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for DxD: Like a Devil OLD VERSION

10/2/2022 c6 5thebestofall
Holy fucking shit lmao. I can't believe it. This absolute madwoman! I was going to comment some shit like "Dark Wolf Shiro's MCs have way more balls to pull stuff" but no! You're absolutely mental too!
10/2/2022 c4 thebestofall
Getting slightly nervous about the tech thing. Not sure if you'll be able to pull it off but hopefully it goes well.
10/2/2022 c1 thebestofall
Oh wow. Not only a DxD Gamer fic, but one with a female MC, but also an evil MC, who ALSO does not murder Issei on the spot. Seems to be an interesting story.
9/2/2022 c33 pdena23
I'm a bit disappointed that the timeskip skipped all that, but it did conclude well, giving me closure I guess.

Regardless, as a whole, this story was amazing. Thank you author.
9/2/2022 c32 pdena23
Awww it's nice to see this side of Akane
9/2/2022 c31 pdena23
So she can feel love... I guess that means she CAN be saved.
9/2/2022 c30 pdena23
Lol nice omake
9/2/2022 c23 pdena23
One of the best explanations given for why humanity needs to be kept in the dark at large.
9/2/2022 c16 pdena23
Ho. Ly. Shit.

An incredible escalation.
9/1/2022 c6 pdena23
NOOOOOOO Rias considered her a friend, now I feel so bad for her

Very good story author, made me emotionally invested in the characters
9/1/2022 c4 pdena23
Very interesting story so far! I like Shiro's fics so I like this too.

Minor correction, I believe you meant "impairing" instead of "imperiling" and "impairs" instead of "imperials".
8/3/2022 c5 Primalparadox8
This whole book would be much better if you simply deleted all the damage numbers off her skill descriptions. As is the spells kinds suck as they don't scale, but to try and accurately fix that in a reasonable way is asking for a headache and a lot of work. I don't think these numbers ever get mentioned by anyone throughout the novel though so simply removing them would make sense, readers would assume they scale and a newbs ice spikes gonna suck but when she's mastered the class and upped her stats the same spell from a badass is obviously gonna one-shot the previously powerful.
7/20/2022 c6 Truth
I realize this story is done, but the sheer gall of killing off the main cast in chapter SIX has to be applauded.
5/13/2022 c17 Rinzin4
I can't help but feel like their revival would make his actions even worse to his own people as he got back what he lost but the destruction he caused in grief will not essentially making all the other deaths pointless. which i think is a good reason for revival rather than it being some cop out to avoid consequences
4/19/2022 c16 Beer is food
I know i prolly won't get an answer as this chapter was posted long ago and the fic itself is finished...

But still - i wanna know wtf is Fingersmith?
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