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6h c56 Guest
Se que es muy pronto, pero la siguiente película fuera del MCU que vean me gustaría que fuese Venom, para que conozcan a los simbiontes.
Además sería gracioso el hecho de vean una "peculiaridad" con vida y mente propia ( similar a Tokoyami con Dark Shadow). Eso y la personalidad de Venom.
12h c56 Malik
when is the new chapter ?
5/4 c56 Death gaze
For the next non MCU film, can you make them watch the new Mortal Kombat movie.

Im pretty sure toga will like it a lot.
5/3 c56 11Jinova108
Gosh I can only imagine the glares Aizawa's gonna get next chapter.
5/3 c55 Keyblademaster 21177
Do you deserve the title of hero if you willingly allow the innocent people to die all so you could continue your hero career? Can you call yourself a hero if you let people die in front of you knowing you could of saved them, but refused because you were being selfish? What's more important: Your career as a hero? Or the lives of innocent people? Would you rather become a villain who saves people? Or a hero who lies and contradicts their beliefs?
5/2 c52 McShizzle
I'm on Team Thor.
5/2 c56 Kalaong
Ohhh, boy. So much stuff happened in Civil War that got left by the wayside. Specifically? Bucky's "arrest."

Bucky's arrest took place in Bucharest. Bucharest is in Romania. *Romania is not Germany.*
Why is a German(German flag shoulder patches are seen clearly throughout the fight) combat unit in Romania? Even seventy years on, most of Europe does not like German police in their territory(and the teams' vests randomly have both "POLICE" and "POLIZEI" stencils?).
And even if Romania did permit German police to attempt the arrest/execution, Germany would not send your standard donut-stuffing door kickers, they would send GSG 9, which is only mentioned *after* Bucky's escape.
And the Germans would *not* accept a shoot-on-sight order - especially not one given after only a few days of investigation - because Germany is *anti-death penalty.*
Not to mention not a single German official is seen after Bucky's arrest.

That wasn't an attempted arrest. That was an attempted *assassination.* Because there's no bigger leak in HYDRA's security than a Winter Soldier who doesn't answer to them anymore.
5/1 c56 7TigerVolcano5000
I'm sorry, but this story is just lazy. What copyright issues are you talking about? Have you not READ a reaction story before?:/
5/1 c56 FMoura
When you get to Spider-Man: Far From Home, don't forget to make comparisons between the Project Insight and EDITH, because it's literally the same thing, both are a global surveillance system that identifies targets and eliminates them
4/30 c56 AJ
Great...Mineta having dirty thoughts Crimes against humanity.
Girls having dirty thoughts No problem?
4/30 c2 Teen Shallot
What am I even reading? There are other novels that had text and the script. Why don't you?
4/30 c56 Revolt679
Same as Kung fu panda
4/30 c56 8MosesArk Reborn2000
I love how the characters are debating their view-points and how Toga and Spinner, not Shigaraki is taking point for the villains since he's...not the best when it comes to such things. Though like another person said, comparing Wanda to Eri isn't really fair as while Wanda is an adult with an actual criminal record, Eri is just a child and the teachers are her legal guardians, so she has to stay at UA to stay close to them.
Heck, if she wanted to leave and maybe go out and have fun in town, I doubt they'll stop her, they'll just have either a teacher, Mirio or Izuku tag along as she's a child first, and children shouldn't be allowed to just wander around unsupervised.

Heck, I'm surprised that Aizawa or Nezu hasn't brought up the fact that Wanda not only gave Tony the nightmare that compelled him to create Ultron, but also was the reason the Hulk went berserk and attacked Johannesburg, though I admit, that I'm biased as I never saw her house arrest as...well, arrest but more of like keeping her head down while the news and public tore her a new one for what happened in Nigeria, similar to when celebrities have to avoid being out in public for a while and wait out some scandal or controversy, it might not be your fault but it's best not to stroke the flames for a while and just hang low. Also, when Steve calls her a kid, I legit thought she was like 17, 18 maybe...till I looked her up and saw that when she and her brother teamed up with Ultron, she was 26...I have no idea how he calls someone that old a 'kid'.

