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for DxD: Like a Devil OLD VERSION

3/17/2021 c9 6Sam the binge reader
she can easily seduce most teenage shounen mc boys lol
3/17/2021 c8 Sam the binge reader
why is she called marionettist when her powers have nothing to do with that? smh the mha media has bad naming sense
3/17/2021 c7 Sam the binge reader
whos gasper again?
3/17/2021 c6 Sam the binge reader
oh no one found it weird that riask and kiba held their head before dying?
3/17/2021 c5 Sam the binge reader
ah ophis forgot about her...its been years since i last saw the anime after all
3/17/2021 c4 Sam the binge reader
hmm when was it said that she was going to other worlds? and she can take others with her?
i mean what about her mom in this world? and if she takes others then what about their family?
usually world hopping stories are fun but only if they have a base world to return to...the world hopping can be considered like a vacation to another country of sort.
being a homeless world wanderer would be lame...
3/17/2021 c3 Sam the binge reader
oh that innocent and dumb nun lol so trusting..
3/17/2021 c2 Sam the binge reader
is not she getting too op too soon? not that i mind mind you! super powered mc right on the bat is fun to read lol
manipulating the likes of issei is easy lol show him your tits, give him a handjob at most and he will be in love lol
3/17/2021 c1 Sam the binge reader
came directly from QQ here i am!
3/10/2021 c19 G
My only gripe thus far is her not immediately choosing alchemy and enchanting as soon as she first heard elder scrolls.
3/2/2021 c1 Guest
DXD canon starts in Issei's second year, he wasn't a transfer.
Rias was originally supposed to marry Riser after graduating but this was accelerated causing the training camp.
2/28/2021 c7 iamjmph01
so, i tried after you killed Rias for such a flimsy reason, but reading the A.N. has made me realize something.

You didn't kill Rias because of the "Sin of Greed(greed doesn't mean stupid or impatient, and the description just says she'll never be satisfied, not that it will make her be stupid...)" you did it because you don't like her. Your answer about killing Izuku pretty much shows that. Sure sure, kill Rias in front of her brother risking being removed from existence... who cares MOAR POWA... I mean Greed yeah Greed... What do you mean kill Izuku for MOAR POWA... just manipulate him like you did Issei(Sp? she at least had a semi-valid reason for not killing him, though i'm sure the game would have "fixed" it)...

You gave Akane the ability to hide power-ups and special abilities from people much stronger and more skilled than her? Why didn't she just use it from the beginning and save herself the annoyance of the devils finding her?

I'm sorry, i just can't. I do thank you for writing, despite the horrible decision making of this MC you are a good author, and I will look forward to more of optimistically(sp?)... but not this story
2/26/2021 c3 iamjmph01
I'm loving the story so far and i know it's kinda silly to leave this review at this point, but killing Zeoticus "Gremory" wouldn't net Akane PoD as thats a Bael trait they got from their mom. By old man Bael i assume people/you meant Zekram... but there is an easier target with no redeeming qualities in Saiarog(sp?)'s father.
I really hope you didn't go the route of killing Rias to get PoD and not having Sirzechs immediately go to -infinity rep... but i'll see when i get there i guess. Thanks for writing and sharing!
2/23/2021 c12 lovelytee
what happened to the mind control stuff she didn't get to develop
2/18/2021 c3 Guest
I am liking the novel a lot but that akane is going to have a reverse harem makes me want to drop it
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