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5/10 c14 6bmcgeeparker
Wonderful epilogue! I really like all the subtle references: purple raincoat, Invisible Ninja, Galaxy Wars t-shirt, not to mention all the others in previous chapters. But I especially like Sam's soft side in finally admitting how she really feels. Really great work! Hope you keep writing so I can read more from you! :)
5/10 c13 bmcgeeparker
Great call back to the no-insult bet episode. Also love the reference with the "I've got you" at the end. Very nice touches!
5/10 c12 bmcgeeparker
Love this moment of vulnerability for Sam! Yet still in character. Good work!
5/6 c14 13mycarlydotcom
I'll have to seek out that iSnuggle story at some point, haha. Anyway, this was a short but very sweet ending. Sam wearing the Galaxy Wars shirt was too cute lol.

Let's get a bit deeper though because I'm picking up on a theme here. There seems to be theme present that Sam tends to be most vulernable around Freddie whenever he's alseep, or in some kind of subconscious state. With that said, I have to wonder something else, backtracking to Chapter 13. It's something I picked up on before when I first read the chapter but hadn't asked about; did you slip in an allusion to your iRock story at end of Chapter 13? If so, that also plays into this theme because if I recall correctly, Freddie was half asleep in iRock when he was trying to remember if had said that to Sam or not. Idk if this was all intentional by you, but regardless, it's wonderfully written in that regard.

I really enjoyed following along with this story! Kinda sad it's over lol. I tend to focus on the Sam and Freddie stuff because that's truly my heart lol, but I must commend the story you told with Cat, Robbie, Jade, and Beck too. It was all very well done, and like I mentioned before, tethering the dynamics of both relationships into one story was a great idea.

Hope you keep writing more! I'll be here to read them if you do!
5/4 c14 Quarkeye
I liked it but I would have liked a little more development in cabbie, in its first story it was very good but here it felt very fast. keep it up!
4/29 c11 6bmcgeeparker
I'm on pins and needles for more! This is turning out so well!
4/29 c10 bmcgeeparker
Man, I just love those last few lines of this chapter! Gets me every time! :)
4/29 c8 bmcgeeparker
Oh my gosh! I love the "conversation" between Freddie and Robbie! Very nice addition!

And thanks for the shout out! You're sweet for that! :)
4/29 c8 5SeddieShipper333
This dialogue is perfect lol. And way to go Robbie for being a devoted Seddie shipper!
4/29 c3 SeddieShipper333
Aww, I totally love this chapter! I like the way you added in moments from iCarly episodes to help back-up the explanation Sam was giving about her feelings towards Freddie. Very cute.
4/29 c1 SeddieShipper333
Sam noticing that Cat and all the other Victorious characters have names that sound like porn stars was so funny! I have noticed that about Jade and Cat's names, hadn't considered the others but it is true lol. I also liked Sam teasing Jade about enjoying seeing Robbie fall in the tuna tank.
4/29 c1 18Evie08
When I say this story made my day, I mean it. My life consists of basically nothing at the moment except reading FanFiction lol. I’ve read quite a few fluffy one shots today (that were amazing) but this story is the first I’ve read in while that has deep meaning, and shows how much both mean to the other. Thank you
4/28 c11 13mycarlydotcom
I'm really loving how you're sprinkling in little moments from all over the series throughout this story. Sam talking to Freddie after his dentist visit was a lovely touch to further expand on that shock pen moment from iStill Psycho.
4/25 c7 Guest
Pls continue!
4/22 c7 6bmcgeeparker
I'm loving where you are going with this! Great job!

I can see how some moments might be conceived as OOC, especially for Sam, but I think by this point in the timeline of the universe, she would be willing to sit and have this real, truly heartfelt conversation with someone like Cat and be mature about it, in a way that she couldn't do with Carly because they've known each other too long and Carly wouldn't take her seriously. You're doing a great job with this! :)
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