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for United by the Crystal Shards

4/10 c2 2The Great Kingslayer
I love how you chose to characterize the Fairy Queen, it’s super cute! Makes ya wonder if we’ll ever see her in a major role.
The writing is phenomenal, as usual. This one has a more cute, comfy vibe, which I think fits Kirby 64 really well.
I think that Ribbon could be given a bit more time and characterization. Also, Bandana Dee’s stuttering gets a little annoying to read, I think it could be toned down a bit, and he wouldn’t lose much character.
Overall, though, really good fic! Keep putting out great content.
4/5 c1 2ProtoBusterSword
FINALLY! You've gotten around to my favorite Kirby game! Loved the Crystal Shards, and loved how you portrayed the "Crystal Squad"!

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