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7/19/2020 c1 MARTINIBLUE
here i am, forever wishing you’d be able to serialize this. but i do love the short chapter, tho. great work!
6/5/2020 c1 Thefiskers
Gah! This is so good! Every bit of it! Good grief. I feel like I need to know what happens! Thank you for sharing this. That ending, tho. Dang, Naruto. My heart!
5/27/2020 c1 7Alexxya
Oh my god, the first few scenes had me wondering, who is hiding the truth about their feelings, who are they for? Great use of pronouns to mask this and keep the reader guessing and switching from one to another. And it's kinda sad that everyone but Sakura knows how Kakashi feels about her. Poor old sensei.
4/6/2020 c1 Guest
That was amazing! If I read this at the beginning of Shippuuden, I would have found it unrealistic. But after the war arc, it's not hard to believe he feels for her differently, especially with how he tried to protect her physically and emotionally. It fits very well within the canon situation!
4/7/2020 c1 8Adrift an Open Sky
This is perfect. It’s left my heart hurting but at the same time warms it with hope... and it was so beautifully written.
4/6/2020 c1 2Rebeca Woset
In this I shipped so much KakaSaku
4/5/2020 c1 3MillersMoonPrincess
I love it. it's sad but sweet

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