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8/24/2023 c91 5Silver4700
Mina: You brought Kurai back to me, and even if that makes me selfish, it makes you my hero.

Silver: really? Because it makes you my villain, you freaking villain.

An interesting idea that’s only touched on and not really expanded upon is the idea of being taken away from everything you know and being put in a completely new situation.

We see a small glimpse of this with Eri when thinking about “her sense of loss for her future friends,” but it’s admittedly a bit disappointing that we don’t see a whole lot of that (or maybe we will. I dunno.) an aside, but that’s one of the reasons I love the film spirited away: it does an excellent job of making chihiro (and by extension the viewer) feel more isolated and alone. Something that I’m experimenting with in my Wind Waker Story (again, something that will probably never be finished. I curse myself.)

If I’m being honest, maybe I’ve had my expectations for this story all wrong. Reading this chapter especially, I genuinely don’t really know WHAT the focus is (or maybe I’m just blind). Is it a power fantasy with the strongest heroes like Kurai, Deku, and Eri completely wrecking everything? Is it a slice-of-life with hero work on the side with how much the characters interact in what I call “fluff?” In which case it isn’t fluff(?).

Is it an action/battle story, is it a coming-of-age? It’s certainly not something like the literary Greek epics that take pages upon pages to make characters and events because, largely, you kind of know what the end goal of those stories are (in the odyssey, it’s ultimately for Odysseus to get home). Aside from “defeat Shigaraki,” there’s really no clear end goal with this story.

Here’s the thing: a story can have all of these elements, but if I’m being blunt I suppose that after 3-4 years, I don’t really know what the CORE FOCUS is.

Eri: I’m Chronoa, the Temporal Heroine. I'll be the hero who turns back the hands of time for those who endure tragedy.

Grovyle: you travel back in time to save a ruined future and you’re hailed as a hero. I travel back In Time to save a ruined future and I’m branded as a world-ending villain. That doesn’t seem fair.

Lucina: you were stealing pieces of time itself, sending areas into perpetual stasis.

Grovyle: to end a worldwide perpetual stasis, you cherry-picking, name-stealing, concept-appropriating loser. Go and stop the unaliving of your precious exalt. OH WAIT.

Lucina: Grk!

Grovyle: AND YOU! (Points to Eri) you didn’t have the right hand of the GOD OF TIME chasing you to the past trying to stop you, DID YOU?

I’ll stop there.

We have the introduction of JNPR. In the 4 paragraphs I’ve read so far, I currently feel the same about them as I did in the show: not very strongly. Maybe that will change. I’ll wait tho.

In my notes verbatim: Imagine using trigonometry from high school to find a job in the real world

I joke about this a lot, but in seriousness I think a part of my frustration with this new section of the story surrounding Kai’s death can be summed up with a quote from pirates 3:

Barbossa: still thinking of running, jack? Think you can outrun the world? You know, the problem with being the last of anything, by and by, there'll be none left at all.

Jack: Sometimes things come back, mate. We're living proof, you and me.

Barbossa: Aye, but that's a gamble of long odds, ain't it? There's never a guarantee of coming back. But passing on, that's dead certain.

Relfecting on it, I don’t think my overall issue is that Kurai came back. I think it’s that this stories recent chapters made it feel like he HAD to come back. Whether that he to stop the literal apocalypse, to help his friends turn around from their sad and slump, or even just to bring back the big mcguffin.

I genuinely apologize, because I don’t mean to keep going back to this issue. It’s stupid on my end, but I just keep thinking about it. not even that he changed on a fundamental level, it just feels that everyone (specifically in class 1-A) just kinda…got a free pass, for lack of a better word. I dunno. I hate that I keep thinking about this.

(I wrote the following late at night while I was rather tired. Didn’t know if I should keep it in, but I decided that I wanted to)
How? How do you do this? I know I’ve asked you several times before but I just can’t wrap my head around how you’re able to write THIS MUCH. And not only write this much, but write this much this WELL. It’s hard for me to simply sit down and write character interactions or descriptions of events or ANYTHING without hitting a wall! If I’m being blunt, it’s impressive, inspiring, and infuriating at the same time.

if I’m being perfectly honest with myself I really like Eri. Maybe it’s just because I relate to her a lot. Without getting too in-depth and keeping it brief, I internalize. So it’s good to see a character that I relate to in that regard.

overall, I do really love this Eri-centric chapter. And I don’t have a reference. Sorry.
Have a great day,

8/24/2023 c91 1Joeclone
This Eri chapter delivers. It’s great to have a glimpse of her mindset as she goes through day to day life now that it so drastically changed.

