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7/31 c33 autumnsfire001
Hey there! I should have written this review a LONG time ago, but for a long time, I've been a lurker on these sites, rather than an active participant. I think that I read your original story in the early 2000s, the initial submission of "These Small Hours," maybe on a different website? I remember absolutely loving the complicated relationship that you wove between Spot and Tay. Although I drifted away from fanfictions for the next ten years, every now and then, I tried to track down your story, but probably never looked hard enough. Anyways, fast forward to 2012/ 2013, and I came upon this website and was absolutely ecstatic to see that you had added to it. Long story short, I love your writing and as dark and challenging as it is, I LOVE the dynamic that you've created between these two characters.

I know that you might be ready for this saga to end, but I have to say that this last chapter that you wrote has been, in my opinion, one of the most compelling peices of their story as we're finally starting to see what these characters look like without all of their angry defenses. I think that you have said before that you were unsure of whether or not they end up together, but after all that they have been through, man would I love to see them try! I get that it would be unrealistic for everything to work out perfectly after all that they have done to eachother, but I would be so interested in what it would look like to watch them blunder their way back to a (relatively) more healthy place.

I'm sorry that this review is so stinkin' long. I hope you don't mind. To sum it up, I just want to say that I do love this story, and I hope that if it feels right, you continue writing it!
5/28 c1 4The Lonely Hunter
I like this! I can sense a definite ambiance to the story and I'm looking forward to reading where it goes.

Thanks for sharing!
4/19 c26 9Anna W
SARAH IS THE BEST! THank you for showing us THIS sarah. wonderful. And Oh god tay. Oh god oh god. Why did you do that? I KNOW she was trying to protect Spot, but this has been the ONE thing that he's been trying to protect her from all along. He doesn't want her involved in this and it doesn't justify his abusive behavior, but holy lord what are they going to do now? I'm so scared for both of them at this point.
4/18 c25 Anna W
I think he IS grieving! 100%. And is he trying his damndest to be soft with her? He LOVES her...they love each other but they both are so toxic together right now. They need to separate, Tay needs to heal mentally and physically, spot needs to sort out all his pent up emotions. Because right now all they know how to do is hurt each other. He hurts tay to control her so that he won't lose her. And tay BELIEVES all the cruel stuff he says because she's dependent and already feels worthless. It's a bad combination. Why am I rooting for them? I keep asking myself this, but its because they are complicated characters, well-written and well-depicted. THey are flawed humans who love each other and damn I just want them to find some peace and happiness. Is it possible or is it too late? I guess I'll read on and see. Poor tay...i can understand her wanting to numb...how else would you deal with something so horrid? and that must be scaring Spot shitless. So good. such a good story. ahhh
4/18 c24 Anna W
Can I just say I love it when people utilize Sarah JAcobs as she should be used? A kick ass, smart lady who deserves a REAL characterization. So thank you for that! And this whole interaction was amazing. I love how you describe the coldness of spot. I can SEE it. I can feel it. He's scary as hell. And tay is like a ghost...withering away. I'm so scared for her. After what happened, how can she possible recover from something like that? But the beauty of Tay as a character is that she ISN'T weak. She's very much alive and she pushes constantly past the despair of her life. She's a survivor. Bravo again. I lvoe this story so much.
4/18 c23 Anna W
oh poor tay...poor poor tay. this is so well described and well-written- her heartbreak and HIS. of course he is heartbroken, I truly believe he is. He is just so twisted and unable to open up, but then he gives her (and the readers) these nuggets of hope that show his pain and how he really truly loves her as much as he can. SO GOOD and so heartbreaking too
4/17 c20 Anna W
God this is so heart-wrenching. I can feel her despair, her absolute tragic pain. And his too. You write it so well, to a point that the reader can't help but feel for both of them. I hurt for Spot. I want to throttle him for not speaking the words he knows she needs to hear. But at the same time, he's so fragile too, he could easily break. It's sooooooo tragic and so beautiful too.
4/16 c11 Anna W
God, this is heart-wrenching. Their interactions are electric even though only a few words are shared between them most of the time. You have such a gift to bring a scene to life with so few words. I love them and I hate them at the same time. Does that even make sense? I want her to leave, but then I don't. I want him to do better. Because he can. I hope at least.
4/16 c6 Anna W
This is just captivating. Their relationship is so intricate and delicate and perfectly explained. YOur pacing is amazing. The darkness of the tone isn't too intense, it's just right. So well done.
4/16 c3 Anna W
your writing is just so mesmerizing! It sucks me in and I can't stop reading. And I LOVE how you grow this characterization of Spot. I feel the same things Tay does. THis is just so good :-)
4/16 c1 Anna W
So I hope you don't mind but I wanna try to review every chapter. I've read this story in one form or another before, but it's been a while so alot of new stuff struck me. The way you characterize spot is super interesting and very creative. And I love Anna as an OC. She's also interesting and has a strange combination of independence, intelligence and also innocence. Maybe that's why Spot is so interested in her? And gotta love the way you describe his eyes. Striking. Anna seems like she's already very invested in him. I really can't wait to reread all of this in full for the whole impact of all of the stories combined. I'm so happy you did this! As always the writing is fantastic and the imagery and tone is intriguing.
4/15 c32 Anna W
God this slays me. It's SO GOOD. The emotions are raw and real. The characters are so REAL and ALIVE. I love this so much. Is it terrible that I'm rooting for Tay and Spot? I think Spot is right. She's the only one that can save him. As dysfunctional and terrible as their tale has been at points, I do believe he cares for her. Please keep going with this. I'm curious to see if this will end in a type of redemption. Did losing her for so long really change him the ways he needed to be changed? We'll see, I guess. Bravo. Beautifully written and great characterization/imagery/dialogue. Your dialogue is kickass, have I mentioned that before? Anyway, I'll stop gushing. Great chapter. One day I'll get a chance to go back and read through all of it again and leave more comments. Quarantine is as good a time as any. :-)

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