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for DxD: Like a Devil OLD VERSION

2/29 c6 GamerBlood
A la verga... Nunca me imaginé que alguien de verdad asesinaría a Rias por el poder de la destrucción a pesar de lo molesta que es... ME ENCANTA ESTA MIERDA!
2/22 c22 Cthul
How is she still Neutral Evil lmao
9/4/2023 c35 Guest
It is a big mistake to have her be a sociopath again.

If the protagonist doesn't care about anyone else, why should the reader care about them or her?

It also severely lowers the stakes when she doesn't care about anyone else. And makes all interactions empty.
7/26/2023 c32 Student-Of-Culture
My heart also can't handle this level of cuteness. This story got a 1000 times better after Akane's sociopath skill devolved.
While sociopath MCs are cool and all, they get a bit boring. Now this on the other hand is too good.
Akane will burn anyone alive if they even annoy her a little, while also almost dying from her heart not being able to handle her children's cuteness. This is too good.
7/18/2023 c3 1storp930
A weaponised tail.
Default look cat or fox fail
ablity: cute, release pheromones, pickpockets, hidden needle, small camera that lets her see around her, and records stuff. Acts like 3 arm and hand
In combat it gains a, snake head that also allows it to bite and release higher volume of gasses. A single round of 50 calliber

We'll that my weapon idea
3/25/2023 c35 Cy4nide
Honestly the akane in this feel a lot more “neutral evil” in this than she does in the remake, in the remake she feels more like she’s just neutral chaotic and a sociopath
3/25/2023 c9 Cy4nide
The remake has a much better storyline, but this one has better pacing
2/24/2023 c1 reyalS
I made it to chapter 23 before I quit. It’s been a downward spiral for quite a few chapters for me. I don’t understand how the Mc went from her usual ways to planet wide purge of all life laughing like a madman. I can’t see a path to recovery from this so I’m stepping out since I’ve grown uncomfortable with the story’s development. For those of you who like the super evil Mc this is for you.
1/22/2023 c6 primalparadox
So she plunder a Sacred Gear in the same room as Ajuka? While he watches someone die under odd circumstances... Right...
1/22/2023 c1 primalparadox
Umm mages in DxD don't have a fixed element, why would Rias be hesitant to choose Akene because she might use fire? Doesn't make much sense.
12/12/2022 c3 MoinLeute
yeah... this system is mixed together out of other fanfic systems
11/28/2022 c22 KeizenZero
Even if she didn't get all the exp she would have without the restriction she could have gotten some skills or something at the very least. But hey that's just my thoughts.
10/26/2022 c4 SIMPDESTROYER
Max ice armor
10/2/2022 c6 5thebestofall
Holy fucking shit lmao. I can't believe it. This absolute madwoman! I was going to comment some shit like "Dark Wolf Shiro's MCs have way more balls to pull stuff" but no! You're absolutely mental too!
10/2/2022 c4 thebestofall
Getting slightly nervous about the tech thing. Not sure if you'll be able to pull it off but hopefully it goes well.
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