Her perspective is also pretty ingenious when you introduce Team JNPR because not only do we meet them here but Eri gives us future knowledge on what they became in her timeline. Of course Pyrrha would speak the best Japanese out of all the Americans, her work ethic is as strong or stronger than Iida and Yaoyorozu combined.

I really felt kind of emotional during her scene with All Might. Just him on the verge of tears always gets me. And then when they discuss All for One we snap right back to fearing for our lives. How did he die in future? Is her explanation just the presented story as she knew it? We know the real deal in the official story. I wonder…

Of course you name Kurai’s counselor the same as your made up name for Sachi. More SAO love is always appreciated! Seems like an interesting path he’s going to try to go, but will life actually let him go there? NEXT TIME ON YOUR HERO ACADEMIA!
8/22/2023 c91 2Ethan Kironus
Well, there could be worse people for Kurai to meet in the hospital. I know this is going to stay kinda dark for a while, but is the darkness going to get a little less intense anytime soon? It's starting to remind me of why I quit trying to complete my watch of Code Geass 17 episodes in (I already knew the full plot).

The big Eri/little Eri issues are reminding me of all the Lucina jokes. Including a funny fancomic.
8/13/2023 c85 49FairySinGirl
Akarui is back to normal again! Thank you for that, Eri!
8/9/2023 c84 FairySinGirl
Lol! Was Kota bloodbending? I mean because of how he manipulated the blood inside of Muscular to defeat him. Sounds like you made an Avatar the Last Airbender reference to bloodbending to me.

And at least now I know how Eri ended up getting One For All.

Also why does Eri have the same hero name as Togata? Because I thought Lamillion was Togata's hero name.
8/7/2023 c90 5Silver4700
So because this is going to cover the 5 chapters that I’ve missed, I’ll be dividing this review into sections for ease of reading.

Ch 86
This was interesting, a good middle chapter. Mostly filler, but that’s not inherently a bad thing. The Stuff with Blake was kinda compelling, especially with how Kurai relates to her “issues,” so to speak. It was something I wasn’t really expecting.

Same thing goes for her “Affection for Kurai.” It kinda came out of nowhere for me, but then maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. Not to mention that I’m not very good at love, so maybe I was just missing the signs. Granted it’s been forever since I’ve read any earlier chapters, so that’s probably another reason.

Ch 87
With how many quirks there are in the world, I’m genuinely surprised that no one has had any kind of desire to become a genuine Santa Claus. Pretty sure I made a joke in the discord about that once and how AFO fears him more than All Might.

I also liked their visit to their mum in the prison (penitentiary?). It was a good section, but again, felt mostly like filler.

Not a whole lot to say on this chapter. the Christmas aesthetic and fluff that was in it was fun, and I was (admittedly) hoping for more “ghostly” things to happen. If my own character’s name in SAO doesn’t give it away, I have something of a fondness/fascination with ghosts in stories.

Granted I read this before I found out all the things with the mental issues, but a part of me was wondering if you were leaning into the “spirits are able to manifest on Christmas Eve” legend.

Ch 88
I really like the conflict between All Might and Aizawa. It’s never really brought up in the Anime/OG story (aside from a few moments in the Dark Hero arc), but All Might is kind of the worst person to have as a mentor in terms of expectations.

It’s something akin to everyone placing their faith in the Avatar. It just…isn’t that great.

Kurai seeing his old self is…interesting to say the least. Granted im doing something similar in my never-to-be-finished SAO story, but I have a set idea for that already. What you appear to be doing with his old self is interesting, and I’m wondering how you’ll use it in the future. It’s not a vestige (at least it doesn’t really have the qualities of a vestige. I could be horribly wrong tho).

Lots more of RWBY. Huh. Dunno how to think of this. As of writing this review I GENUINELY love how you’re handling Qrow. Dunno what to think of Tai (and I never truly liked JNPR in the OG), but we’ll see what happens.

Ch 89
For these first two points, I’m going to give you what I have written in my notes verbatim:
- Akarui is turning into a loser nerd version of Tony Stark.
- Kurai is even more of a loser nerd who named himself Madara.

