re going in dark!
9/7/2023 c92 49FairySinGirl
Lol! Iida getting after Crow for consuming alcohol on campus. And that was funny when he got Izuku, Bakugo, and Kaminari to challenge Crow to a game of Smash Bros.

Also I was actually wondering if Kurai would get to meet Todoroki's mother. Looks like I got my wish with this chapter.

I'm curious to find out who that villain is at the end there who attacked them.
9/3/2023 c91 FairySinGirl
That's cool how Future Eri changed her hero name to Chronoa.
9/1/2023 c90 FairySinGirl
Yay! I love that Akarui's getting more spotlight.
8/30/2023 c89 FairySinGirl
Lol! Kurai's reaction to Mina's disguise. And that was funny when Akarui just started laughing at him for being bamboozled.
8/28/2023 c88 FairySinGirl
Well I'm glad Kurai at least told Mina what he saw in his hallucinations. Because she still deserved to know, even though he didn't feel like sharing it with the others.
8/27/2023 c87 FairySinGirl
Aww, I'm kinda happy that Kurai and Akarui got to visit their mom for Christmas.
And now it seems like Kurai is starting to have hallucinations. And considering it's Christmas in this chapter, it's kinda giving me A Christmas Carol vibes.
8/27/2023 c86 FairySinGirl
Lol! Kurai kinda did deserve Bakugo gut punching him like that.
But at least Kurai was able to apologize to everyone for the cruel way he acted towards them.
And yikes, poor Izuku. I mean I don't blame him for completely losing it at Kurai like that, but I guess I just wasn't expecting Energon to revert back to its original state after Akarui altered it for Kurai back on I-island. So I hope Akarui will be able to recreate the device in order to alter it again for Izuku.
8/24/2023 c91 Silly Kira
Sorry I didn't post a review last chapter- was taking some time off for a camping trip.

But now that I'm back, let's begin by covering a FULL Chapter on my favorite sassy boi!

The opening scene did something that you seem to work hard toward in each chapter- that being the expression of multiple moods/tones at a time- and you did it in only a page or so. I am referring to the fact that Kurai's bad mood/attitude made me laugh as he essentially dismantled the nurse's(?) lecture. I love seeing scenes like this where it's all too clear that he and Akarui are very much brothers. Of course, when the source of his snark was revealed, I immediately got a major case of the sad, because ouch. I hadn't even thought about it up to now, but I believe that it's either mentioned in the story, or you made a note of it on the podcast that Kurai's birthday is synonymous with New Year's. I think that even if I had kept that knowledge at the forefront of my mind, I would have been too distracted by everything else that has been going on with him to make much use of that information.

Alright, now for events concerning the best side character on Fanfic...

I loved all of his interactions with the characters in his chapter. We've gotten a fair amount of them up to now, but getting to see them from his point of view is fairly new. I know we got some of that during the chapter following Kurai's death, but I feel like we're really getting reacquainted with how he used to be. We've certainly been able to talk to him throughout the story, but speaking is only one facet of a person's personality. A lot is added in us being able to see his mannerisms and how he physically interacts with his surroundings and circumstances under his own power, and I love it.

Him trying to sass Aizawa was probably the funniest thing to happen in this story in quite some time. Like, he's clearly the more intelligent person between the two of them... but that measures up to absolute ZERO when you are a child facing off with ERASERHEAD. Glad to see that Akarui still has enough humility (even if just barely) to recognize that his ass was about to be in the fire.

Akarui vs Mei! This was very close in the running for funniest scene in the chapter, because OF COURSE the two genius children cannot cope with one another! Given how their interactions progressed throughout the chapter, I think we'll start seeing them getting along (at some point), but their dynamic is introduced pretty quickly, and very well. I had absolutely no trouble buying into their butting heads the second they meet, and Power Loader kicking them both out of the lab because he just couldn't deal with them both was entirely believable. That poor man has enough to deal with in Hatsume constantly blowing things up.

I actually have to say, it was interesting to watch Akarui get knocked down a few pegs by multiple people in his chapter, the most surprising being Mina. Not necessarily that she put him in his place, but the way that she did it. I've said it before, but I'll say it again- it's really cool and heartwarming to see these two caring about one another for reasons outside of her relationship to Kurai. I could plainly see that she's doing what she can to make sure that he doesn't wind up making trouble for himself unnecessarily. She knows that despite his high intelligence, that he is still a kid several years their junior, and in some cases he just simply doesn't understand how to interact with those around him. It's really sweet to see that they still have that dynamic, even in spite of everything that has happened lately.

