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8/8 c1 Guest
callian in lockdown fanfic was everything I needed
6/26 c1 Anon.Y.Mouse
A perfectly in character and hilarious version of Callian in lockdown
5/14 c1 Newmockingjay12
Please, write some baby/family fic. This one od great, really matches three characters!
5/5 c1 Dizibelle
Ah super je suis tombée amoureuse de Lie to me mais plus aucun fan a l'heure actuelle. Toutes les fanfic que jai pu lire dataient de 2009 ou 2010. Ravie de voir que cette série revit! Jadore Callian et j'aurai tellement aimé les voir ensemble !
4/29 c1 71lateVMlover
I enjoyed this as I JUST discovered "Lie to Me" the past month as I was watching "The Practice" on Hulu and then checked out LTM and discovered Kelli Williams on it also. I'm just now on season 3. Thanks for sharing.
4/29 c1 neroluvjacbo
I was so happy that it's 2020 now and we still see Callian stuff here like yours. I greatly appreciate your fanfic, really. Thank u so much!
4/28 c1 bluecube76
Great Callian story for the situation that most of the world is in right now. Thanks.
4/10 c1 Millibear
Omg this was your first fic!? This was great! Callian is one of my OG ships and you've got them down! Thanks for sharing this funny and sweet ball of fluff :D
4/6 c1 Flower70
Loved it! Thanks for posting a new story :)

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