Now, we're getting to the meat of the movie, in the actual fight between the two fractions and it's consequences or as Vision puts it, the catastrophe it brings. And most importantly, the reveal of Zemo's true plan and it's disastrous for the heroes

And it's kinda suspenseful since they think that they finally know what Zemo is after, but I bet that even Nezu doesn't realize just what he wants but more then that, I really want to see how they react to the first MCU villain, who got what he wanted at the end, even if he was captured and imprisoned at the end of the movie, he accomplished what he set out to do, proving that even a quirkless supervillain can do the impossible if he has patience and experience.
4/29 c56 34MiraiLenKun
I personally consider Spiderman to be the pinnacle of heroism. Marvel's best hero, in the MCU he still has a lot to learn.
4/29 c56 6DragoonKnight Agnim
Ok now with the climax of the story, have to say a few things first.
Nice destroying the league by craking one of its fundamentals, the belief of following Satin.
second i am kind of scared and angry with what is happening with Eri, those treatments are not only unhealthy it is also releasing some dark connotation and distrust on a small child.
Third even with all they have seen, some heroes and students (uraraka) seems to not grow or learn, it will be bad for them in the future, also saw what you did there putting uncle Ben's word in Midoriya.
Also if you only see the Anime is ok (death to the Spoliers) everybody likes what they like and at the same time the internet is full of spoilers so got to be carefully, ( I am still waiting till they animate the MHA Illegals, it has a couple of chapters that would change a bit your thinking of Allmight in this chapter)
Now onto the crux of the Movie they are several things that i wish to tell. First one of the defects of the MHA is that in an effort for regulation they seem to forgot 3 mayor things, (that at least Izuku hasn't) first is that not because is in the law it is right they are several law put in place all over the world that actually put injustice first, protect criminals or worse, so no Lex Lex dura Lex (the Law is Hard, but is the Law) is not always the answer (Ida i in for a cold awakening when a Law impedes him form doing what is right). the second Edmund Burke once said "Evil can only triumph when good guys do nothing" and that is a part that clashes here, the adults are so indoctrinated into the social views that they forgot what is to be a real hero, because if a law stops them from taking action then they do nothing and evil wins (they seems to ignore the possibility of corruption and the famous mussel Laws, or the fact that laws must be reformed as the times pass) and the Last one is that I once read The robot and the Empire from Issac Asimov, (Spanish version had a different translation of some parts) and one saying said all that Izuku feels at the moment "Do not let Morals and rules stop you from doing what is right", that is something that this heroes could learn, as they never had to take a decision of breaking the law to save a life (it is not easy, thankfully in my country there is an article in the criminal law that says that certain rules can be broken if you are defending a bigger right in other words self defense, defense of third parties and so). Why I say izuku follows this, well it simple a lot of the people he has saved where when he broke the rules or the orders (Bakugo in the slime incident, Iida in the Satin incident, Kota in the muscular incident as he didn't get permission till later, Allmight and Bakugo in the Kamino Incident, in fact the only time he was stopped from helping someone turned to Eri returning to the Yakuza and still being tortured, even if Nighteye never admitted of being the wrong action to leave her there) So yeah he never wavered when it really matter, could it made thing worse of course, but then it is in his soul the desire to do not what is Lawfull but what is right.
Also fun fact the Sokovian Accord where actually an stupid political movement, I mean one month to get the signature of 117 countries yeah right pull the other one, considering how much time the UN take to make a decision and the protocols to emit new decree (International Law is not very real as it is more of a Honor Bully system, the UN cant force countries, but it can bully, blockade and subvert those that do not fall in line, unless said country has enough political and military power to ignore those rullings, did you know that the USA once lost a court case in the international court against EL Salvador, and did the court forced the USA to comply, nah the USA denounced the International Court and retracted its signature so they could not force him).
Also the sokovian accords actually increased the distrust of the enhanced, permitted countries to have international criminals without fear, gave the list of the enhanced to unscrupulous people that ended in the death of several innocents, it also violates one of the may human rights as it gave the ability to jail the people that opposed or did not follow, or signed the accord without trial. Funny thing this accord in the end were as worth as toilet paper as they weakened the defenders of the earth when the Infinity wars happened, and take note that the Avengers were created to fight that battles that normal humans could never fight so those regulations in the end of the snap where actually worthless (Coronel Rhodes showed that when Stark disappeared as he regretted signing them, but then the earth is in crisis and Ross actually orders him to put the other under arrest, a pretty stupid move, but then Ross was never someone I would call intelligent or reasonable)
Sorry if i put too much, but i wasnt even finished, but that would put a lot of debate, so i only put the general view.
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