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5/30/2020 c4 2KiroZen
Kurai / Grenade / Kyoka
Kurai / Grenade / Denki

5/30/2020 c2 KiroZen
An emitter Quirk, interesting.

And now I'm getting ideas for an Quirk but I'm supposed to be working on the rewrite of my current story.

Damn it.
5/21/2020 c4 2Cy Man
5/21/2020 c4 Cy Man
This chapter is 10% dark, 50% cheese, and 30% meta, I honestly don't have much to say for this one at all besides that I feel like all the Meta references to other series and the Kurai and Mina bonding moments feel a bit forced for my taste.

But I will say this though...

BOOOOOOOO! You ruined All Might's hilarious "I AM... COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!" line when he enters the room, and that he calls his students zygotes, not newbies, as he inherited from Gran Torino! *thumbs downP
5/17/2020 c4 49FairySinGirl
Awesome job on the karaoke part. Karaoke's always fun. :)
And now it's All Might's hero basic training class. Can't wait to see how Kurai does in this class.
5/17/2020 c4 8Light Hero Kaiser
This story is getting better with each chapter
I am also wondering who Kurai will be paired but any way great chapter m8 can't wait for more
Blade hero Light signing out
5/11/2020 c3 2Cy Man
Mmmm, nothing too special with this chapter to comment on besides two things, I'll get to them later. But right now I'll give the basic feel of this chapter, it basically feels like the same scene as if I'm watching this from the anime, just with Kurai there and the narrative being mostly centered on him.

Anyway, the first thing to comment on is how Kurai is helping Deku out with giving him advise and tips to control his quirk. I'm going to guess that this is partially based on how Deku used his quirk at 100% during the USJ Incident and didn't break his arm, which was never explored again after he brought that up to All Might. But I feel that Deku should at least have his training with Gran Torino to be where he fully controls his Quirk just like in the original, as that was a great moment.

The second thing, definitely has to be that extreme overreaction Kurai had. Even if the use of his Quirk makes his mental state deteriorate, I feel that it was very overkill to have him get THAT hostile about it to want to attack Aizawa. That would be like when Harry Potter blasted Snape in Prisoner of Azkaban, only difference between that and here would Kurai would be expelled no questions asked.

My opinion of the kid did go up slightly during this chapter, as unlike Kaidon, Kurai didn't stick his nose where it didn't belong, especially considering most fics just shit on Bakugo and make him worse than he actually is, but that moment made it to back to square one. So we'll see what happens from here.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and stay safe, man. Your waifu and spawn both too. :P
5/3/2020 c3 1Joeclone
Great chapter! Nice to read it in front of my eyes this time. I guess Kurai just had an aneurysm? Oof that’s pretty hard.
5/3/2020 c3 49FairySinGirl
Bakugo is such a jerk, I don't like how he always bullies Izuku.
But I like how Kurai was giving Izuku advice on how to control his quirk without breaking any part of his body which ended up helping him get eleventh place instead of last.
Poor Hagakure though when she came in last place, but at least Aizawa didn't expel the loser because of his 'rational deception'.
5/3/2020 c3 8Light Hero Kaiser
Oh god no not karaoke great chapter m8
Blade hero Light signing out!
4/29/2020 c2 49FairySinGirl
Oh yeah! The entrance exam is totally badass! Even if it is just destroying robots to get points, it's still awesome. I'm glad Kurai passed the entrance exam with 89 points and 42 rescue points.
4/29/2020 c1 FairySinGirl
This is an interesting start. I just recently got into My Hero Academia, and I love it! I'm on season 4 now. Anyway, great job on the prologue. I can tell this is gonna be good so far.
4/19/2020 c2 2Cy Man
Already I'm bored and not fond with this Dragon Ball like character, I've never been a fan of OC's that are almost "Mr. Perfect" levels of status and power. Having this kid go to the same elite school as Iida, and having a broken OP Quirk that badly rekt the practical exam and even scoring THAT high of a score is just ridiculous, in my opinion. I'll give the next chapter a chance, on whether I'll stick around for this one of pass on it.

Keep it up though, dude.
4/18/2020 c2 5Sundown17
A little curious. Is mataras going to be in this and will he and kurai know each other? Also, did you have a hero name prepped for him?
4/18/2020 c2 8Light Hero Kaiser
great chapter m8
I'm guessing Kurai can do a lot more then just fire off energy with his quirk. But that's just what I think
Blade hero Light signing out
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