Now I’ll expand on them: for the Akarui thing, it’s been mentioned heavily before, but it does feel that he kinda has a solution for everything. He’s being a teacher, he’s being a medic, he’s designing the UA security upgrades. Admittedly I don’t have problems with this inherintly, but it DOES feel that he’s becoming the Deus Ex Machina, even more so with Kurai’s stupid op-ness.

BUT with that said, as I mentioned in one of the previous reviews, it’s getting hard for me to get super angry anymore because I’m not really as invested anymore. Maybe I will be down the line, but I still need to see.

Now for the Madara thing: Just because you call something out as stupid in the fiction itself doesn’t negate the fact that it’s stupid. Granted if I ever had kids I would probably name them zelda if they were a girl, so who am I to judge? Still stupid tho.

As for the disguise thing, it brings up an interesting point: it’s Weird how there hasn’t been any quirk user (to put immediate knowledge) that has used their quirk to either get rich or circumvent high prices like they do here with the disguise cosmetics.

Quite frankly with Yaoyorozu existing there should be people with some kind of similar quirks who absolutely DESTROY the economy, or at least cause a massive overhaul of how society and the economy works.

Another one of my notes verbatim:
- Kurai is becoming Moon Knight.

I’m mainly talking about the split personality thing that’s emerging, and this isn’t really meant to be a burn just because Moon Knight (at least as I know him in the Marvel Show) is one of my favorite and most compelling heroes in the MCU lineup. I don’t say that lightly. Moon Knight is genuinely awesome.

I hope that the passing of One for All actually works well within the context of the narrative. It’s already tricky enough as it is with how you portrayed/changed it (as I have stated in the past).

I’m not opposed to the idea, but considering that you currently have Future Eri already present and in the equation, it currently just feels like a really weird and contrived step in the process/narrative. But I’ll be patient for now. Not like I’m not already exhausted.

Ch 90
I was GOING to make fun of Kurai’s misery that night in the psych ward, but if I’m being perfectly honest with myself, that really sucks. I’m lucky to say that I haven’t been alone on any of my birthdays, but simply being ALONE on your birthday shouldn’t be something that anyone goes through (in my mind).

I don’t know why, I genuinely don’t, (it’s a weirdly specific thing for me) but that gets me a lot more than a lot of other things do. Thats genuinely really sad to me.

Something I noticed while reading 5 straight chapters is that l, if we’re being objective, it feels like a whole lot of fluff. Yes, you have the stuff with Kurai’s mentality and even dealing with Future Eri, but if I’m being honest, it still feels like stuff that (largely) could have been condensed to something shorter.

granted this is a massive story that you’re writing here that’s 90 chapters in, but at this point in the game it feels like you’re writing something that’s the length of Chaucer or something. Maybe that’s just me.

We’ve only barely begun to scratch the surface of Midoriya receiving energon, and he got it 10 chapters ago. 10 chapters that was something akin to several thousands of words each. Maybe it’s just me. But at the same time it’s getting to the point where this story, as one complete narrative from start to finish, isn’t really…well, readable.

At least it’s not readable unless you’re willing to spend hundreds of hours reading page after page. It’s just too big for a conventional story. And to an extent, that’s kinda the point. It’s based on a anime/manga and that’s what they do.

But this story? It’s NOT an anime/manga. It’s the equivalent of a book, and books don’t really work like that. Maybe that’s just a specific issue with me tho, I dunno.

With all that said, it was nice to have another Akarui-centric chapter. It’s interesting to see his thought process and even his own doubts. Genuinely liked seeing his chemistry with Hatsume, they bounced off each other really well.

Side note, I genuinely don’t know if the iron man reference is meant to be referencing the movies/comics, or if it implies that Iron Man existed in this timeline’s early days of heroes.

LASTLY, I have a reference here that (surprisingly) I have no recollection of I’ve used this one in a review already or not. I want to say I have, but screw it:

All Might: according to zero, it was around now when the League attacked in the future. Which means something has changed in the timeline.

Akarui: oh something changed alright. And I wish it didn’t.

All Might: wait, what do you mean Hikari?

