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for Super Mario Brothers: Ultimate Star

5/12 c7 Guest
Soon the final battle will occur! Good luck writing the last two stories in this series.
4/11 c7 101Phantom Fan 21
Sorry I late, but I knew it! Marco hid his piece somewhere else! Take that Tabuu! Still doesn't mean it over just yet. Season 5 finally next if I recall. Let's see what happens then.
4/10 c7 Owyn Ross
Well, all that's left is the season 5 finale. I wonder if Bowser destroying the videophone caused the camera and television set on Tabuu's end to explode, and even decked Tabuu at 99%.
4/10 c7 58Tiger Of Darkness
To those that support my series, I'd like to say thanks to all of you. The next story is the season 5 finale, but I'm sure most of you figured out what it will be about. And it's the reason why I closed off requests for this season. But I will open requests again once I finish the finale of season 5. But this next story will be a very special one and I hope you all will enjoy it.
4/9 c6 Owyn Ross
Well, I can't wait to see the last part of this fanfiction. Kyrin's got a problem as he can't stop multiple blasts to multiple locations at once at his current state.
4/8 c5 Owyn Ross
Alright, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are on their own at Bowser's Castle, while Kyrin is staying put at the Mushroom Kingdom defending them from every shot fired from the Ultimate Star Cannon. And that's the Warp Flute.

Also, one more problem, the Super Mario Wiki has been censored in every article. You'll have to report the prick responsible for it.
4/7 c4 Owyn Ross
Bowser still doesn't believe them. I think Mario and Luigi would have to tell Kyrin the bad news.
4/6 c3 Owyn Ross
I think Kyrin will find out that Bowser's been duped by Tabuu and will likely send Goombario, Kooper, Parakarry, Bombette, Sushie, Watt, Lakilester, Bow, Vivian, Goombella, Koops, Admiral Bobbery, Flurrie, Ms. Mowz, Gonzales Jr., and Poochy over to help Mario and Luigi.
4/6 c3 A Wanderer
This is an interesting story and I'd liked to see more of it, but if you want to improve upon your writing I'd suggest first removing yourself away from this "script" format you have here, as it does get quite jarring to read after a while. Also, it would be better if you would use descriptions other than- "The man who looked like Mario/Luigi, etc", just so it doesn't look repetitive.

Sorry for nickpicking, but I would like to see where this story goes in the future and hope you'll consider my advice.
4/6 c3 101Phantom Fan 21
Ah, learning more about the Super Mario Brothers 1,000 years ago. Looks like Mario might have to use the same power that Marco use when its time to face Tabuu. I know you're not taking requests for this season, but I need to ask, have you ever thought about adding in Wario and Waluigi in your series? You know just for laughs?
4/5 c2 Phantom Fan 21
And it downs down, Bowser learns about his ancestor and the Ultimate Star Cannon. And Marco actually hid his piece somewhere were Tabuu least expect it.
4/5 c2 Owyn Ross
Okay, that's funny. And the Ultimate Star Cannon is dismantled? Well, it can be reassembled.
On the other hand, after Bowser's dealt with, I think the Ultimate Star Cannon might be useful against Tabuu.

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