The existential crisis brought on by a new level of understanding of what One For All does to people was very interesting to behold, especially given how the only other person we've seen reject it (Togata) didn't understand the full significance of what was being offered. Akarui thought that he understood it, too, and while he wasn't entirely wrong, it's clear that even he can't keep track of every minute facet in a given situation. Him reflecting on how he wishes that he could think the way that Kurai does sometimes was also cool, as I suppose I've never imagined him wanting to think any other way than how his quirk enables him.

Qrow and Taiyang have arrived, and with the former, I look forward to (and expect) a quality number of shenanigans! Also badass hero fights, a la Monty Oum style.

I'm not sure that I would have had Hatsume and Akarui gearing up to work together so quickly, but maybe that's just me. It doesn't seem like we'll be short of their interactions/mayhem anytime soon, so I imagine we'll see these two geniuses butt heads again, even if they've found a way to at least share a workspace.
Side note, I bet they make some astounding tech together- Melissa Shield better watch out for the incoming competition!

So, Akarui is going to assist in the development of the UA barrier along with Nezu? These are more inventions that I cannot WAIT to see! Though I do have to wonder if our sassy boi might figure out who the traitor is ahead of time...?

Alright, now for Eri's chapter...

Last time you did chapters covering the same timeframe from different points of view, I didn't think too hard about it, since the people narrating those instalments were all in such different places that it felt entirely feasible to do so without any overlap. This, though? I am very impressed at how you've managed to repeat the month of January in this story with little to no repeats in the content. If nothing else, I thought that Eri's chapter would be a lot shorter, but you managed to not only cover entirely new angles at every turn, you kept each aspect of her character exploration more than interesting. Truly well done, sir.

Her taking a minute with Mina to talk about the differences between present and future was interesting, as this is the first time the topic has really felt... personal, let's say. As in, up to now, Eri has been explaining events, not really the people who were involved in them, if that makes sense. Her having to get acclimated to the idea that she's now equal peers (if not the one being looked up to) with the people who basically raised her was not something that I would have thought too hard about, but clearly you did- and put it to great effect. also, holy crap, she's never been to school, and she's got Aizawa for a homeroom teacher?! Heaven help this poor girl.

Bakugo getting pissed off by One For All users copying/outperforming will never not be funny to me. 'Nuff said.

Eri still looking to Deku for approval is giving me cavities, it's so sweet. Throw in her interactions with Lemillion, and I'm straight-up going to need a root canal. Of course Togata would be the one to really help her feel at home- and I am HERE for it! That guy is way too good for this world!
I'm a little sad that we didn't get to see big Eri starting to teach little Eri, but I get it- I'm already losing enough teeth to the sweetness in this chapter, we can only handle so much.

I know I made a joke about Eraserhead being her homeroom teacher earlier, but she clearly needs her father figure/Dadzawa to figure a few things out... Life is about more than the mission kid! It wasn't a super emotion-heavy moment or anything, which I really appreciate, because I don't really see that being Aizawa's style. This really felt 'him', if that makes any sense- not like a lot of fanfics where they make the man way too 'fatherly' to the point where it doesn't even feel like the original character anymore.

Still, even if she's Dadzawa's (not)kid, her master was clearly Deku, given her foot-in-mouth syndrome. Felt kind of bad for Todoroki when she brought up the topic of Dabi, but I mean... at least their family won't be taken by surprise in the middle of a battle this time?

Regarding Mina and Eri's interactions, I do have one question. They seem to be pretty good friends by now (nothing wrong with that, it feels natural to the flow of the story), but I have to wonder which of them approached the other in a casual sense to become proper friends first? Again, this is not a criticism, as it doesn't leave a blank space in the flow of the story; it's just a curiosity I have.

Now, both chapters lead me to asking the same question, that being: what did Kurai do this time?! From the preview, we see him meeting a woman whom I assume to be Shoto's mother, but nothing in that excerpt leads me to being able to even guess what's going on with him at the moment!

I really hope we get an answer to that in this next chapter, which I am very much looking forward to (as always). Be well, and Happy Writing, Mataras! Thanks for another set of awesome literary art!
8/24/2023 c91 2atomical

i was too hung up on the fact that silver likes to writr essays for 'reviews', and i dont remember exactly what happened in this chapter aside from the fact that i did v much like this one - more so than the previous ones, actually

not sure why

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