Akarui: since my Brother decided to stick his head out of his rear and actually talk to people, he decided to make it his personal mission to screw with the league by sending, as of now, no less than 200 death threats to Shigaraki. And before you ask, they aren’t able to track him because he sends them by carrier pigeon. (Pulls out a massive folder) I have copies of all of them on me, the most recent one reads as follows:

Kurai’s Letter: Dear Chief Replacement Villain,
I wanted to send you this friendly little letter to inform you of your imminent demise. If you're curious about the frequency of which I send these letters, it is merely to instil as much fear as I can.
As if basting a turkey. Which I will proceed to Murder, resurrect like I did my own loser-nerd butt, dismember, and then murder again. THATS RIGHT. IM GOING TO MURDER THE FEAR TURKEY TWICE.
Follow me on X TheDevilFromShadow.
Kurai Hikari.

All Might: I can't help but ponder the frightful headway we'd make if he put that sort of energy into becoming a hero again with One for All.

Akarui: say what you will, he’s acting as more of a nuclear deterrent than you did at your prime.

That’s a lot of stuff, but I’ll try to keep up with the story more in the future. Hope you and Becca have a good one.

8/6/2023 c83 49FairySinGirl
So let me get this straight. This war started all because of Kurai's death? So I'm guessing that was the reason why Eri came from the future to bring him back right?
8/4/2023 c90 1Joeclone
You made an Akarui chapter! AWESOME!

First, I love the intro with Kurai. Just shows how much more he’s completely done with everything. Then having to spend his birthday all alone was just sad.

If Akarui hadn’t already won your audience over they better be head over heels for him now. The rivalry with Hatsume was genius and then the confusion over how to approach that situation felt really him! Those tears though at the realization of the potential consequences of his genius really gave weight to his character development going forward. I wonder how he will confront himself now?

Introductions of Taiyang and Qrow were perfect. (Not sure why you spelled his name with a C when the wiki has it spelled with a Q.) The meeting with the faculty about the security buff went as well as I expected but then Akarui mentioned the mole and holy crap we are in trouble.

Hope the next chapter with team JNPR will be just as awesome coming from Future Eri’s POV. See you there!
8/1/2023 c90 2atomical

something tells me jaune's gonna be just a tad more important than i thought.
is it jaune arc as it joan of arc.

yes kurai speak up against the counselor and stuff
i think im barely hanging onto whats going on at this point but this is v cool
7/30/2023 c82 49FairySinGirl
Wait a sec! So you killed Kurai off only to have him revived again during his funeral? Seriously, what's with that?

Also that was surprising. I totally never suspected the mystery girl to be Eri from the future.
7/28/2023 c89 Silly Kira
Can I just say, before I get started... THIS is the Akarui content I have been waiting for!

Now, I was not expecting to see Winter in this story, but her placement and involvement here and now make sense. It also sounds like we'll be seeing her again sometime in the future... the war with the Liberation Army, perhaps?

While that whole interaction was interesting to read through, my biggest question now happens to be just what is Akarui going to do with all that money and the schematics he's apparently about to get his hands on? Might we be seeing some new support items for our heroes in Class 1-A...?

Brief side note, I really, really liked how you handled Weiss in the opening scene. She sees the sense in what is happening, but she's also holding to her own convictions now, instead of just parroting something that's been fed to her all her life. She has truly developed her own sense of right and wrong through her own experiences, and I think that's awesome to see. We had a character who thought of herself as being intellectually and morally superior to her peers who probably wouldn't have been able to properly verbalize a defense for the beliefs she claimed to live by, and now she has become someone who is not only able to defend her beliefs, but is prepared to face the consequences of the decisions resulting from the choices that come from them, if need be.

I have to say, the disguise bit was very intriguing to me- definitely not something I would have thought of, to be honest. I saw the new artwork and was very confused until we got to that part, and when I went to look at the full image, I can understand why Kurai had such a hard time recognizing his friends. To be fair, Deku, Uraraka, and Akarui were easy enough to recognize, but Eri and Mina looked so different to the point that I definitely wouldn't have recognized them unless someone had told me exactly who they were. So... good job with the disguises, I guess?

Akio was an interesting side character to add- more because of his connection to Aizawa than anything, but when I stopped to think about it, the whole thing made perfect sense. Eraserhead is an underground hero, so it makes total sense that he would have a quiet network that he interacts with outside of the UA faculty, seeing as they're all well-known heroes that people/villains would recognize too easily. Nice little bit of extra world-building to throw in there.

Is it just me, or... is it possible that the 'Kai' Kurai was seeing is his future vestige? He seems to have disappeared around the same time as Eri not being able to contact the previous wielders, so does that have something to do with it? I'm almost afraid to commit to this theory, because I feel like I'm missing something really obvious, but... Well, I guess we'll see.

Now, I doubt that One For All is actually going to be passed on to Todoroki- or anybody, really- but it's interesting to see the core group of characters discussing the whole issue. There was a lot of tension that felt rather appropriate, given the stakes involved, and the fact that while everyone is on the same side, they all would certainly have different opinions on how to proceed. This isn't something new for your writing (or even this story), but to see the trend continue is both frustrating and satisfying. Satisfying, because you are consistently developing these characters and their interactions, and frustrating because WhY cAN't THeY jUsT gEt ALonG?!


For real though, the bit at the end was really nice. It's been a lot of downward spiraling for these guys (Kurai in particular), but it was genuinely heartwarming to see him making an effort to get better for Mina sake, even if not his own. It's progress, and that's something that he has desperately needed for some time.


Happy writing and good health until the next one, Mataras!
7/25/2023 c81 FairySinGirl
I'm curious to know who that girl is who started attacking them during Kurai's funeral.

Also I thought Lamillion was Togata's hero name, so why is this mysterious girl using Lamillion as her hero name? Well I guess I'll find that out as I continue reading.
7/24/2023 c89 1Joeclone
Man this was something.

Weiss and Akarui is a pair I did not expect to have such an interesting dynamic but you made them work together. Good to see Winter too! Now if only Qrow would show up!

Madara…Kayaba. You had to, didn’t you? I feel like you’ve wanted to do a Naruto/SAO crossover in the past and its only now that you brought one idea from that grave. Seriously it made me cringe about as much as Iida.

Everyone’s disguises were very creative! Mina’s was definitely hardcore, getting Blake to actually cut her horns off? Gosh I can’t. The last moment at the end was super cute though!

Akarui is definitely the VIP in this one. He gets the best lines. “Blonde Kardashian” had me rolling!
Now I think since they’ve chosen Shoto he’s likely not going to accept it because 1. Everyone in 1-A already knows One for All and its heavy responsibility and 2. Todoroki has got enough baggage just in his family to deal with. No, I don’t see him taking it. Though I do like how desperate to rid himself of the power Kurai is. I just know it’s going to come back and knock sense into him again.

I guess I’ll go ahead and say my theory because I can’t wait. I believe the Kai that Kurai’s seeing is actually Future Kai inside One for All. The one that Future Eri was talking to and the one that died in the doomed timeline. Why do I think this? Simple. The quirk is called ONE for All, not TWO for All. Just because there’re two wielders now doesn’t mean the quirk itself has duplicated. True or not, we shall see. Happy writing, Mataras!
7/19/2023 c89 2atomical


yo WHAT-


: a record of reactions,, signed,

your favourite.

[also, a very interesting idea - that this Kurai may not be the real Kurai. i like that. only question is - how would they get the real Kurai out? ]
7/13/2023 c88 Silly Kira
Wow. This has... turned into a difficult situation.

I think that the next part of this story is going to be a truly interesting one, as it will give us insight into a well-explored character in a way that we have actually not seen to date: how will Kurai handle things when he has no choice but to be away from his entire support group? I mean, I know he kinda tried to shut himself away a little while after he lost his arm, but Mina and the others were able to get through to him. Now, though? He's gonna be undercover, which means that even if he can have contact with his support group/family, it's gonna be very limited (I would imagine). Thus brings us to this new angle from which we can observe this character, which as we've already seen, has undergone some pretty major changes.

All this to say that, despite this story having brought out a well-plotted character development into what some might call a full circle, these circumstances are sure to reveal something fresh and new, all the same.

We got Team JNPR coming in for reinforcements against the Paranormal Liberation Front?! *Le gasp!* Might we see a certain witch show up for the final showdown with All For One and all them, when the time comes?! Let's GOOOOOOOOO!

I... think that this might be the shortest review I've ever done, but I don't really know what else I can say at this point. It seems as though this chapter is a superb setup for things to come, and while it might not evoke the exact same feelings of intrigue as it has up to now, I should stress that my curiosity has not decreased- merely shifted into perhaps more of a sense of mild apprehension. Please don't take that as an insult, I am well enjoying the work, especially given that you continue to surprise me, even after years of following these characters and the alternate canon that you have established.

Until the next chapter, I wish you well and happy writing.
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